Primary Election Day wrap-up in Lake County, IL (Here and Now)

March 27, 2012

Part 1: A Primary Election Day Wrap-up (Here & Now)

My Primary Election Day began early on in the day when I cast my ballot at the Union Church in Lake Bluff, the site of two Shields Township precincts, my own District 238 where I serve as precinct committeeman, and District 241, which is David Barkhausen’s precinct committeman assignment.

Both Barkhausen and I had walked our respective precincts a few weeks prior to Election day, distributing information about the voting process and candidate recommendations. 

Tuesday passed by quickly as I made calls urging fellow Republicans not to forget to vote and of the urgency to do so. 

Although I had been invited to numerous election night gatherings held by candidates I supported to watch election night results, I dropped in for a short time only to the one held by District 58 candidate Mark Neerhof at the Conway Farms Golf Club in Lake Forest

Feeling weary as the pressures of previous days of activity closed around me, I left early to watch the election results from the privacy of my own home.

By 10 p.m., most of the precinct votes had been counted and the results were visually displayed at the Lake County Clerk’s website where the percentages of votes cast for each candidate were noted by red bar links.

I was particularly interested in local election results, of which I had written a number of Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Patch blog posts vetting candidates in-the-running just weeks prior to the Election Day: County Boards 12 and 13; Illinois State House 59; Lake County State’s Attorney, and the Lake County coroner race.  

Following is a quick summary of how the candidates fared in Lake County as supplied by Shield Township Precinct Captain Daniel Bryant of Lake Forest:

  • Mitt Romney handily won with 56 percent of the vote;
  • Yours truly will be one of his delegates, and I look forward to representing Mitt at the National Convention in Tampa in August;
  • Lauren Turelli defeated Mark Neerhof in a tight race for State Representative, 53 percent to 47 percent;
  • David Barkhausen defeated Rick Lesser in a hard fought race for the District 13 County Board seat, 52 percent to 48 percent;
  • Mike Rummel defeated Scott Helton in the District 12 County Board seat, 60 percent to 40 percent;
  • Mike Nerheim won the extremely competitive State’s Attorney’s race by winning 43 percent of the vote, with Louise Hayes winning 28.5 percent and Bryan Winter 28 percent. Unfortunately for Louise, the 3-way race was the most expensive race across the county by a wide margin and that proved difficult to overcome;
  • Steve Newton defeated Howard Cooper for Coroner, 56 percent to 44%;
  • Keith Brin defeated Gerald Dietz for County Clerk in an extremely close race 51 percent to 49 percent;
  • Bob Bednar defeated Marty Blumenthal for Lake County Recorder, 53 percent to 47 percent;
  • The City of Lake Forest question regarding the program for aggregation of its own electricity was a resounding “yes” by 74 percent of the vote (The Village of Lake Bluff likely garnered a resounding “yes” vote.). 

Curious to see how many Republicans voted in my assigned Precinct 238 and the vote tally for each candidate I had supported, I drove to the Union Church the morning after the election to check the vote tally posted on the front door of the Union Church, as is required by law at all official polling place.

On the tally, dated March 20: A total of 293 votes were cast in Precinct 238:  Democrat (66), Republican (227).

  • District 58: Neerhof received 119 votes to Lauren Turelli’s 78
  • Lake County Coroner: Cooper received 92 votes to Newton’s 67.
  • Lake County State’s Attorney: Hayes received 123 votes out of a total of 227 cast; 104 votes went to one of the three other candidates vying for the same position.
  • Lake County Board District 13: Barkhausen received 133 votes to Rick Lesser’s 94.
  • Lake County Board District 12: Helton and Rummell faced off (Lake Bluff voted for District 13 board members). The total vote count in District 12 was 1,775  for Rummell and 1,149 for Helton.

Among the candidates that I supported who won in my Shields Township Precinct 238, but lost in Lake County were: Neerhof, Cooper, Hayes, and Helton.

Coming Sunday – Part 2: A Primary Election Day wrap-up: Future Projections


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