Local candidate, Arie Friedman, supports a local business, Lori Diversey’s CaveChick, Inc.

May 18, 2012

Arie Friedman Lori Diversey shows some of her nutritious cookies.  

Illinois is not exactly a bastion of new business and economic development. Between our low bond rating, high corporate tax-rate and overall reputation as being one of the least business-friendly states in the country, new business ventures are not commonplace in the Land of Lincoln.

Even in Illinois there are exceptions, and we must remember to never underestimate the entrepreneurial fortitude of the American spirit.

Park Ridge resident Lori Diversey is a wife and a mother. Recently she added business owner to her resume. Diversey is the brains and beauty behind CaveChick, Inc., a company that specializes in making cookies that contain only “nutritious ingredients.”

“I’m a woman that cares about the health and quality of life of everyone. A labor of love, the recipes for these perfect cookies is those that I developed in the mid ’90’s for my children and family in response to their health needs,” said Diversey. “Conventional ingredients were making my family sick. By changing to minimally process ingredients, heirloom grains, more nutritious sweeteners and by eliminating food allergens my family regained health and eliminated common chronic ailments.

The “nutritional foodie,” is what the 51 year-old refers to herself. Currently her cookies are available at stores as Whole Foods in Schaumburg and Tea Lula in Park Ridge. Additional outlets can be found online at www.cavechick.com.

Diversey is working tirelessly to gain wider distribution which takes times, but she has found a special fan in Highland Park pediatrician and candidate for State Senate, Dr. Arie Friedman (R-29).

Besides being concerned with the pension crisis, reducing the state debt and repealing the job-killing tax increase, the father of five is always looking for a healthy snack for his kids.

“I could go on and on about how healthy these cookies are. However, I am most impressed with how delicious they are! I mean it; these cookies are some of the best I have ever eaten,” said Friedman.

In an effort to support small businesses, the Friedman for State Senate campaign has adopted CaveChick cookies as the official cookie of the campaign. That is how I became acquainted with the new business and the CaveChick lady herself.

Last week, I attending a cocktail reception for Friedman’s candidacy at Lovell’s of Lake Forest. The packed room was treated to wonderful food and wine as well as a great speech by Illinois Policy Institute CEO John Tillman, appearing in his role as citizen. When Dr. Friedman addressed the crowd and thanked them for their support, he concluded by introducing Diversey and informing the crowd that CaveChick was the official cookie of the campaign.

Attendees were treated to a goodie-bag of the vegan and allergen-friendly snack. Dr. Friedman’s favorite, Cave doodle, was the featured flavor of the night. Diversey wrapped her product and placed her corporate logo as well as a Friedman for State Senate sticker on each bag that was presented to the crowd in a patriotic decorated wicker basket.

Earlier during the event, I heard the crowd whispers acknowledging the basket of cookies and the pretty lady who brought them. It was apparent these supporters were already fans of the CaveChick.

It was at this point that I struck up and conversation with Diversey and learned about her business venture and the support she received from Dr. Friedman, the campaign and its supporters.

Lori wrote her shelf-ready business plan in September of 2008; it took four years to market her CaveChick cookies. Finally in February of 2011, a company was found to produce Lori’s CaveChick cookie recipes in accordance to her strict standards. This month CaveChick cookies finally reached the shelf at Whole Foods Market Schaumburg.

I can attest to how delicious CaveChick Cave Doodle cookies are. I sampled my own pack of cookies and was pleasantly surprised that cookies made with such healthy ingredients could be so pleasing to my taste buds.

The relationship between CaveChick, Inc. and the Friedman for State Senate campaign is a natural fit. As a small business owner and managing partner in his practice, Dr. Friedman understands the struggles that Illinois business owners face.

Like Friedman, Diversey has not given up on the state of Illinois and wants to bring prosperity back to the Land of Lincoln and work hard to change Illinois, so businesses like CaveChick can thrive, grow and hopefully one day provide jobs in addition to healthy snacks.

Both CaveChick cookies and Arie Friedman deserve your support.


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