Heartland proves that Global Warming ‘consensus’ does not make it so through scientific hard facts presented at recent ICCC7 event

June 3, 2012


According to Jay Lehr, Ph.D., Science Director of The Heartland Institute, the Earth’s greenhouse gas envelope contributed by man is barely one tenth of one percent of the total. Consider that water vapor (not CO2) accounts for about 90% followed by methane and sulpher and nitrous oxides) of the “greenhouse effect.”

For this we are willing to sentence this planet, this nation and our state to damaging economic repercussions by maligning coal and oil through a consensus belief that man is so powerful that he can significantly impact and even control the natural ebb and flow of the climate that has been continuous since the beginning of mankind?

Chicago’s The Heartland Institute has long been fighting the good fight against climate alarmists who view and relate all climate happenings to human activity in their willingness to accept dogma rather than to rely on scientific truth based on hard evidence. 

The Heartland Institute has been a skeptic of Global warming as far back as 2003.  Global Warming (renamed by some as Climate Change) was considered a controversial topic of debate back in 2003 and remains so in 2012.  

In 2007 Bast and James M. Taylor, a senior fellow for The Heartland Institute focusing on environmental issues, compiled Scientific Consensus of Global Warming which is well worth exploring.  The booklet summarizes the results of international surveys of climate scientists conducted in 1996 and 2003 by two German environmental scientists.  More than 530 climate scientists from 27 different countries provided answers for each survey conducted.  

It was in 2006 when The Heartland Institute held its First International Conference on Climate Change. 

From May 21 to 23 of this year another well-deserved notch was added to the belt of The Heartland Institute’s growing world-wide fame with its sponsorship of its Seventh International Conference on Climate Change at the Chicago Hilton. 

Joe Lakely, director of communications at The Heartland Institute, has put together an amazing archive site at which you can explore past IPCCevents and view video presentations of the 60 noted scientists and policy experts who spoke at the recent Seventh IPCC May event.  You will “have a ball” exploring the site. 

The notable speakers, all skeptics of global warming, are too many to note individually, but not to miss are presentations by Vaclav Klaus, president of the Czech Republic; Lord Christopher Monckton, a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher who now travels the world in spreading the word that the color of energy is not green; and Walter Cunningham, who flew Apollo 7, the first manned Apollo spacecraft in 1968.

What if the Earth should heat up by a few degrees due to the sun and other factors which are beyond the control of man?  Point 7 of Jay Lehr’sSeventh International Conference of Global Warming hand-out states that “A modest amount of global warming, should it occur would be beneficial to the natural world.  The warmest period in recorded history was the Medieval Warm Period (roughly 800 to 1200 AD) when the temperatures were 7 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than today which afforded great prosperity for mankind.  Greenland was actually green.”

For those still not convinced that man is not to blame for global warming just because he uses coal and oil to satisfy energy needs consider this:

There has been no trend of increasing temperatures since about 1998.    

James Delingpole, a writer, journalist and broadcaster, presents this rather humorous and factual account written in 2011 and well worth reading, “There has been no global warming since 1998. 

As Delingpole relates in his article, “If the world isn’t warming with the alacrity they’d prefer, how are they going to keep the funding gravy train going, and how are they going to persuade an increasingly skeptical populace that the “science” is “settled”, the debate over and the time for action is now?” 
There is a consensus at The Heartland Institute that the global warming war is being won in the hearts and minds of the American people. 

This same sentiment was expressed in an article published in Human Events during the week of May 21, 2012 by Senator Jim Inhofe, Global Warming Alarmism, Anyone?  The Public is Cooling to the Rhetoric.”  According to Sen. James Inhofe, “the American public has caught on to the global warming alarmist agenda and rejected it.”  Inhofe further predicts “they will reject President Obama’s far left environmental policies.”

I hope this is so.  This present administration would certainly have to be defeated to undo the harm that has already been done through its crippling economic EPA regulations.  

But wait, there is something more to consider other than changing the chairs in the White House and throughout its administrative agency and in electing men and women who do not use global warming to promote an agenda.   

What can be done about the Left’s agenda in our nation’s public schools with its goal of brainwashing students to believe in global warming under the premise to save Mother Earth”? 

This is where the American people can assist The Heartland Institute in its fight.   Spread the Heartland message to all you meet; monitor what your children are being taught in their schools; and re-educate your children, if need be, about the Left’s dogma that man-made global warming exists.  

The consequences of not doing so are grave if we wish to pass along to your children a nation where they can strive and prosper and where freedom and liberty have not been confiscated in an abuse of power by a greedy and out-of-control government.


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