IL legislator Representative Karen May (D-58) presents a flawed symposium on Global Warming as a threat to National Security

June 3, 2012

This month I received an e-mail announcement from retiring Illinois Representative Karen May (D-58) that she would be hosting the Chicago North Shore Energy symposium along with the Veteran outreach program of the Truman National Security Project on June 2 at 10 a.m. at the Highland Park Police Department Conference Room, 1677 Old Deerfield Road, to commemorate World Environment Day.

Noted was how the symposium would feature returning veterans, top retired military officers and political experts to discuss 1) how oil dependence and climate change are threatening our country, endangering our troops and the security of America at large and 2) and why a commitment to clean (green) energy initiative at the local, state, and federal level is vital to the future of American jobs.

For constituents of Representative May who believe as she does that man-made climate change does exists and that CO2 emissions from fossil fuels cause Global Warning, attending the the June 2 symposium will strengthen what they already believe to be true.

Believers of Global Warming either reject or are uninformed that two-thirds of the warming in the 1990s was due to natural causes, not human activities; that the warming trend of the second half of the twentieth century already has stopped and the forecasts of future warming are unreliable at best; and that the benefits of a moderate warming are likely to outweigh the costs.

Since 2010 Pentagon planners have included climate change among their security threats, that it will act as an accelerate of instability and conflict ultimately placing a burden on civilian institutions and militaries around the world.

Dennis Blair as the Director of National Intelligence testified that global climate change would have wide-ranging national security implications over the next 20 years by aggravating existing world problems such as poverty, social tensions, environmental degradation, ineffectual leadership, and weak political institutions.

Problems with these dire warnings follow:

1. How is it even possible to forecast the impact of climate change on national security? Most scientists do not believe computer models are sufficiently reliable to make long-term forecasts of climate temperatures.

2. The current administration’s demonizing of oil and coal may be the biggest security threat of all, with the potential of wrecking this nation’s economy while doing nothing to affect global warming. This nation would be better served by tapping into its 200-year supply of oil under our feet and within our borders, etc.

3. Why are billions being spent to combat climate change, while at the same time military spending is being cut with orders that energy efficient spending be done?

Politicians are not scientists, and they are not motivated by the search for scientific truth. Most Democratic politicians do want to raise taxes, redistribute wealth, and regulate industry because doing so increases their power and chances for reelection. Global Warming rules and regulations affords them the opportunity to do so.

Further, what about the brainwashing of children in schools to believe in global warming?

At a Lake Forest District 67 board meeting on Dec. 13, the fifth item on the agenda was a 20/20 vision update by Andy Henderson as part of the District’s “21th Century Learning Program.” Teachers and students were present from all three of Lake Forest’s elementary schools and Deer Path Middle School.

Two students were selected ahead of time to demonstrate how the program was working. One intelligent girl in either fourth or fifth grade, with her tablet in hand, told of her research about which she was given as a topic to explore.

This well-spoken, intelligent, and mature student for her age went on and on about water, how we are using too much water and how this nation’s waste of water would affect people around the globe. She further related that a group of students had approached the mayor of Lake Forest to let him know that water was being wasted in Lake Forest instead of being conserved.

The teacher in charge indicated, “We are partnering with the U.N. Environmental Club. . . The kids are becoming activists. . . We are using the kids as vehicles.”

I left the meeting almost in a daze from what I had witnessed. In walking down the stairway from the second floor of West School, I met a Middle School teacher and asked whether global warming was be taught. She looked at me in disbelief answering back, “Of course.”



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