Part 2: Is Climate Change really a theat to National Security?: Continution of Karen May’s misguided North Shore symposium on June 2nd which linked the two together

June 12, 2012

Part 2: Operation Freedom message.  Climate change as a threat to national security, receives unconditional acceptance from the D of D, State Department, NIC and the CIA.         

Armed with facts and with prepared handouts to distribute to symposium attendees, I arrived early, as did Steve Goreham.  Sitting in the front row we used our time to read through the distributed event literature.

We were to learn that one of the two featured speakers was Lauren Wolfe, head of “Operation Free”, a Truman National Security Project which functioned as its campaign arm.

The handout described Operation Free, located in Washington, D.C., as a nationwide coalition of veterans, recognizing that climate change and oil dependence pose serious threats to our national security, believe it is their duty to protect America by advocating for clean, domestic energy  production at all levels of government.  

Its three goals:  1) Reduce America’s Oil Dependence; 2) Fight Climate Disruption so climate change doesn’t destabilize weak states; and 3) Make the US More Competitive through leading in the creation of green energy jobs.  

The Department of Defense, the State Department, the National Intelligence Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency have all officially ascribed to the Operation Free message, “Secure America with Clean Energy.”

According to General Anthony Zinni, Former Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Central command, “We will pay for this one way or another.  We will pay to reduce greenhouse gas emissions today. . . we will pay the price later in military terms.  And that will involve human lives.” 

As Steve Goreham and I listened to the opening remarks of IL 58th District representative, Karen May, we were told facts that contradicted those that we already knew to be true.  

With an aura of disbelief and a certain amount of discomfort we heard Karen May state:

1.  Renewable energy here in Illinois will save jobs, protect the environment, and save the planet, as such the development of green energy sources must be a partisan effort.   Wind jobs and solar jobs come at an enormous cost to American taxpayers.  Obama spent $90 billion of his stimulus package on green energy projects, including development of electric vehicles, yet by the end of 2011, just 16,100 people labored in new jobs in the so-called green industry.

2.  Mandated is that 25% of Illinois’ energy must come from wind, solar and bio fuels, etc., by
2025.  As Karen admitted, “We have a long way to go.  It stands now at 7%.”

3.  IL has robust wind to support wind turbines.  Farmers also profit through the rental of land on which wind turbines are constructed. Farmers also enjoy the income from growing corn used to produce the ethanol added to the gasoline sold in Illinois.  Article link:  According to physicist John Droz, Jr., “Wind and solar produce a trickle of electricity at a vast cost to the consumer.  They don’t
even cut carbon emissions; they literally are a waste of space.” 

4.  Renewable energy in Illinois also calls for solar power. So said Karen May, “If Germany can go solar, so can Illinois.”  Article link:  In March of this year Germany cut subsidies to its floundering solar industry, Britain and Italy have made similar moves, and Spain has abandoned its subsidies altogether.   

5.  There is a plan to put charging stations at tollway oasis stops so people can do fast charges with their electric cars.  

6.  Karen May supports electric cars and would have bought one if one had been available at the time she wished to purchase an electric car..  Instead, Ms. May bought a hybrid.  Article link:  The GM Chevrolet Volt Electric Car is headed for Solyndra heaven. Only 7,671 Volts sold last year, with an inventory of unsold 6,300 cars. 

7.  Karen May advocated mass transportation to cut down on global warming carbon emissions.  Article link:  Noted geologist, Leighton Steward, who once believed CO2 caused global warming, is now convinced that emissions are good for the Earth and don’t cause global warming. 

When it was Lauren Wolfe’s time to speak she defended the Department of Defense and other security agencies as organizations not known to be crazy, and applauded them for their rational and dedicated approach in enacting policies that were in keeping with securing American through promoting green energy policies. 

Lauren’s unconditional defense seemed to stem from comments made by Steve Goreham and myself, stirring up the pot, when we found it impossible to sit silently through Karen May’s prior misguided and unscientific presentation.

Ms. Wolfe went on to explain that the U.S. uses 22% of the world’s oil, that we are running out of oil, and that the ever dwindling supply of oil will become even more costly.  Thus the need to start relying on alternative forms of energy sources so we don’t have to depend on nasty countries for our oil supply or fear our money is going straight into the hands of terrorists. 

To which Steve Goreham retorted how this nation has a huge supply of oil if only drilling would be allowed.  Article link:  As this nation has billions of barrels of untapped U.S. oil, why is our very own government holding us hostage, forcing our Country to be addicted to the Oil from the Middle East and Venezuela. 

In discussing fracking, Lauren Wolfe called it a new technology and one whose feasibility and safety were still in question. 

Once again Steve Goreham came to the rescue and clarified fracking as a technology that has been around for many years, how it  is safe, and that the process does NOT result in water pollution. On the contrary, through fracking more natural gas has been found which has resulted in greatly lowering
the price of gas.  Article link:  The process of fracking to capture oil and gas has been used since the 1940s.  Hydraulic fracturing seems to have become a “Weapon of Fear”, despite it being environmentally friendly.  

My question to Lauren Wolfe when speaking about the Navy’s development of bio-fuels for its ships and submarines as the military seeks to reduce the amount of fuel (oil) used in the next 20 years, “Why the need for bio-fuels when nuclear power has been used to power ships and submarines since the time of Admiral Rickover in the 50’s and 60’s?”   Article link:  China would like to have 100 more reactors operating by 2020. 

Lauren countered by noting how important it was for the U.S. and the military to lead the way in developing technology in the clean energy sector, as public entities, not being proactive, needed government assistance in order to make it profitable to invest.  Article link:  Illinois DCEO reveals that under Section 1603 of the federal stimulus bill the federal government is offering developers in IL about $8 million for each wind job reported.  

Given that “Operation Free” is populated by a nationwide coalition of veterans, it came as no surprise when Lauren Wolfe cited the number of vets employed in the wind industry as 70% of its workforce.  Article link:  The Energy Department, through Gemini Energy Service’s workforce development training program, prepares military veterans for careers as wind industry technicians.  

Following Lauren Wolfe’s comments Brandon Bodom spoke as a U.S. Army Veteran from Chicago and as a member of “Operation Free.”   The tenor of Bodom’s remarks were less confrontational.  Brandon was not hesitant to admit that this nation could never become totally oil independent.

Having recently returned from a 12-month deployment to Kandahar, Afghanistan, Brandon’s explained why sources other than oil for energy were needed in  Afghanistan:  Fuel interruptions happened because of planted roadside ID’s hitting convoys carrying fuel to where it was needed.  These interruptions endangered our troops and resulted in endangering, maiming and killing of our troops. 

One innovative idea described by vet Brandon Bodom was a solar blankets developed for marines to be used to power batteries for radio, etc..  The solar blanket eliminates the need to carry a supply of heavy batteries in backpacks, making it possible to pack more food for a longer mission.

As for the use of solar and wind in the U.S. on a mass scale, Steve Goreham reminded Brandon Bodom that where there is no electrical grid, like in Afghanistan, it makes sense, but not in the U.S. where an electrical grid exists.

Brandon was definitely misinformed when he applauded CA as a role model for green energy, a state that is even in worst financial shape than Illinois.

A limited number of a comprehensive 2011 report, From Barracks to the Battlefield:  Clean Energy Innovation and America’s Armed Forces  (a Pew Project dealing with National Security, Energy and Climate and funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts) were available for those in attendance by a representative of the Pew Project. 

Both Steve Goreham and I managed to obtain a copy of the report which can be read in its
entirety at this link:

The report’s  propose is to bring together the economic, scientific and military communities to discuss the links between American energy decisions and national security. 

My concerns are many, but among them are: 1) how all branches of our military are using allocated money better spent of ships, planes, equipment, etc., to instead fund green energy projects and 2) how at the federal and state level officials and legislators (and the Obama administration) have been duped into believing that CO2 emissions cause Global Warming and that renewable (green) energy sources are capable of stepping up to the plate to fill any future void. 

In conclusion, some “Food for Thought”:

This nation will need more 25% more energy in future years.  Alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, and bio fuels will not be sufficient to meet the demands here in Illinois or nationwide.  Article link:  “EPA projects world energy use to increase 53% by 2035”   

Government subsidies won’t forever, then what?   Article link:  Subsidies are already on the way out in Europe as unaffordable.  Meanwhile, a stalled effort to renew federal tax credits for the wind power industry is making it hard to keep employees on the payroll and plan for expansion. 

There has been no global warming since 1998, man made or otherwise.  Article link:  James Delingpole questions how the gravy train funding will keep going if an increasingly skeptical populace begins to question the “science” is “settled” mantra by the”warmists.”      

Most importantly, the unified and concerted effort and premise of “Secure America with Clean Energy” by achieving oil independence through green alternatives is a fool’s mission being done at a great cost to taxpayers, as hard science, unlike “consensus”, proves that climate warming is both natural and unstoppable and that carbon dioxide (CO2) is not a pollutant.  Article link: The finding of four U.S. renowned experts published in the International Journal of Climatology of
the Royal Meteorological Society. 


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