Joel Pollak, editor-in-chief of, promises to follow the Breitbart tradition following Anderw’s untimely death

June 19, 2012


SKOKIE – Joel Barry Pollak was the featured speaker at a meeting of the Chicago Chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Dr. Michael Menis, president, on Monday evening, June 11, at the Holiday Inn in Skokie.

There was an overflow crowd in attendance to hear Pollak speak about all things political and particularly about his new position as editor-in-chief and in-house counsel for after the untimely death of Andrew Breitbart on March 1st of this year.

Dr. Michael Menis expressed a warm continuing friendship for Joel Pollak which initially came about when Joel, still a student a Harvard in April of 2009, had a heated exchange with Congressman Barney Frank, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. 

During the exchange, prompted by a speech given by Barney Frank at the Kennedy School of Government, Pollak challenged Frank for his role in the subprime mortgage crisis.  
Hearing about the incident Dr. Menis called Harvard to find out who this chap was who had the courage and fortitude to confront Barney Frank head on.  Dr. Menis discovered that Joel Pollak had grown up in the Chicago suburbs, principally in Skokie, and that he had attended Niles North High School.  Dr. Menis immediately extended an invitation to Pollak to speak at an upcoming meeting of the RJC Chicago Chapter, which he accepted.

In stepping up to podium Joel Pollak was overwhelmed with the size of the turnout.  Married in December of 2009 to wife, Julia, Joel was proud to announce that both his wife and their baby daughter, Maya, were in attendance.  Joel quipped that Maya shared the same birthday as Andrew Breitbart, February 1st.

It was  Andrew Breitbart who had initially asked Joel Pollak to relocate to CA to help him “take the world back” after Pollak lost his challenge to Democrat Jan Schakowsky in the 2008 Illinois 9th District race.  Andrew Breitbart had come to the aid of Joe Pollak to help in opposition research.  To the dismay of both Pollak and Breitbart, no research had ever been done on Jan Schakowsky, as never before had she been confronted with a viable Republican challenger.

In Joel Pollak words, “I gave Jan the fight of her political life.”

Revealed by Joel Pollak is that Andrew Breitbart had spent the previous year of his life working on a new website project.  Days before Breithart’s website was to be rolled out came Andrew’s sudden death on March 1st of this year. 

But despite a time of great loss and sorrow, Joel Pollak recounted how Breitbart’s year-long passion became reality when his new website project was launched only three days after his death

Pollak believes if the election were held today it would be a close one, but one Romney would likely win given that Romney’s support is often under counted when likely voters are tallied instead of registered voters. 
Interesting was Joel’s Pollak’s explanation of why Romney is on TV far less than Obama, and how Obama is at a loss to know what to do about it.

Romney’s handlers, recognizing that Obama wants to make the November elections a choice between himself and Romney, realize that Romney’s campaign needs to be fought on a referendum of Obama’s policies.  With this in mind, Romney’s campaign strategy doesn’t require that he appear on TV constantly.

Pollak believes what happened in 2008 with the election of President Barack Obama couldn’t have happened if the facts about Obama had reached public awareness, as were revealed in Edward Klein’s book, “The Amateur,” released in May of this year. 

Ed Klein, former editor-in-chief of the New York Times Magazine, writes of “a callow, thin-skinned, arrogant president with messianic dreams of grandeur supported by a cast of true believers.”     
Another revealing book released in May, David Maraniss’s “Barack Obama: The Story,” relates Obama’s fondness for pot and alcohol while attending high school in Hawaii.    
Maraniss’s information about Obama’s abuse of drugs and alcohol while young, however, is not new.  The same was revealed by Obama himself in his 1995 memoir “Dreams from My Father,” at which time Obama wrote about smoking pot with the same casualness as Dr. Seuss might have used in writing his book, “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Pollak suggests Barack Obama might have been the original source of the rumor out of which the  first “birther” story evolved.  
Not known back in 199l, and as a preamble for promoting his first book — the never published “Journeys in Black and White” — Obama wrote the pamphlet,  “Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.” The promotional booklet was then marketed by Barack Obama’s then-literary agency, Action & Dystel, to his colleagues in the publishing industry. 
Might it have been that Obama wanted to appear more exotic to potential readers back in 1991?  Not until 2007, and only weeks before Obama was to announce his 2008 candidacy for president, was “Born in Kenya, Raised in Indonesia and Hawaii” scrubbed as an internet posting.

Of concern to Joel Pollak was the absence of vetting candidate Obama in 2008 by the media, especially noticeable here Chicagoland where I reside.

After all, Obama’s radical Chicago roots stem back to Derrick Bell which links to Chicago.  While a law student at Harvard, Obama considered Derrick Bell (a writer of inflammatory racial nonsense) his mentor and a father figure.

While a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, Obama assigned Derrick Bell’s readings to his class. The Obama-assigned introduction to Bell’s book, Faces at the bottom of the Well, contains many inflammatory statements, such as:  “Slavery is, an example of what white America has done, a constant reminder of what white America might do.”     
Pollak’s information that President Obama had more than likely been a member of the New Party in Chicago had never reached the mainstream media. Awareness of the information was credited to Stanley Kurtz who obtained the information through his search of archives.   

Powerful and active in the 1990’s, the New Party was dedicated to electing leftist candidates to office.  Two organization formed the backbone of the New Party:  ACORN and SEIU. Strong evidence exists that Obama belonged to both.  
Andrew Breitbart, related Pollak, purposely looked to break stories that were not being covered in the mainstream media, realizing that the media played a large role in determining elections and in the selection of stories deemed prudent to share with the public. 

Breitbart wanted to create content, not just criticism.  He wanted to do investigative journalism that no one else was doing.  He was invested in helping people who were taking a stand against what the media didn’t wish to hear.  He further believed in protecting people who went up against the media.
It was Breitbart who uncovered the Acorn and the Weinergate story. 

He was also first to document the sex and sexual assault occurring at Occupy Wallstreet in NYC.  Despite the determined and combined efforts of the media to have Occupy Wallstreet succeed in the same way for Democrats as the Tea Party movement had for Republicans, the movement is now dead for all practical purposes.

According to Pollak, “The American people are not comfortable thinking of their fellow Americans in terms of division and class warfare.”       
Breitbart also led the pack in outing sympathetic doctors who were handing out absentee slips to teachers rallying in Madison, Wisconsin, to recall Governor Walker, just because he dared and then upped the bounty to $100,000 for a video submitted that would prove Tea Party participants held racist signs in protesting Obamacare.

The money never needed to be paid out (a relief to Joel as he didn’t know where Andrew expected to find the money ), as the racist Tea Party incident never happened, but that didn’t end the unwarranted dehumanization and victimization of the Tea Party. 

About bias in the media, Breitbart believed that bias is fine if the media is honest about it.  Previously left-leaning in his politics, Breitbart changed his political views after experiencing an “epiphany” during the late 1991 confirmation hearings for Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas who was charged with sexual harassment.  Listening to Rush Limbaugh also helped to change Breitbart’s political and philosophical positions.

Breitbart was also impressed with the Drudge Report.  Drudge introduced Breitbart to Arianna Huffington when she was still a Republican, which led Breitbart to subsequently assist Huffington in creating her own website to ensure there would be more voices on the Left to present contrasting viewpoints. 
Pollak gave these words of advice for all to heed:   “We must make this election a referendum on Obama’s failures.  Remember that we don’t have to take it.  Each one of us is part of the media.  We can push back against what we know is false.  Each one of us has something to contribute, so use that voice and speak up, because THAT IS WHAT DEMOCRACY IS ALL ABOUT.

In the question and answer period, Joel Pollak addressed several questions in the following manner:
1.  What does the future hold for Breitbart News with the premature death of Andrew Breitbart?   It will continue with the same philosophy that guided Andrew.  The addition of radio is likely.  Definitely there will be more vetting of Obama’s Chicago connections before the November elections.  

2.  Who is your choice for vice president?    Republican Paul Ryan of Wisconsin because the Catholic vote is critical in some states like PA.  Ryan might also be able to bring Wisconsin into the Republican column.

3.  Will the money bags of George Soros and his efforts to shut down talk radio though the Leftist organizations he funds take talk radio off the air?  If Soros-funded groups were successful in shutting down any part of talk radio, would lead the effort in fighting back.  Pollak did say that conservative talk radio could never be destroyed because there is a market for conservative ideas.
4.  Why did the attempt at pension reform succeed in Wisconsin but fail in Ohio?   Governor Walker was astute enough not to connect policemen and firemen with his pension reform legislation, while Ohio’s John Kasich did.  For even Republicans are averse to hearing that those who protect them could be negatively affected in some way.  
5.  What might be the outcome of the upcoming Obamacare vote by the Supremes?   Joel spoke of there being eight possible outcomes, but didn’t give explanations. does have a reporter assigned to covering the Supreme Court.  Overturning all is very possible, according to Pollak.


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