Senator Inhofe’s proposal to end Obama’s ‘war on coal’ brought to floor of Senate on June 20 and voted down

June 21, 2012

Senator Inhofe’s proposal to end Obama’s ‘war on coal’ brought to floor of Senate on June 20 and voted down 
Members of the U.S. Senate will have much to answer for who voted against Senator Inhofe’s Utility MACT proposal (SJR 37.)

Contrary to the announcement of the Environmental Protection Agency on Dec. 21, 2012, informing the American people of the new Mercury and Air Toxic Standard formulated to “protect American Families,” the EPA’s stated goal defies logic and completely contradicts the truth.

Instead, it is to advance an ideological agenda that is almost entirely divorced from real science regarding the environment and human health.  Current regulations (and more important, technological advances) already protect “American families” from any hazards associated with power plants.  Emissions are near enough to zero, already making detection of a public health effect virtually impossible.

The only rational for these new regulations is to shut down coal production in the U.S., thereby raising energy costs to handicap business and industry, slow economic growth and consumption, and “stop global warming,” the latest and least credible riff on radical environmentalism.

Known as Utility MACT (the Mercury and Air Toxics rules), mercury is cited as the principal Harmful Air Pollutant (HAP) targeted by MACT.  Unlike most air-pollutants mercury poses health risks not via inhalation, but only after being deposited in water bodies.  Mercury in itself is a naturally occurring metal found in the earth, seas and the atmosphere.
The EPA contends that the children of pregnant women can have impaired cognitive and neurological development from consuming enough mercury from eating fish, even though the EPA was not able to identify a single child whose learning or other disabilities could be traced to prenatal mercury since the EPA was asked by Congress 22 year ago to study the issue.…   
As cited by Mario Lewis, Jr. in an op-ed originally published in Forbes, the MACT reference or “benchmark” set for mercury at 1/15th the lowest exposure level does not represent a viable measure to suggest any fear of a health risk or a public health threat.…
The Seychelles study off the coast of Africa, described in an article by Ken Haapala, Executive Vice President, Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP), in which Haapala further relates how MACT is just another way for Obama to “skin the cat” given that his own Democrat Party failed to pass cap-and-trade, found that no impaired cognitive functions were found even though the residents ate large amounts of sea food.  There was no association between prenatal mercury exposure and IQ, even though exposures in the Seychelles study were as high as 22 times the reference dose.…
With all the hub-bub over the ingestion of mercury on the children of pregnant women, the most devastating impact of MACT should it be implemented, and which is at the center of the Obama administration’s war against coal, would be the first Clean Air Act standards ever established for carbon pollution in new power plants.  The proposed Utility MACT rule requires new coal plants to install a costly technology that is not yet commercially available, nor when available will installation guarantees that a company is in compliance with the EPA regulations.   
Even the EPA has estimated that the Utility MACT and other regulations targeting power plants will cause the retirement of about 10,000 megawatts of coal-electric generating capacity, with many more plant closures to be announced rather than to comply with the EPA regulations.  
Numerous operating utilities have already announced shutting down their coal-fired power plants because they cannot economically meet the standards.  The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) reports that eight of the ten service territories in the eastern US will fall below key reliability thresholds by 2018 and may be subject to brownouts or blackouts.  Furthermore, the only major health benefits arising from the MACT regulations are already covered under other regulations.…
Senator Manchin (D-WV) and a few coal-state senators have been waging a lonely battle against the White-House and its EPA.  Manchin has expressed his dismay at how many Americans, even in coal-producing states, do not seem to realize that coal-fiied electric plants are critical to the health of the economy and to holding down the cost of life for families.  At least 21 states rely on coal for 50 percent or more of their electricity.   www.journal-news-net/page/content-detail/id/577909/… :   
Given the far-reaching negative scope of the the Utility MACT Act, some progress is being made to push back against the radical thinking of those pushing a radical agenda that concludes if the world doesn’t change course on climate now, within the near future a build up of enough high carbon energy infrastructure will lock our planet into an irreversible and devastating amount of global warming, which is a theory only, and not based of the hard facts of science. 
Check out  to hear approximately 60 invited scientists and policy expert speak discussing what real science is revealing about climate change, as presented at The Heartland Institute Seventh International Global Warming Conference held this past May in Chicago from May 21 – 23.)
An attempt to stop the EPA Utility MACT rule will be made this Wednesday, June 20, by Senator James Inholf (R-Okla), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, when Inhofe is anticipating that the Senate will take up his resolution (SJR37) to end MACT. 
Democrats supporting Inhofe’s measure are Mary Landrieu of Lousiana, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Ben Nelson of Nevada.  As stated by Senator Inhofe:  “I applaud Landrieu, Manchin, and Nelson who are listening to their constituents abut the pain President Obama’s Utility MACT rule will inflict on them.”Senator Inhofe claims to have secured the support of nearly 80% of the private sector, as represented by businesses not doing well in the face of EPA’s job-killing regulations.…

How ironic it is that on the same day Rio + 20 will begin in South America, and in which the U.S. will participate, the U.S. Senate is anticipated to vote on Senator Inhofe’s bill to stop MACT (Rio + 20 is the UN Conference on Sustainable Development with its major objective to establish and handle a proposed $100 billion per year fund to fight man made Global Warming caused  by  CO2 emisssions.

Just what does the Obama administration’s EPA believe its Utility MACT rule will accomplish if allowed to stand, as warming predicted in models has never been verified or validated.

Climate change has been ongoing since the formation of this earth with cyclical warming period hundreds of thousands of years before CO2 was wrongly cited as climate change agent.  

As predictably as the day changes to night, Climate change will continue regardless of what UN bureaucrats decree for the rest of the world to heed, or how much money is spent to fight a don Quixote-like, folly like mission that will only end up severely reducing this nation’s future economic prosperity.  

According to a credible report in Britain’s Daily Mail on January 12, 2012, we are to forget global warming.  

It’s cycle 25 we need to worry about if NAS scientists are right in predicting that the Thames will be freezing over again.  According to the Met Office new figures released show of of no warming in the past 15 years.…

Unlike some government leaders, Mother Nature is not influenced by money.   

Members of the U.S. Senate will have much to answer for if Senator Inhofe’s resolution (SJR 37) to end MACT is brought to the floor of the Senate for a vote this Wednesday and is defeated.


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