U.N. Rio+20 ends with a whimper with promises instead of mandates

June 25, 2012


CFACT (Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow) announced in its Special Report from Washington, May 2012, Volume 6, Issue 2, that the organization would be attending the “Rio+20” UN Conference on sustainable Development in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, from June 20 – 22. 

Noted was that CFACT would be sending a “Rio-20” team to battle the greens dangerous agenda to include Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley and Climate Depot’s Marc Morano, along with a stellar group of scientists and climate experts.  

Further revealed was that CFACT would be returning to Rio de Janiero after twenty years to once more confront the greens.  It was at the 1992 United Nations Earth Summit in Rio that the foundation was laid for the Kyoto Protocol and the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change.  Also established was the Convention on Biological Diversity which gave UN bureaucrats and environment activists new powers to control the development of nations.

It is only fair to ask where the coverage was, especially here in Illinois, of the just  concluded June 20-22 Rio U.N. Conference?

The Washington Times did publish an excellent editorial on Monday, June 18, Just say no to Rio, which spoke of the private jets on the tarmac fueling up in time for the Wednesday kickoff of the Rio+20 Earth Summit.  It was reported that as many as 50,000 attendees were expected in Rio de Janeiro — including 130 heads of state — where U.N. globalists hoped to recapture the spirit of the first Rio earth conference in 1992.  

In offering insight about the upcoming Rio U.N. conference, the Washington Times editorial recounted the three times since 1992 (Copenhagen, Cancun and Durban) when the U.N. failed to convince countries to back their hot air with cool cash.

The Times editorial also spoke of the desire by U.N. backers to have participating nations approve the creation of a global green tax with a  kitty starting at $30 billion, with the possible ratcheting up to $100 billion by 2020. 

I became interested in the June U.N. “Rio+20” Conference while attending Heartland’s iccc7 event from May 21-23.  It was then that I heard Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley speak about the upcoming event.  I also had the chance to meet and talk with Marc Morano, Executive Editor and Chief Correspondent of Climate Depot, who informed me that he would be posting articles from Rio.  www.ClimateDepot.com 

With the arrival of the opening day of the “Rio+20” Earth Summit on Wednesday, June 20, I was more than ready to follow the happenings way down south in Rio.  This was easily accomplished by logging onto Mike Morano’s Climate Depot site.      www.ClimateDepot.com  

Mike Morano was featured prominately in Rio when he addressed a packed room at a CFACT press conference at the UN complex in Rio.  Morano’s address elicited a hostile question and answer session.

Following are selected highlights of Marc Morano’s address in Rio:

“What a difference 20 years makes.  This is a mockery of where we were for 20 years.”

“I challenge U.S. activists, environmentalists, Greenpeace, and the media to ask Sec. Hillary Clinton what the objective here in Rio is for the U.S.  Her objective is nothing more than to check a box and get the hell out of town.  She is going to be conning people if you believe she is here for substantive agreement.”  (President Obama was clearly reluctant to be seen with fellow spendthrifts at a time when his re-election is jeopardized by his own three-plus-year long spending binge.)

“We are witnessing an historic moment in history of the UN.  UN IPCC chair Pachauri is now saying global warming is but a secondary problem to sustainability.  The UN is now saying saving species is a greater urgency than global warming.  They have now thrown global warming under the bus in favor of species extinction.”

“Failure here is good for the world’s poor people.  Failure is the only option for this conference if you care about the environment and poor people.  Carbon-based energy has been one of the greatest liberators of mankind in the history of our planet.”

“James Lovelock, the father of the modern green movement, says sustainable development is meaningless drivel.”

“I will go further and say we need to redefine sustainable developments as oil, gas, coal — energy that works and energy that lifts people out of poverty.”  

A rather hilarious Climate Depot post tells of the U.N. taking away toilet paper to get rid of media as the stench of Rio’s failure fills the air

Much like the Chicago River in Chicago is dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day, the image of Christ was made a forcible convert to the eco-faith as the city of Rio bathed the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer in green light.    

If interested in reading more posts of “Rio+20” at Morano’s Climate Depot site check out HERE.

The skinny is now in about “Rio+20”.  In an article by Reed Landberg and Alex in Morales in Bloomberg News, it was related how the United Nation’s biggest accomplishment at the Rio meeting was its ability to obtain pledges worth $513 billion from government and companies for projects aimed at reducing the strain on the planet’s resources.  Even so world leaders and environmentalists were unhappy with the U.N.’s failure to set strong enough goals. 

In an article by Bradley Brooks, Rio+2, The unhappy environmental summit, the “Rio+20” outcome is summarily described:

“It was hard to find a happy soul at the end of the Rio+20 environmental summit.

Not the legion of bleary-eyed government negotiators from 193 nations who met in a failed attempt to find a breakthrough at the United Nations Conference on sustainable development.

Not the thousands of activists who decried the three-day summit as dead on arrival.  Not even the top U.N. (Secretary-General of the conference, Sha Zukang) who organized the international organization’s largest-ever event.”  

But not so for the 100 heads of state who attended the conference; it was hailed as a success in that the “Rio+20” conference was a conference to decide to have more conferences.  In essence the mere fact of agreeing to talk became a victory, given that past environment summits — with their unrealized goals — have failed to net the results hoped for.

As to the nearly 50 pages of text the leaders signed at the end of the meeting, titled, “The Future We Want,” environmentalist groups complained of the low expectations set forth in the document and further questioned how the Rio conference could be considered a success when instead of mandating how to achieve sustainable development, the document merely “reaffirms” (59 times) the need to achieve economic stability, the same as was agreed to twenty years ago at Rio 1992.  

Even so the UN 0.7% target is still in place.  Know as the “Millennium Project” — first pledged 35 years ago —  it asks that the world’s richest governments commit 0.7% of their gross national product (GNP) to Official Development Assistance under the assumption that the rich world can provide enough resources to meet the Millennium Development Goal. 

As of June 2005, sixteen of the twenty two donor countries had met or agreed to meet the 0.7 target by no later than 2015.  The U.S. has yet to agree to a timetable to reach the UN’s target of 0.7%.  The Development Goals would cost about $75 – $150 per person per year.    

A report presented by Marc Morano of Climate Depot in December of 2011 outlines the scientific reality on virtually every claim (A to Z) which shows how the claims of the promoters of man-made climate fears are failing. 

Morano’s A – Z report includes key facts, peer-reviewed studies and the latest data and developments with links for further reading on an exhaustive range of man-made global warming claims

It is a report that would be well worth your while to print out and save for future reference.


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