Defending Dennis Byrne of the Tribune against assults by ‘warmists’

July 15, 2012

Dennis Byrne is featured in the Chicago Tribune at least once a week with his commentaries. 

On July 10, 2012, Dennis Byrne was targeted and blasted, as was his article, “Sick and tired of that global warming whine,” by the left-wing blogosphere.… 

Unwilling to allow the unjustified criticism to stand by believers of man-made Global Warming whose opinions are based on theory while rejecting hard scientific facts proving otherwise, and with a request to respond coming from The Heartland Institute CEO, I informed the Tribune of how I viewed the Byrne commentary through submitting a Voice of the People letter on July 12. 

As the Tribune seems to have rejected my submission as either inconsequential or unacceptable because I dared to criticize the Tribune’s accepted line, I have taken the liberty to share my unpublished Voice of the People letter on my Word Press blog.

Kudos to Byrne for targeting global warming whiners!”  

Dennis Byrne speaks to me at the Chicago Tribune like no one else.  He must be saluted for bucking what has become the Tribune’s mantra, which mimics the theory of global warming alarmists, that anthropogenic (man-made) global warming is to blame for any recorded extremes in weather to wild fires, based solely on a “consensus” and not on hard scientific evidence. 

Somehow CO2 became the bully on the block when back in December 7, 2009 the EPA falsely declared CO2 a pollutant.  How could this be so when CO2 is vital for plant growth, agriculture and feeding the world’s hungry.  As human beings we exhale CO2 as long as there is life in us.  Will there soon be a government edict that some of us will have to volunteer to end our lives early in order to save the planet?  

Consider these facts:  1) There has been no trend of increasing temperatures since about 1998.  2) Extreme weather is an integral part of the Earth’s climate.  3) Throughout the recorded history of the Earth’s climate, extreme weather events have always occurred somewhere.  4) Climate is governed by hundreds of factors, or variable, and the very idea that we can manage climate change by manipulating one politically factor (CO2) is as misguided as it gets!  5) An article by Rob Waugh published in the UK Daily Mail on July 12 sets forth how tree-rings prove climate was warmer in Roman and Medieval times than it is now, and the world has been cooling 2,000 year

Yes, Dennis Byrne, the American people are catching on.  America’s economic growth and its confidence in the future will blossom when the false AGW hypothesis threats have been fully exposed as the greatest hoax ever, under the guise of promoting green energy as the greatest thing since sliced bread.  

When will our President and legislators who should know better understand that this nation’s future energy needs cannot be met with wind and moon beams as both are unreliable and not cost effective? 

How foolish this nations and other nations so inclined to advance green energy as a way to save Mother Earth must appear to China! 


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