Fifteen Comparisons: Orwell’s Animal Farm and Obama’s Administration (Part 1)

August 6, 2012

By Nancy Thorner – (Part 1 of 2) –


I was assigned to read decades ago while attending college George Orwell’s book, Animal Farm. At the time the book didn’t register with me as a reflection of the times I was living in (the late 50’s), even though I knew it was meant as a political allegory portrayal by George Orwell, born Eric Arthur Blair in Motihari, Bengal, India, in 1903.  

The story goes that in 1936 Orwell joined the Republican side and fought in the Spanish Civil War. Through first-hand experience Orwell saw propaganda and the perversion of history used for the first time as instruments of war. Orwell came to believe that the unchecked distortion of objective truth would create far worse situations for mankind than any ideological war could. For power, Orwell realized, could become an end in itself.

Animal Farm became the first of Orwell’s cries of despair. This satirical beast fable is often heraded as Orvell’s lightest, gayest work. 1984 is another of Orwell’s well known novels.  

In light of many concerned Americans who like me are troubled in what they perceive is the steady movement of this nation toward socialism and beyond, I was curious to find out if a search of the internet would lend any credence to my present thoughts that Orwell’s Animal Farm reaches beyond the 20th Century into the present 21st Century and to Barack Obama himself.

My search was soon rewarded by an eye-opening and astounding article, Animal Farm and Barack Obama, written by a Lapeer Tea Party member, an author and a non-practicing engineer, David Edward Bloch, who lives in Davison, Michigan.  

Information about Mr. Bloch’s published books, Psycho Russian Golddiggers and The Elite Idolaters, can be found here. 

Bloch’s book, The Elite Idolaters, won “Honorable Mention” in the 2012 Reader Views Book Award program for the category” Societal Issues”, at this website for independant authors:  

In language meant to make a point with Illinois Review readers, David Bloch’s article will “knock your socks off!”  I’m sure you will agree with me that Bloch’s article must be passed on, and passed on again, and then passed on some more as it is unquestionably a potent and powerful article that should wake-up those who prefer to remain asleep at the switch.

For those of you who have never read Orwell’s Animal Farm, or who are rusty in its details, go out and
purchase a copy without delay.

Animal Farm and Barack Obama
by David E. Bloch


George Orwell wrote Animal Farm in 1946 while living in England. The book is an allegory of the Communist Revolution in Russia and its aftermath – Stalin’s Communist Soviet Union. The main characters in Orwell’s Animal Farm are:  Napoleon = Stalin, Snowball = Trotsky, Farmer Jones = Czar Nicolas II, Boxer = The Working Class (proletariat) and the pigs = the government ruling class. 


In the following article I compare Orwell’s allegory to what is actually happening in the United States today. I propose the following representations: Napoleon = Barack Obama, Snowball = George Bush/Republican Party, Farmer Jones = Capitalism/ western culture in general (as viewed by its opponents) and the pigs = The Obama Administration. I offer the following 15 comparisons between George Orwell’s Animal Farm and Barack Obama:


Blame it on your predecessors


Napoleon always blames Snowball for any misfortune that befalls Animal Farm, whether it is by natural causes such as storms and lightening, or by his own bad decisions and mismanagement. He does this even though Snowball no longer resides on the farm; Napoleon expelled him! 


When the stone windmill which the animals were building collapses during a thunder storm, due to thin walls, Napoleon declares: “’Comrades,’ he said quietly, ‘do you know who is responsible for this?  Do you know the enemy who has come in the night and overthrown our windmill?  SNOWBALL!’ He suddenly roared in a voice of thunder. ‘Comrades here and now I pronounce the death sentence upon Snowball.’”


Similarly, Obama, who has been in office three and a half years, blames his predecessor, George Bush, for the current bad conditions including the lingering economic recession, high unemployment, two failed $800 billion “stimulus” programs, an expanding budget deficit, and of course the addition of $5 trillion to the national debt. Napoleon and Obama each have their scapegoats and each accepts no responsibility for the persistent malaise under their leadership.


Slogans to deceive, manipulate, and control 


Napoleon and his ruling class pigs recognized that the other farm animals were not as intelligent as they were. So, in order to control them the pigs developed slogans for the other animals to repeat and blindly obey, rather than to attempt the rigorous process of thinking and reasoning. For example, the pigs developed the slogan: “Four legs good, two legs bad.  Boxer, the workhorse, develops two slogans on his own: “Napoleon is always right,” and “I must work harder.”  


If Napoleon explains something that is complicated or in obvious contradiction to known facts, any confusion by the other animals is quickly eliminated by remembering a slogan: “Napoleon is always right.” Obama uses slogans for precisely the same tactical purposes of deception, manipulation and control.


“Yes we Can . . .” has no real meaningother than for Obama to persuade his followers to not think or reason, but simply to obey and to follow whatever he deems should be done


“Yes we can . . .” Obama just has to fill in the blank with whatever he wants his followers to do. Recently, Obama came up with another slogan:  “We can’t wait,” which he adopted to circumvent the Congress, who is challenging him on his agenda. The U.S. Constitution provides for divided government, or separation of powers, so that anyone party or branch of government cannot tyrannically impose its will upon the other.


Gridlock is the expected and desired result when one branch of government or party seeks to be tyrannical over the other branch. However, Obama does not want to engage in a public argument of his tyrannical methods so he simply deceives the public with a slogan to follow him and to abandon critical thinking and reasoning as to what is behind his agenda that Congress does not agree with. The always cajoling Obama is really saying, “We Can’t Wait for Congress to act so I must disregard the Constitution, act on my own, and force my will upon all others.”


“Hope and Change,” “Collective Salvation,” and “We have come too far to go back,” are just a few of the slogans Obama provides his followers as substitutes for critical independent thinking. Sometimes however, Obama’s slogan meisters are so busy generating slogans that occasionally a bit of truth is actually disguised in the acronym of the slogan. For example, Obama recently announced his new 2012 campaign slogan: “Winning the Future” (WTF).  The bit of truth in WTF is: “What the F …”


False promises of health care – ObamaCare 


Napoleon promised all farm animals generous retirement benefits including medical care. When Boxer became ill from overwork and old age, Napoleon promised the other farm animals that Boxer would receive the best medical care available without regard to cost. Of course, what actually happened to Boxer was horrifically opposite to what was promised. Afterwards, Napoleon claimed that Boxer “received expensive medicines for which Napoleon had paid without a thought as to the cost.” This was a lie.


Obama gave us ObamaCare. At first Obama said his health care program would “reduce the budget deficit by $500 billion over 10 years by eliminating waste and redundancy in the health care system.” However, it was quickly revealed that this $500 billion “savings” actually came from reductions in Medicare and not savings from waste in the health care system. Obama then said that his health plan would pay for itself and is “deficit neutral.” One year after enactment, the government’s own Office of Management and Budget estimated the cost to taxpayers for ObamaCare will be $900 billion. 


At the end of two years, the current cost is now estimated at $1.8 trillion and rising. Unpleasant surprises concerning what is actually written in the ObamaCare law are constantly being revealed. ObamaCare is a lie. Is there any doubt that our fate will be similar to Boxer’s fate?

(Finished in upcoming Part 2)



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