Part 1: The IEA Continues to Hold Schools Hostage With a Heavy Hammer

August 31, 2012

The IEA Continues to Hold Schools Hostage With a Heavy Hammer

Teachers in Lake Forest School Districts 115 and 67 are members of  the IEA.  This is true for teachers in most school districts across the  state of Illinois.

LFHS teachers are faced with a dilemma, particularly since, as I recently learned,the initial vote to strike by the teachers was an open vote.

Teachers  who are not in favor of striking hesitate going public with that view, as  they fear retaliation from the strong and powerful union.  Only three  teachers dared to do so at LFHS.

Just what does the IEA represent as a franchise of the NEA?   Both  are liberal organizations which support the Democrat Party and the Obama administration’s agenda, although not necessarily their members, and  certainly not for the benefit of the students.

Following is the IEA Legislative Platform for  2012-2013 approved by the IEA Representative Assembly on March l7,  2012.  It is a 40-page diatribe outlining, in no uncertain terms,  what the IEA stands for and supports.

Quickly scanning through the 40 pages I found the following nuggets to share: <>

51:    The Association shall work to prevent the hiring of any replacement personnel during a strike.

140: The Association supports the “green  schools” concept in school construction , etc., and promotes solar  energy and other renewable energy sources and Earth Day.

166:  The Association shall achieve the efficient purchase of comprehensive health care insurance benefits for our members,while simultaneously increasing salary levels.

185:  The Association supports tenure at all educational levels.

485:   The Association opposes tuition tax credits for students who attend  private or parochial schools and all voucher plans, both of which erode  the states’ support of public education.

847: The Association opposes legislation that would mandate education employees to report alleged immigration violations.

875: The Association opposes home schooling because such programs lack state oversight.

As  stated earlier on, IEA members automatically belong to the NEA, as does a  percentage of their dues, which has its own liberal agenda in the vein of the one enacted by the IEA as a NEA franchise.

There isn’t a snowballs chance that Governor Quinn will ever challenge the IEA and its union  clout in a meaningful way as did Governor Walker of Wisconsin, as unions represent the “bread and butter” of the Democrat Party here in  Illinois.

But will District  115 have what it takes to defy the IEA, as the IEA and the local union are in cahoots to wrangle an agreement from LF District 115 that is perceived to be too rich by many at a time of belt-tightening and a down economy for private sector workers, even in the upscale communities of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff?

If so, this could start a positive effect if other school districts who are struggling to keep teacher salaries in check are emboldened to do the  same.

Part 2:  Beware of the  Obama Administration’s Common Core State Standards Initiative, approved by IL, and adopted by local schools


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