Lake Bluff’s Digitz Nail Salon offers professional service, in a comfortable atmoshere, and the price is right!

September 26, 2012

A few weeks ago while driving north on Sheridan Road to return to my home in Lake Bluff, I noticed that a new business had moved into the store front formerly occupied by Sweet Things at 615 Sheridan Road.
On driving past I noticed that a sign posted in the window, adorned with a banner of colorful flags, announced the opening of DIGITZ, a nail experience salon.

Well aware that my nails lacked the tender loving care they deserve, shortly after wards I visited DIGITZ from its back door parking lot entrance next to Brookside Cleaners, with whom DIGITZ shares a store front.

To my surprise I was greeted by proprietor, Ilene Disch, who was also the proprietor of the former business that occupied the same space, Sweet Things.

Upon questioning the demise of Sweet Things and the birth of DIGITZ, Ilene Disch was eager to tell me how in October of 2011 she opened Sweet Things, basically to employ her seventy-five-year-old father and hopefully add a fun children’s store to Lake Bluff.

Continuing, Ilene informed me that in May she sold Sweet Things.  After only three months the new owner decided for whatever reason to leave the location, at which time Ilene had to assume the responsibility of the rent.

It was then that Ilene remembered what her aunt had once told her — “When you are handed lemons, make lemonade.”

And Ilene did just that!  In 1995 Ilene received her license as a nail technician which she kept up to date “just in case.”   Having the location to fill, Ilene figured that now was her “just in case” moment.

Doing nails had always been Ilene’s passion.  She has been doing nails in people’s homes for many years.  Ilene enjoys interacting with clients while doing nails.

Looking around I could see that Ilene has made her salon homey and comfortable.  Ilene wants her clients to feel welcome as they enter her shop, as I certainly did.

Coffee, water, lemonade and even wine are offered to compliment the relaxing atmosphere of DIGITZ.

The price is also right!  Manicures and Pedicures are always $25.00.  Children eleven and under can get a manicure for only $8.00.

Ilene Disch at DIGITZ does manicures, pedicures, no-chip manicures, waxing as well as other nail services.  A young girl told Ilene she should carry feathers for their hair, and she now does just that.

Ilene did ask that appointments are made as she is the only nail technician at the time, even though walk-ins are welcome.

If you know of a nail technician that is available for hire, please send the to DIGITZ.  Ilene Disch is looking to expand her business.

DIGITZ is open Tuesday – Thursday, 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m; Friday and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m; and Sunday and Monday by appointment.

Call today to schedule an appointment at 815-979-9505, so you can get in and out without waiting as a walk-in.

I did and how pleasing the results were!


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