Apologies of remorse reap undesirable consequences

October 1, 2012

By Nancy Thorner and Ed Ingold –

The administration, supported by the liberal media, denies that anyone apologized to the Islamic world for offending them. They take the narrow view that an apology expresses remorse for some offense the speaker has committed.  In the rhetorical sense, however, an apology occurs when the speaker attempts to justify the wrongs anyone has committed, including someone else. Marc Antony’s speech to the Romans was phrased as an apology for Caesar’s faults, with surprising consequences.

That’s precisely the substance of apologies uttered by the State Department, which justified attacks on the interests of the United States by Islamic militants by blaming them on an obscure video clip that hardly anyone had seen up to that point.  It was compounded by apologies spoken by Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama, on television in Pakistan, paid for by the US Government.

Like Antony’s speech, this too had surprising consequences.  Much like the firemen in Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”, who poured kerosene on burning books, this Administration continues to inflame the radicals and spread the violence.

We can’t expect much support from the United Nations, which not too long ago appointed Muamar Gaddafi the head of the UN Council on Human Rights.

We probably can’t expect more than sympathy from most of Europe, where it is a crime to say many things, even to defame a public official.

We certainly can’t expect much of anything from nations where religion is the government, and free speech is considered blasphemy. However, if we fail to defend our nation’s interests, and hold our concept of human rights up as an example to the rest of the world, we makes ourselves look weak to our friends and enemies alike, and invite further attacks.

What we need is an apology worthy of a Roman warrior, which places shame on the assassins, rather than our country and its principles, and inflames the quest for justice.

This nation, and especially Israel, cannot depend on President Obama to be that Roman warrior.  It would upset Obama’s carefully crafted, false image of himself, reinforced by the mainstream media, as one who is tough on terrorism.

Remaining in power with unlimited and unchecked power is all that matters to President Obama.  He will say and do anything to retain his control, knowing that the mainstream media will function as his protective gear.

May that fearless Roman warrior soon show itself before it is too late and remorseful appeasement apologies lead to catastrophic consequences for Israel and this nation. Hopefully Mitt Romney is up to it!


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