Confronting the Obama Administration’s Machiavellian Strategy

October 2, 2012


By Nancy Thorner and Ed Ingold –

Why would the Administration lie about who attacked our consulate, then deny that they lied? 

For a week following the event, the State Department and White House continued to deny that it was a terrorist attack, as though they were the only ones who didn’t know. Then they suddenly backtracked and admitted this fact, but refuse to say why they attempted to mislead the public, but continue to blame an unknown video for instigating events.

For two solid weeks, the news media have speculated over this event and how the White House handled it.

That’s the key. For two weeks, Libya has been the lead story on cable news (though conveniently ignored by network media), and not the economy, with only six weeks left before the election.

What a brilliant, Machiavellian, strategy!

We have been misdirected from the really important issues of the election. The execution of this plot was not an accident.  If you were to play the words of Susan Rice on top of the video of every other Democratic spokesperson, their lips would synchronize perfectly with the words.

Either Ms. Rice willingly submitted or was duped into being used by the Obama administration as a sacrificial lamb in its orgy of deceit, not adverse to being a stalking horse at the same time for the President’s campaign!

The traditional way politicians deflect inconsequential issues is to respond briefly and change the subject.

It is up to the Romney team to respond accordingly when confronted with the Obama administration’s Machiavellian strategy with words such as, “I’m sure the White House will figure out what everyone else seems to know and handle it appropriately.  What’s really important is the high unemployment level and the declining economy. . .”

Only time will tell, and it is running out.  The first presidential debate on Economic Policy is on October 3rd.   Mitt Romney’s success or failure will depend, in part, on his ability to explain the important issues of the day to the American people in a way that they make sense and take hold as the only logical and sensible approach to move this nation forward in a positive way.


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