It was all a dream

October 12, 2012

By Nancy Thorner and Ed Ingold – posted at Illinois Review on 10/12/2012

Those old enough might remember the episode of “Dallas” in 1986, in which Bobby Ewing was seen in the shower.  Two years earlier, in the season finale, the character, played by Patrick Duffy, was killed by the sister of his ex-wife, run over by a car.  For two years and umpteen episodes, Bobby Ewing was dead and gone from the show. Then the season opened with plausible deniability, saying it was all a dream.

Libyan attack

As with the last three weeks of the Libyan embassy saga are we to conclude that it was all a dream, that it never happened?  The State Department assures us that it NEVER thought the embassy was subjected to a protest over the 14 second video.  Furthermore, that it was an organized terrorist attack from the start.


We are led to believe that the nine days in which Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN, said repeatedly that the Libyan embassy was subjected to a protest over an obscure “movie” gone bad, not organized terrorist attacks NEVER HAPPENED.


Are we likewise to conclude that the video with Hillary and Barack, produced for Pakistani television, apologizing for that obscure video, NEVER HAPPENED.  Ignore the man behind the green curtain!


Sorry, Mr. President, but Dallas was a work of fiction where anything goes. The Ministry of Truth, from Orwell’s 1984, can’t rewrite this history. It happened, and this is why it happened.


The early disclaimers, issued by Susan Rice, were intended to be consistent with President Obama’s narrative (the kind repeated enough until it becomes truth), that Bin Laden is dead, Al Qaeda is dead, and that the Muslim Brotherhood loves us. The State Department issued no clarification for 16 hours, half an hour after Governor Romney called them out, and then merely repeated Ms. Rice’s allegations. President Obama waited until his appearance with ladies of  “The View” was over until speaking out, not against the terrorist, but against Governor Romney for speaking out of turn.


Then the videos appeared, showing the Consulate in Benghazi under attack by militants with machine guns, RPGs and mortars, and not a protester in sight. This was confirmed by the State Department, and the Libyan Government, but the misrepresentations by Ms. Rice and the White House continued. We ask why? What was the reason behind this narrative? Did it serve the interests of the United States? No! It served the interests of the President’s campaign.


The network news media, ABC, NBC, and CBS, devoted less than 15 minutes to the Libyan events, all three put together. Nor did they address the state of the economy, or any other issues of vital public interest.  It was business as usual, everything you need to know and less. To millions of their viewers, it NEVER HAPPENED.


Fox news was different. The Libyan affair was the lead story at Fox News for nearly three weeks, along with the apparent coverup,  to the nearly total exclusion of news about unemployment and the economy. Thus the most potent critic of the Obama administration was effectively silenced during a significant portion of the time remaining before the election.


If the misstatements by the Obama Administration did constitute a crisis, it was not one his campaign committee were prepared to waste.  What better way to control Fox News than to taunt them with repeated misstatements.  As Rahm Emanual remarked back in 2008 in Wall Street Journal interview when Chief of Staff to President Obama, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. But what I mean by that it is an opportunity to do things that you could not do before.”


Will the Obama administration’s dream-like, non-portrayal of what was terrorism in Lybia soon be penetrated by the mainstream media to reflect reality, or will the media continue to deny the broader implications of the still smoldering situation to protect the President’s “tough on terrorism” image?


For it was not the video that incited the terrorism at Bengazhi which killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, but the failure of Obama’s politics in the Middle East.  The light security at Bengazh, despite requests from the murdered  Ambassador himself, was due to the pie-in-the-sky dream policies of those in the Obama administration who believe that blending in with the people would dispel any notion of imperialism.


To deny that Bengazhi was and is still a no-man’s land, not unlike the Dodge City of another era, displays a certain amount of arrogance and a disassociation with reality on the part of President Obama who, after all, keeps reminding the American people that “we killed Ben Laden!” Are we supposed to believe that Al Qaeda officially ceased to exist when their ex facto leader was eliminated? Are we supposed to forget that weeks of denial that continued, even after the truth of the attack became public knowledge?


Instead of a dream, reality tells us that the attempt to blame the Bengazhi terrorist attack on a video was a coverup, a lie, and a hoax.


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