Republican survival depends on creating new life within Conservative Leadership

December 11, 2012

By Nancy Thorner & Elvira Hastings –

It has already been over a month since the General Election on Tuesday, November 6, yet conservatives still find themselves depressed, sad, frustrated, and yes——leaderless!

This state of mind mostly stems from the absence of leadership displayed by the Republican Party and Republican Congressmen. A question Nancy Thorner and Elvira Hasty have considered many times since the election, “What is wrong with these people?”, has led them to further question, “What in the world are they drinking or inhaling?”

Rep. Boehner and the House leadership are still convinced that serious negotiations are possible from our class warfare-oriented president, even trying to imitate the Democrats’ mantra against the wealthy.

Elvira Hasty, an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Mundelein College who lived in Glenview before moving to Florida, describes her state Republican Party, RPOF, as being no better than Republican leadership at the federal level. Elvira describes her Florida’s Chair as weak and having zero leadership skills. Florida actually had a Red State (Republican Governor, Rep. Executive officers, majority Rep. in both State and Federal legislature), and yet Florida was allowed to become “Blue” at Election time. Didn’t anyone in the Republican Party and/or the Romney campaign worry about election fraud? Instead, care about positions and titles usurped care about our nation.

Concerning Illinois, Nancy Thorner is convinced that there was never any possibility of Illinois going red. Illinois is as predictably blue as when day turns into night, and even more so, following the November election, when both houses of the Illinois General Assembly gained veto-proof Democratic majorities through redistricting which eliminated Republican seats won in 2010. Conservative candidates need not apply in Illinois and receive deplorable treatment when they do attempt to run for office, being denied both party and financial support. Will the Illinois Republican Party ever learn that given two parties where there is often little difference between the candidates slated, why should Illinoisans vote for Republican Democrat-lite candidates known as RINOS.

The Tea Party movement that worked out so well in 2010 went MIA in the 2012 election. It could be that many conservatives lacked the enthusiasm for Mitt Romney?

Conservatives need to regroup and reload in anticipation of 2014. We can only do this if we unite as ONE. There are too many Tea Party groups with their own agendas and big ego leaders, too much infighting and too much whining. Conservatives, Tea Party groups, Libertarians, and even Independents need to come together under the umbrella of our Constitution, the principles of the Founding Fathers, and our Judeo/Christian values. Our country and its principles are most important. If we fail to come together, we will all lose in the end.

A new national leader is needed. Perhaps Senator Jim DeMint can now serve as that leader? As newly appointed President of the prestigious conservative organization, The Heritage Foundation, DeMint can now concentrate on message communication. It is our hope that under Jim DeMint’s leadership The Heritage Foundation can become more of an “on hands organization.” Although The Heritage Foundation has always stood up for conservative principles, it has not been a force in educating the public as a whole, only the enlightened. Hopefully DeMint can help with the conservative message using the new media. Elvira believes Florida Tea Party leaders should approach Col. Allen West for help with unity and communication of message.

A CPAC meeting will be held in Alexandria, Virginia, on March 2013. It would be a good idea to attend if at possible and demand to be heard as conservatives who are fed up with our current administration. Conservations need to become more eloquent, outspoken, and bold in their fight for our country. We need to start telling the truth about Obama and his minions.

Why are Republican politicians and the media, including Fox News, still trying to be politically correct when it comes to Obama? Let us say it loud and clear: OBAMA IS A MARXIST AT HEART AND AN ALINSKY DISCIPLE. He and his Democratic minions are very clear on their intentions: Redistribution of wealth; Government Control of Healthcare; Government Control of Finance/Banking; Annulment of the Second Amendment; Restrictions on freedom of speech and freedom of religion; Weakening of our Defense; Supporting our enemies abroad; and punishing our friends. And it goes on and on———–more regulations and more control of our daily lives in order to enslave us and bring power to themselves. Without question, our current administration is pushing for a Marxist-like tyranny where all freedoms and rights will be crushed.

It must also be mentioned how the current administration uses weak people, minorities, and ignorant citizens to serve their purposes. We now have American women selling out to government control in exchange for the right to abortion and some free contraceptive pills. – African Americans exchanging their human dignity for the “honor” of having a Black man as President. – Homosexuals allowing out of control spending in exchange for the promise of a “fake marriage.”

Democrats have demonstrated that they are the most racist and abusive of Americans. It is way past time that, We, as Conservatives, say loud and clear for once and to all: DEMOCRATS ARE RACIST. Democrats have been running our largest cities, like Detroit and Chicago for many years and yet, those cities have the highest crime rates and the worst Black communities.

What exactly did the “Community Organizer” do for Chicago? We need Black conservatives to speak to those African Americans and give them the facts. Why can’t the GOP talk about our wonderful Republican Governors and their successes? African Americans and Hispanic communities need to know about the differences between Democratic and Republican-governed cities and states.

The truth, the facts, and the principles are on our side. Let us not forget that God is on the side of righteousness, and that our Country was founded on Judeo/Christian values. We need to stop fearing and getting intimidated by thugs and begin to act like Christian soldiers.

God is waiting for us to say YES. Put on “all the armor of God” and take it to the enemy with God’s blessing. We must remain brave, steadfast and without fear against those who wish to rip out the hearts and the soul of this nation and its people.


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