Social justice permeates Loyola and other universities nationwide

February 4, 2013


Van jones

By Nancy Thorner – 

Although late in coming across an event held on Wednesday, January 23 at Loyola University in Chicago, the nature of the event demanded more that just a cursory check despite an interlude of almost two weeks since its happening.

The troubling event held at Loyola University in Chicago, and with a marketed title of “2013 MLD Celebration,” featured former Obama administration official Van Jones.

The name of Van Jones is a name that must surely ring a bell. It did so in me. On March 10, 2009, President Barack Obama named Jones to be his so-called “green Jobs Czar.” Radical controversy over Jones’ radical past forced him to resign on Labor Day weekend 2009.

Wanting to refresh what I did remember about Obama’s Van Jones appointment debacle, my Internet search took me to a site organized by David Horowitz, who himself was born to radical parents and became a “red diaper” baby.  Horowitz describes his site as a powerful tool for conservatives on the Internet, one which profiles left wing organizations and individuals as a guide to the political Left.

Horowitz further cites “Discover the Network” as one of the best kept secrets on the web.  (

Classified as a high-profile radical of our day, Van Jones is described as “a self-identified communist revolutionary who says he became politically radicalized in the aftermath of the deadly April 1992 Los Angeles riots which erupted shortly after four L.A. police officers who had beaten the now famous Rodney King were exonerated in court.  By the late 1990s, Jones was a committed Marxist-Lenist-Maoist who viewed police officers as the arch-enemies of black people, and who loathed capitalism for allegedly exploiting nonwhite minorities worldwide.”

A nine page profile of Van Jones can be found at

It is quite shameful that a Catholic University would bring a communist and a radical on campus training to lecture. The same might apply to President Obama’s appointment of  Van Jones as his so-called “Green Jobs Czar.”  Perhaps wanting clean air and clean water were qualifications enough for Obama to select Van Jones!

Despite Van Jones’ lack of training in the sciences — he earned his Juris Doctorate at Yale — several students reported that they were compelled by their “environmental sustainability” professor to attend the lecture, students who up until that evening had no prior familiarity with Van Jones.

Astonishing to me was that a Loyola professor would compel his students to attend a Van Jones lecture, that is, until I read how Loyola University Provost, John P. Pelissero, Ph.D.’s introduced Jones as a real, live modern-day hero.  Nowhere in his introduction did Loyola Provost Pelissero mentions Van Jones forced resignation from the White house.  To the contrary, the glowing introduction given by Pelissero of Van Jones led to a positive reaction by many student to Van Jones’ message.

And just what was his message?  Although Van Jones identifies himself as an “environmentalist,” his lecture had nothing to do with the 2013 MLK Celebration or with the environment.  Instead, Van Jones encouraged students to embrace a “new patriotism” and the “ugly-unequal founding” of America.

The following statement made by Van Jones should be troubling to many parents, for much of the same is going on in universities and colleges across America.

“This is a challenge for Loyola, and for the generation that it’s trying to teach. There is a danger now — that we are called to a new citizenship and a new patriotism, and a new sense of what of America is, and we are still pretending that the old American, closer to the founding reality, further from the founding dream, still applies.”

Van Jones is a symbol of “Social Justice” or the “Liberation Theory” inherent in the model followed by President Obama’s pastor for over 20 years, Rev. Wright, and Chicago’s ever colorful Father Phleiger, both of whom preach liberation theology with an emphasis on social justice which implies doing acts that are perceived as right and good.

Social Justice has also become pervasive at college campuses and has become a part of their fabric as reflected in their curriculum.  So it is at Loyola University.  Loyola’s “Social Justice programs” site states that “Loyola seeks to advance social justice through teaching and research to deepen awareness and understanding of injustice around the world.

It was quite revealing that in defending the glowing welcome given Van Jones by the University Provost and the negative tone of Van Jones remarks, Nancy Tuchman, the Executive Director for the Institute of Environmental sustainability, when asked to describe the mantra of Loyola, did so

“One of the things that we try to do at Loyola is get students to look at how they can devote a part of their life when they leave here.  How can they fell responsible for humanity, for the common good, not just for going out and getting a really great job where they can make millions of dollars, and exploit people.  Its more than about helping to raise everybody to having a good standard of living, and having the right to have a good life.”

If all this sounds like the political ideology now in place by the Obama administration, it is.  Universities and colleges have long been the breeding grounds to brainwash students by filling their minds with liberal ideas as a means to change society.  After decades of this process enough people are now willing to accept socialism without hesitation, having been taught a perverted history of America with an emphasis on its mistakes, rather than its greatness, generosity, and military might employed when needed to save the world from what this nation now seems willing to accept, Socialism and even Communism.

Is this why parents are paying big bucks to send their children to Loyola University and other universities and colleges to hear radical ideas and to be infused with the spirit of social justice?  Contrary to Van Jones’ fake image, he lacks any scientific background, yet Loyola tried to pass Van Jones off as one with credibility in the scientific field when they invited him to speak to impressionable Loyola college students.

Published initially at Illinois Review on Monday, February 4th.


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