Thorner: Cost not the only factor in amnesty debate

March 18, 2013

Amnesty is a hot ticket item for the Obama administration. Failure to follow through with his promise to Hispanics during his first term in office, President Obama is determined to make amnesty happen sooner rather than later in his second term.

Democrats are eager to grant citizenship to the estimated eleven million undocumented immigrants that now reside in this nation. The Republican fervor that exists among some leading legislators is questionable and borders on willful suicide in a belief that amnesty will be the key to Republicans winning a greater share of the Hispanic vote.




History tells us that the Reagan amnesty of 1986 was riddled with fraud and cheating.  It further produced the impetus for the gigantic stream of illegal aliens who to this day walk, swim or bribe their way across the southern border into the U.S.

President George H.W. Bush followed Reagan’s amnesty, but received only 30% of the Hispanic vote in 1988 and 25% when he ran for re-election in 1992.  His son, George W. Bush, although well-liked by the Hispanics, only received 35% of the Hispanic vote in his first-term 2000 election bid.

President Obama just might get his way as bipartisanship seems to be the call-to-action word these days with many American, mistakenly believing that bipartisanship is better than gridlock in finding workable solutions.  Here is where they are incorrect.

To Democrats a bipartisan approach to solving problems means that they will get most of what they want, while Republicans end up receiving very little, compromising their principles in the process, with a good possibility that they will be blamed if things go south.

It does not bode well that negotiations are presently taking place by a “Gang of 8” claiming bipartisan in the U.S. Senate, after a similar plan in 2007 offering amnesty before border security went down in defeat due to outrage among the grassroots.  Numbers USA has given the four Republican Gang members — Jeff Flake, Lindsay Graham, and John McCain — F grades for their support of amnesty.  While Rubio has not yet had a chance to vote for amnesty, he has been vocally promoting it ever since being elected to the Senate in November of 2012.

As stated by Tom Tancredo:

“The Gang of 8 proposal will give amnesty to virtually every single illegal immigrant living here.  Like the failed 2007 amnesty, they say citizenship is contingent upon our success in securing our borders.’ The illegal aliens will be able to live and work in the US immediately, but they will not be given citizenship until a commission declares that the border is secure.  However, the Democrats have already admitted that the commission will be powerless, as it will be constructed in such a way that won’t hold the process up long by giving it a real vote.”

Just the hint of granting amnesty will provide reason for yet another wave of illegals who believe they too over time will be privy to the same consideration and treatment.  Any why not?   Seemingly forgotten is the once-and-only amnesty the American people were promised in 1986 during the Regan administration, likewise contingent on a wall which was never built!

This time around, however, the cost of the Gang of 8 proposed bipartisan amnesty plan to U.S. taxpayers is known. Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation has estimated that it will cost $2.5 Trillion above any taxes paid in because the majority of illegal aliens who would eventually be legalized by the proposal are uneducated and poor.  At least 60% are high school dropouts so they live below the poverty level and will be eligible to receive many of our 79 varieties of welfare handouts.

While the cost factor to this nation and taxpayers in future years from the eventual granting of amnesty is daunting, most legislators remain ignorant or unconcerned that third world diseases are making a come back in the U.S. via illegal immigrants.  It is definitely a factor that must enter into the immigration debate!

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