A Call to Action to Advance the ‘Salmon Rule’

March 25, 2013

ThornerBy Nancy Thorner –


At one time it was the norm for House Conservative Republicans to employ “ammunition” they had at their disposal to confront and stifle GOP House leadership. This ammunition was tied to the procedure required in passing spending bills. Although talking about procedure might be so “inside the beltway talk,” it must be understood  to perceive how conservative Republicans are frittering away power they once held over House leadership.

Basically, U.S. House members must initially vote for a “rule” (sometimes called a procedural vote) before any bill can come up for a vote. “Rules” set the amount of time for debate and the type and number of amendments that can be offered, if any. Rules are often added that essentially cuts off debate and disallow amendments from being added. Accordingly, controlling the rules process becomes paramount to controlling the bill. In essence, it is during the rules process where the fate of a bill is often determined.

As Rep. John D. Dingell, Michigan Democrat, once said, “If you let me write the procedure, and I let you write the substance, I’ll [beat] you every time.” http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/mar/11/its-time-to-break-some-rules-in-congress/?page=all

Since being sworn in Rep.Matt Salmon (R-5th, AZ), having represented Arizona twice in the U.S House, first elected in 1994 when he served three terms, Rep. Salmon has found Congress to be more dysfunctional than ever.  It is unable to deal with the mounting, unsustainable debt, a debt that equals more than the total of our national gross domestic product.  Not only do many politicians in Washington lack the courage to act in ways to fix problems, but too often Republicans are more concerned about the political implications of their decisions than what’s best for the country and those they serve.

Regarding his fellow conservative House Republicans, Rep. Salmon has observed how fiscally conservative House members who might otherwise oppose the underlying bill, still vote for the procedural moves during the rules process.  By doing so House Leadership has been able to bring up spending bills with no way to debate or amend then, thus mandating that House members vote either “yes” or “no.”  Had House conservative Republicans banded together and voted against certain rules, they could have defeated several big government bills that were passed by the Republican House.

As such Rep. Salmon is advancing the “Salmon Rule” in keeping with his held conviction of refusing to vote for any more “Rule” bills that precede any votes on bills that increase spending.

The Salmon Rule states: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/mar/11/its-time-to-break-some-rules-in-congress/#ixzz2OOK3Bt2B

“From this point forward, I will vote against the rule for bills that increase spending without offsetting spending cuts and encourage my other conservative colleagues to do the same.  Similarly, if House leadership brings anymore bills to the floor without first securing the support from the majority of the GOP conference, I will take the same action.  If enough of my conservative colleagues in the House join me, we can unilaterally put an end to the growth of government that is moving us closer to Greece-like fiscal calamities.”

At a time when efforts have been made to jettison Tea Party members by House Speaker John Boehner, and the Republican Establishment is on a war-path-like-mission to redefine the image of the Republican Party to that of Democrat-lite, it is essential that more conservation members of Congress stand with Rep. Salmon and not vote on any rules connected with spending bills.

To bring about Rep. Salmon’s goal, a CALL TO ACTION is required.  If there is a good Salmon Caucus, spending bills would likely have to be debated fully.  Most importantly, it would require big-government Republicans to go on the record as to why they think more spending is a good thing.

Contact Republican representatives and let them know that you support the Salmon Rule and expect them to do the same.  As an added incentive, remind them that
RINOS should beware!

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