Team Obama’s carbon tax has not fizzled out

April 1, 2013

The issue of Global Warming is very much alive in the Obama administration, even while the gun and the gay marriage issues remain on the front burner.

Symbolic of President Obama’s push for green energy was his visit to Argonne National Laboratory on March 15, only one of Obama’s numerous campaign-like visits  to wean this nation off oil and all biofuels.  Argonne, as one of a network of  multidisciplinary national labs run by DOE,  was chosen to highlight how federal spending on basic research has led to the development of new batteries for electric cars and other transportation technologies (at a price tag of $30 million to $40 million per year.).…,

A dichotomy exists with the push for green energy sources, because this nation is blessed with the natural resources of oil, gas and coal.  Not only is oil and natural gas being extracted through fracking in the Bakken Formation in North Dakota, but likewise in Texas.  After a hundred years and billions of barrels of oil, there is still much crude oil left to be retrieved through fracking in East Texas, the Permian Basin (The Permian Basin accounts for more than 66% of the entire state’s production.), and Eagle Ford in South Texas where production has reached 374,000 barrels per day.  Then there is also nuclear power which should be in the mix as a tremendous source of power, which is green, and which gives the biggest bang for the buck

Despite the ability for this nation to become oil dependent not too far down the road, recently revealed through a Freedom of Information Act request to the Treasury Department’s Office of Environment and Energy were documents that provide solid evidence that the Obama administration and allies in Congress have every intention of implementing what would be a carbon tax if we fail to stop them.  Preparations are proceeding in earnest.

Does the reality of Global Warming really merit such a world-wide concern that the Obama administration is prepared to administer a stealth carbon tax on Americans  to raise money (in accordance with the G-20 report titled “Moblizing Climate Finance”), enabling $25 billion to be sent abroad for “climate finance”?  A redistribution scheme is the key element of the carbon tax proposals from Henry Waxman and Barbara Boxer, the chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.…

The following statements on the carbon tax proposal were made by Jay Lehr, Ph.D., Science Director, at the Heartland Institute (, a free market think tank and a leading world-wide skeptic of man-made global warning based in Chicago, IL:

“I have been studying climate change science since the mid-1970s when global cooling was in vogue as a means to grow government and stifle individual freedom.  When that did not work, the focus shifted to warming with equally non-persuasive evidence.

“It is clear to any objective scientist that man’s contribution of carbon dioxide in the envelope of air surrounding our planet has no measurable effect on the Earth’s temperature, therefore any government program with its automatic costs of operation can only be an unnecessary burden on society.”

There have been numerous reports recently that show that global warming has stalled since 1998, how earlier forecasts predicted a much steeper rise in global temperatures, and how figures raise questions about the true danger posed by greenhouse gasses.

Dr. David Whitehouse, science adviser to the Global Warming Policy Foundation, said:  “That the global temperature standstill does continue to at least 2017 would mean a 20-year period of no statistically significant change in global  temperatures”. . . “Such a period of no increase will pose fundamental problems for climate models.  If the latest Met Office prediction is correct, then it will prove to be a lesson in humility.”

In an article attributed to James M. Taylor, managing editor of “Environmental & Climate News,” a national monthly newsletter published by Chicago’s Heartland Institute, “Greenland Study Shows Cooling Recent Temperatures,” relates how “temperature are colder now than was the case in the early twentieth century and during the Medieval Warm Period.”  Records also show “variations in solar output are linked with Greenland temperature change.  The findings contradict assertions by global warming alarmists that Greenland temperatures reflect unprecedented global warming.”….

Compiled in “Heartland’s Climate Change Weekly #86” (March 29, 2013) are numerous articles which reinforce and debunk the claims of global warming alarmists that immediate action must be taken.  This article by James Taylor is of particular note:  “Frigid Spring Freezes Global Warming Claims.”  The first sentence sets the theme of the article, “A remarkably frigid spring is putting the freeze on global warming from Russia to the U.K. and from Alaska to Florida.”

Then there is the Economist that has twisted itself into knots trying to dismiss and explain away the lack of warming by dancing around the issue. The Economist article discusses the lack of global warming.  Although the article attempts to put the best face on the lack of warming, it does stipulate that just because global warming has stalled doesn’t mean that it is going away.…

It was admitted by a Middle School teacher in Lake Forest, District 67, when questioned as to whether global warming was being taught, was told that it was, and that she and other teachers were training young people to be political activists when they grow up!

Is global warming being taught in your school district?  It is your responsibility to know what children are being taught.

Following is a good Powerpoint presentation on global warming (“Earth on Fire” by John Eidson) which presents ten Inconvenient Truths about Global Warming.  These power points should be presented one-by-one to children in the public schools.  Instead school children are being indoctrinated to believe in global warming, which is in sync with public school agendas which lean to the Left, and which are in step, more often than not with President Obama’s progressive agenda.

Published initially at Illinois Review on Monday, April 1, 2013.


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