Part 2: Common Core Standards Clarified

April 19, 2013



6a00d834515c5469e2017eea5d8cd1970d-75wiBy Nancy Thorner – 

Education was first a local issue, then it became a state issue, now the Feds want to get total control. This transition happened over decades as collectivist agitators in our schools chipped away at academic excellence an the name of fairness, diversity and social justice. Changes that have taken place in the past 50 years include:

1. 1st graders are being introduced to the homosexual lifestyle.

2.  Gay Pride Day (sometimes called “Day of Silence“) will be honored in schools across this nation on April 19th, including at my local Lake Forest High School.

3.  Global warming is being taught as settled science instead of the hoax that it is — with CO2 wrongly targeted as the culprit — instead of the ideological and political issue that it is to control the populous and to raise taxes.

4.  Fossil-fuels are being maligned while green sources of energy like wind and solar have become the flavors of the day, yet we can’t run this nation on sunbeams and wind power.

5.  Separation of church from the state now rules because of a false interpretation of a ruling in 1962 which completely separated Christian principles from education.

6.  History Classes no longer present this nation as a freedom-loving nation to be revered and respected, but instead one that deserves scorn and equal status in the world with every other nation.  Likewise, that our Constitution is no longer viable in this day and age and it must be replaced by a “living” Constitution.

7.  That Socialism is a fair and acceptable system of government, even though Socialism has failed wherever and whenever it has been tired in the world.

8.  That capitalism is bad and big government is good and knows what is best for the American people.

A Leftist, progressive government agenda is not what many parents wish for their children, yet Common Core standards will continue to promote such an agenda.  It is any wonder why many parents elect to home school their children?

We in the West are the only place in which children are indoctrinated in ideas that will destroy the very society generations worked hard (and often died) to create.  It was always a country that offered opportunity and freedom to those willing to work hard, save, and even to contribute to voluntarily.  People from around the world continue to wait in long lines to get visas to come here for the American Dream, yet we are considering giving amnesty to millions who broke the law by entering this country illegally.

We are allowing opportunity and freedom be stolen form us through an education system that has lost its soul through the peddling and instilling of progressive ideas and values in the minds of susceptible and gullible school children.  What children are learning today will determine what the future hold for this nation.

According to Carbondale High School Superintendent, Steve Murphy, “Standards are a good think when you use them to enlighten people, but when you use those standards to control people they’re not.”  (Pioneer Institute and American Principles Project White Paper. No. 87, May 2012)

You are the voice of your children.  Let that voice be heard by those who think they know better than you what is best for your children.  It is also essential that you know what children (yours and others) are being taught in their local schools.

Call you state legislators and tell them you want legislation to get Illinois out of Common Core.

Contact your representatives in Washington and tell them you want local control with no further federal intrusion into education in Illinois.

Lastly, join others who oppose Common Core here in Illinois and want to take action to stop a complete federal take-over of education.

Published at Illinois Review on April 19.






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