Tea Partiers rally for Fifth Year in Chicago

April 21, 2013

CHICAGO – The Chicago Tea Party, in partnership with Tea Party Patriots, held the 5th annual Tax Day Tea Party Rally Monday, April 15 at 12 p.m. in Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago. The theme for this year’s event was “Taxed and regulated enough already!”

The Chicago Tea Party’s goals continue to be: make government more accountable, stop out-of-control spending and stand up for freedom and individual liberty.  It is committed to restoring America’s founding principles of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets.

The Illinois Tea Party is likewise committed to supporting grassroots efforts and campaigns to change Springfield and Washington, D.C. The catalyst for the 2009 birth of the National Tea Party movement unfolded in Chicago on February 19 of that year when Chicago’s very own CNBC correspondent Rick Santelli launched into a spontaneous rant about the Obama administration in which Santelli shouted:  “How many of you people want to pay for your neighbors’ mortgage that has an extra bathroom and can’t pay their bill?… President Obama, are you listening?”

Chicago Tax Day Tea Party 008
Breitbart.com editor Joel Pollak

This year’s 2013 Chicago Tax Day Tea Party Rally featured nationally known speakers, local liberty leaders and regular Americans who are making a difference.  Those in attendance, however, were nevertheless often reminded that the real stars of the Tea Party were the people in the audience.

Chicago Tax Day Tea Party 003

Eleven speakers included For the Good of Illinois’ founder Adam Andrzejewski, also a candidate for governor in 2010.  Adam focused on the tool developed by his organization to hold government accountable for all of its spending.  The spending for all 7000 units of government in Illinois is published information at Openthebooks.com.  Now 10 million eyes can view the government’s checkbook. Before the site was set up, where tax dollars were being spent was difficult to obtain. Now, with OpentheBooks.com website, those numbers are easier to find and taxpayers may hold their elected officials responsible for how they spend the people’s money.  Adam reminded all that our legacy is not higher taxes or uncontrollable spending, instead we are called upon to be champions of individual liberty.

Former Congressman Joe Walsh, who now has a radio talk show from 7 – 9 a.m. on WIND AM-560 voiced disappointment in this year’s crowd numbers.  Walsh said at least 5,000 should have filled the space at Daley Plaza, and asked two basic questions:  1) What kind of country are we prepared to hand off to our kids and grandchildren?, and 2) What are you prepared to do to stop that?  Walsh’s words were not about a make-believe world, but about the real world where freedoms are being taken away.  And we don’t have much time left!  For it was 234 years ago that God, through His Divine Providence, bestowed upon our Founding Fathers a great gift when they wrote our Constitution which has survived the ages. Walsh asked  participants to pledge to do whatever it will take to preserve that freedom and liberty to save our nation, but at the same time reminded participants that we can’t keep these pledges to ourselves.  “We must go out and share with others, and in so doing shake up the Republican Party,” he said.

Editor in chief and In-House Counsel for Breitbart.com, Joel Pollak, also addressed the Tea Party Rally.  He ran unsuccessfully to unseat Democrat 9th District U.S. Rep Jan Schakowsky in 2010. In proclaiming that this nation was wasting money, Pollak expressed dissatisfaction that the military, so essential to this nation’s security, was being cut back.  Speaking about the aftermath of last November’s election and Romney’s loss, Tea Partiers were led to believe that it was time to go home (fold up our tents), but those committed to America’s freedoms refused to do so.  Now liberty, the Second Amendment, and standing up to the government have become cool again, Pollak said.  “Both Republicans and Democrats fear the Tea Party.  With Republicans, they toe the line from time to time only because they know we are listening and will hold them accountable come election time,” he said.

Pollak then used his guitar to accompany himself as he sang a folksy-sounding song so fit for the occasion.  He dedicated the song to his friend Andrew Breitbart who passed away suddenly a year ago.  The words to Pollak’s chorus said, “Hey, Hey what do we say? America’s freedom is here to stay, don’t take our future away.”

Chicago Tax Day Tea Party 010

Illinois Tea Party State coordinator Denise Cattoni spoke about Common Core as federal control of education. All but five states have adopted Common Core, including Illinois.  The Common Core curriculum’s intent is to place world views above those of our country and its Constitution, and to ready students for future social action.  The cost to Illinois is estimated at $733 million.  Most disturbing is that when accepting Common Core standards, states had to agree to the creation of a huge central data system to track children from cradle to grave. Mastery of subject matter is based on tests designed by Common Core.

Co-host of WLS 890 AM’s morning drive show Dan Proft also addressed the rally. Proft emphasized the dysfunctional nature of Illinois government.   When addressing Illinois’s $2.2 billion worth of fraud, Proft noted:  “Illinois state government is set up with a conspiracy to defraud.”  In other words, Illinois is fixed, Proft said.  Proft also warned about “Fear.”  As ascribed to Plato: “Know what not to fear and in it comes a certain salvation.”  If lacking courage, it is impossible to have any other virtue when retreat takes over.  Inexcusable to Proft, Illinois is 51 out of 50 (even behind D.C.) in providing service to those with developmental disabilities. Said also Proft, “Winning elections are the means to creating policy, but we must remain in the forefront in deciding who should be the standard bearer for Illinois.”

Jonathon Hoenig, Fox News Contributor and founder of CapitalistPig.com, spoke about the “Rebirth of America.”  Hoenig described the American people as being stupid on both sides of the aisle. “They have no idea of what Americaism is all about,” Hoenig said.  “Fundamental is that your life belongs to you.  Your life, your liberty, your pursuit of happiness is not just a tweet.  It is is what comprises Americanism.” Hoenig said 67,000 new regulations were passed in the last 20 years, averaging out to 11 a day.  “We don’t need more regulations, we need more freedom,”  Hoenig posed a question as to what workers are called when not allowed to keep the products of their labor?  Answering that question, “They are called slaves.”

Jack Roeser of ChampionNews.net, long-time supporter of the Republican Party and conservative-leaning candidates, started off with a play on Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address. He began:  “Four score and nine year ago . . .”  Roeser said he would be 90 next month, and reminisced back to the 1930’s when it was said if a person can’t get a job in Chicago, he couldn’t get a job anywhere.  Roeser said the Republican Party, as it now is in Illinois, is not adequate to finding solutions to Illinois’ problems.  “We  must find strong candidates who can provide solutions, and then we must do a better job of getting out the vote.  Technology is good, but there is nothing better than pressing the flesh,” he said.  “The Tea Party represents an important and the strong base of the Republican Party.”

Chicago Tax Day Tea Party 026

Dr. Mark Neerhof approached Obamacare from a moral stand point. “The two main promises to sell Obamacare were both lies,” Neerhof said, “universal coverage for all and that costs would decrease.” Regarding universal coverage, Obamacare would still leave 30 million people uninsured at the end of the decade.  In regard to premiums, premium under Obamacare were to drop on the average of $2,500, instead they are up by $3,000.”  A government-run “single-payer” system will in time emerge, and people will die for lack of timely care or restrictions to medical procedures because of age.  Dr. Neerhof had an answer to a better system:  “Go to the free market.”  Urged is that we must be ready to speak out next year to present alternatives when things start to to south next year for Obamacare.”

C. Steven Tucker said Obamacare is still evolving as new policies are being added day-by-day to the original bill that few people have ever read.  Notable is that Obamacare sets up two new legislative branches: The IRS and Health Insurance Exchanges which include state-based, state-fed partnerships; and federal fallback exchanges.  Significant and troubling is that the IRS will write all laws by itself without Congress.  “With 60 million Americans eligible for an advance premium tax credit, those who don’t have a tax credit will be paying for those Americans to have received an advance premium tax credit,” Tucker said.

Despite the dreary day with the rain holding off until later in the afternoon, there were a few rays of sunshine which peppered the day.  As I left Daley Plaza around 1:45 p.m., my step was lively as I reflected on the spoken words.  Will enough people care?

The Tea Party message was a good one, but it made one wonder if there are enough people willing to donate the time and effort that is needed to change the political direction of this nation?  If not, the future of our country seems dim indeed, as the cornerstones of our representative government, freedom and liberty, are exchanged for a nanny state where statism reigns supreme.

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