Time for new beginning on gun laws

June 1, 2013

Published in the Daily Herald on the final day of the legislative session in Springfield, 5/31/13,at which time senators did what my letter suggested that they do.

Time for new beginning on gun laws

As reported in the Daily Herald on Saturday, May 25, “Concealed carry OK’d in House,” a concealed carry bill (SB2193) overwhelmingly passed the Illinois House on Friday, May 24, with a vote of 85 to 30, thereby setting up a showdown that could well determine which Democratic elected leader wields the most state power: Gov. Quinn, House Leader Mike Madigan, or Chicago’s Mayor Emmanuel.

Given the overwhelming positive House vote, Illinois citizens are in favor of carrying weapons for self-defense. Now it is up to the Senate to pass concealed carry and for Gov. Quinn to sign the bill which he has threatened to veto.

If this should happen, legislators, whether Republican or Democratic, must override Quinn’s veto for the sake of honest citizens throughout Illinois.

Presently, Illinois is the only state without some form of concealed carry, a definite blot upon the state.

Although SB2193 is overly restrictive compared to neighboring states, it has these essential features: 1. “Shall-Issue.” 2. Statewide application regardless of “home rule.” 3. Elimination of the morass of home rule laws governing the possession and use of firearms.

Contrary to statements by Gov. Quinn and Mayor Emmanuel, SB2193 does not imperil safety in Chicago nor anywhere else. Not one 2012 murder in Chicago was committed with a long gun, much less a so-called “assault” weapon. In contrast, HB 183 must not be considered!

It’s past time for Rahm Emanuel to be brought to task for thumbing his nose at the U.S. Supreme Court, much less the 7th U.S. Circuit of Appeals. It’s also past time in Illinois for a new beginning.

Reflections upon passage of the bill in both the House and the Senate: 
HB183 (A6) passed the Senate (45-12) and House (89-28), and is on the way to Governor Quinn. Quinn has pledged to veto any CC law, but there are more than enough votes to override him. It might take an expensive special session to do so, since today marks the end of the current session. Let’s hope Quinn does the honorable thing for once in his career. Senator Kotowski’s magazine limit bill (the number changed several times) lost 28-31, so it’s dead in the water. Kotowski had a bit of a hissy fit on video after the vote.

In its final form, HB183 is close to SB2193 in that there are no exceptions for Chicago, and it preempts home rule communities from regulating concealed carry or handguns. Chicago keeps its AWB, but can’t pass any other gun control measures in the future. If Rahm’s eyes look darker than usual, it’s from lack of sleep or getting a one-two punch from Madigan and Cullerton.

I wonder how they will explain the reduction in violent crime in the city next year. Homicide won’t change much, because that’s a gang activity. Robbery, home invasion and aggravated assaults can be expected to decrease about 25%, if other shall-issue states are any example.

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