Thorner: Debunking Obama’s Climate Change Crisis, part 2

July 3, 2013


The centerpiece of President Obama’s climate change plan — a timeline for setting new environmental regulation limiting how much carbon pollution can be emitted from both new and existent power plants — is causing great angst in coal producing states where the regulations would kills jobs at a time when the coal industry is working to improve it own clean-coal technology.

A recent report in the Lake County New-Sun cites reactions to Obama’s call for the EPA to regulate coal plant emissions of a Midwest Generation coal-fired plant located in Waukegan, Illinois. This spring the Waukegan plant was the subject of of a heated emissions debate. According to Midwest Generation officials, since taking over the lakefront plant in 1999, the Waukegan plant has been a model of transitioning its energy supply to cleaner sources in a balanced manner, without federal mandates.  Predictably the Sierra Club with its “Beyond Coal” campaign has claimed otherwise.

According to a report issued on May 6th, 2013, by the Illinois Office of Coal Development, Illinois has risen four spots in two years to become the nation’s fifth largest coal-producing state, producing 47.2 million tons of coal last year and exporting 13 million tons.

As a coal producing and exporting state, do Senators Durbin and Kirk agree with the following comment made to the New York Times by Daniel P. Schrag, a geochemist and member of the President Obama’s presidential science who has counseled the White House on climate issues?


Politically, the White House is hesitant to say they’re having a war on coal.  On the other hand, a war on coal is exactly what is needed.

Certainly jobs would be lost and energy prices would increase here in Illinois and across the nation if the Obama administration’s war on coal should succeed.  The Heritage Foundation “Morning Bell” blog of June 16 cites a hike of natural gas prices by 42%.  Obama’s anti-coal policies would also cause a family of four to lose more than $1,000 in annual income.

What’s more, just about everything we buy, eat, and wear — as all is produced by energy — would be more expensive under Obama’s climate change plan.  That also includes heating and cooling your home; buying a car and driving — from your work commute to soccer practice and everywhere in between; turning on the lights, and washing and drying clothes.  Irregardless, President Obama is telling the  American people that fixing global warming will fix the economy.

But didn’t President Obama likewise tell the American people that under Obamacare the American people, while paying less for insurance, would receive better healthcare?

The same spiel is issuing forth in Obama’s push for immigration reform, how the illegal immigrants when added to this nation’s work force would contribute billions to this nation’s economy, when in truth many of them wouldn’t earn enough money to pay income taxes in the first place and would even qualify for a tax credit refund.  Rubio, in defending amnesty before security, greatly damaged himself when suggesting that the income taxes paid by illegal aliens were needed to fund building the wall!

Will enough Americans be duped the third time around with the Obama-created crisis of  global warming to allow Obama to go forward through Executive Orders and the EPA’s unchecked regulatory power to fulfill his politically motivated climate plan?

Read what the Heritage Foundation “Foundry” blog of June 26 has to say about President Obama’s plan and its chilling effect on this nation’s economy.  Noted are eleven problems with the climate plan Obama outlined on June 25.  All are worth reading, but  problems nine and ten seemed worthwhile to bring to your immediate attention:  #9.  Pretending China and the developing world will cut emissions.   #10.  Hides Obama’s anti-nuclear policy behind pro-nuclear rhetoric.

Dubbed as the “high priest of climate skepticism,” former Margaret Thatcher adviser Christopher Monckton could keep quite no longer.  Obama’s rhetoric became too much for Lord Monckton.  With Obama’s plan to bypass Congress using his executive power to fight climate change, Monckton launched into a point-by-point demolition of Obama’s claims.  It’s great reading of how President Obama cherry-picked his facts with the same relentless care as Al Gore!

Bonner Cohen, Ph.D, in his article, Obama’s Climate Initiative:  A  Green Elitist Assault on Ordinary Citizens, has these choice words to say about Obama’s climate change plan:


By circumventing Congress and unleashing the vast powers of the administrative regulatory state in the name of combating “climate change,” President Obama has– yet again — revealed his determination to subject the American people to the unchecked whims of the federal bureaucracy.


Obama’s “Climate Action Plan” has nothing to do with the climate.  Instead, the climate, in all of its complexity, serves as a convenient pretext for the administration — working hand in glove with environmental groups and non-competitive, rent-seeking industries — to seize regulatory control of the  production and use of energy so as to further concentrate power in Washington.  His weapons are executive orders and the regulatory power of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), both of which do not require the approval of elected officials in congress nor those at the state and local level.

We are told that the only solution is for us to take Obama’s hand and allow him to lead us through socialist programs, taxes and crushing regulations  But Obama is right about one thing, America really is in a crisis mode on a daily basis because of his agenda.

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