July 4, 2013: America’s survival depends on reversing our current course

July 4, 2013


I grew up in a generation or so before many of you did.  No doubt my patriotism, in part, comes from being alive during the time of World War II, when I witnessed our nation’s involvement in the war even as a small child.


Born in 1938, patriotism and love of country became an integral part of me, instilled within me by my parents and the events happening around me.  This spirit of patriotism is still very much alive in me today.  I saw the Americans people unite in the war effort as factories were retooled and women went off to work to fill the places of men who went off to fight.  Several of my uncles went off to war.  It was a time when the war News of the Week was shown in movie theaters.  There was no TV with its instant replay of events often at their moments of happening.


Then too, schools were different seventy or so years ago.  Liberal indoctrination and political correctness had no place in my education.  Where I attended school in PA (a public school) the Bible was read every day as part of the daily opening exercise, prayer was not outlawed, and a sense of patriotism was alive in the teachers, some of them having returned from WW II who were now teaching at the high school level.  My English teacher had been a airman who “Flew the Hump” over the Himalayas.


I mourn for what once was and how far this nation has strayed from the principles and concepts intoned in the Declaration of Independence which we honor today on this 4th of July.  To many preserving freedom no longer seems to matter given a culture where a nanny society is favored by a majority of the American people.


If the immigration reform proposed by the Gang of Eight does become law, it will spell the end of what was considered, even at the time, a great experiment by our Founding Fathers.  Instead of government by the people and for the people, it will be government deciding (dictating) what is best for its people as a way to establish control over their lives.


Far down the road the Democrat Party will become the dominant and controlling political party by reason of demographics. The millions of Hispanics receiving amnesty will be registered as the predictable Democratic voter base that they are, with many more flowing over the southern border waiting their turn to be likewise honored.  And what about terrorists from Middle Eastern countries who have already and will continue to cross a sieve-like border?   It was reported today that despite Senator Rubio’s push to have the Gang of Eight proposal become law as a member of the Gang, in a matchup with Hillary Clinton in 2016, Rubio’s percentage of the Hispanic vote would only increase by 1%.


I feel that I have lived through the best of times, but I mourn for those generations who will follow me, not having been taught to value or to appreciate the sacrifices that Americans of past generations have made to prevent the snatching of freedom by a would-be tyrannical government whether within or outside our borders.


The signers of The Declaration of Independence in Congress on July 4, 1776, appropriately honored God — giving thanks and allegiance to Him — when writing the famous document which pronounced why the political bands that tied the thirteen colonies to Great Britain had to be dissolved.


Perhaps the most famous and often quoted words from The Declaration of Independence:


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life,Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


The birth of this nation was indeed a miracle.   It should never have happened, given all the obstacles General George Washington faced in winning our independence from Great Britain during the Revolutionary War.  Miracle after miracle happened when all seemed to be lost, a sure sign that this nation-to-be had God at its side during its struggles to became a new and proud nation under God.   This God-oriented nation of 1776 is now being cast aside by a nation where what feels good has taken precedence over what is moral and/or what the Bible dictates.


Lady Liberty must be weeping, as I weep today, even as I am determined to fight to preserve what I love about American until my last breath is taken here on Earth.


America is worth saving, but are there enough of us willing to fight back?  Time is running out.  Some feel that this nation’s demise has already been predetermined.


Only time will tell, although I fully realize that my time on Earth will be no more when and if the time does arrive when a reversal can stem the disastrous and rapid course this nation is currently on, a rejection of our Constitutional-directed government to one that is government-directed like Socialism and perhaps even worse!

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