Immigration documentary could affect this week’s US House vote

July 7, 2013


Dennis Michael Lynch

By Nancy Thorner – 

Those of you who were not involved with family picnics or other 4th of July activities in your community on the evening of July 4th might have tuned in, as I did, to the Sean Hannity TV show on Fox News. Hannity’s entire show was devoted to a documentary by filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch, They Come To America, part two, released May 2013. Part one was released June, 2012.

Not surprising, Hollywood and the mainstream media has tried to silence Mr. Lynch. Film festivals would have nothing to do with his documentary. On a tour with part one in the fall of last year, things went very well at first with hundreds packing the venues, but then due to the subject matter many facility owner feared a backlash from the community and protesters and Lynch’s tour became very limited.

According to Lynch:

Prior to producing and directing this film, I cared less about illegal immigration, and yet for some crazy reason, I risked my life to make a non-partisan documentary about the hottest political topic in America.  What’s crazier is why so many people don’t want you to see it.

Based on what Lynch saw during his travels to produce his two documentaries, an amnesty for 20 million illegal immigrants will push America over the cliff.

Although I was aware in general of what was happening at our out-of-control southern border, Lynch’s powerful rhetoric, interspersed with clips from his part two documentary, convinced me that the amnesty reform bill recently passed in the Senate (S744) and now in the House for consideration is the most important issue facing this nation today.

It saddens and angers me that the American people are being duped by their government and the Gang of Eight into believing that border security will follow amnesty.  Dealing with border security is but one of the many inconsistencies in the massive 1,200 page bill which few have taken the time to read.  There are triggers that mandate securing the border, but these triggers/mandates can be withdrawn at any time if Janet Napolitano or another decides that the border is now secure.

Most disappointing is how Republican Gang of Eight member, Senator Rubio, has allowed himself to be used by a powerful pro-Obama Democrat.   Rubio’s much touted  “conservative way toward reform” TV ad was funded and produced by none other than Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, a front group aimed at promoting amnesty.

There is no time to waste, with immigration reform to be taken up in the House after the 4th of July recess,   House Speaker John Boehner has announced that the entire Republican caucus will hold a closed-door meeting on July 10th to discuss a way forward on “comprehensive” immigration reform.

Pro-Amnesty proponents are pushing every trick in the book to make Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens a political reality through legislative tricks (the Hoeven-Corker amendment gave security-first Republicans cover to vote “yes”); dark-of-night votes; outright lies; and buyouts of Republican legislators.  Alaskan senators, Lisa  Murkowski and Mark Begich received a boost  for the Alaskan fish processing industry allowing industry to recruit seasonal workers outside the U.S. through a new W visa program set up in the bill.

Although House Speaker Boehner may have made the statement that the Senate’s Gang of eight Amnesty bill is “dead on arrival” in the House, he also said that he wants the House to consider an immigration bill that has the support of a majority of Democrats land a majority of Republicans.

Is Speaker Boehner so naive to believe that a majority of Democrats will support any immigration bill unless amnesty is provided first?  Might this conflicting political posturing by Boehner have as its aim to give House Republican leaders political cover so they can secretly craft their own amnesty-first bill?

Too many Republicans have been swayed by false statements made by fellow Republicans.  John McCain is urging legislators to vote for amnesty to save the Republican Party, whereas the opposite would result by so doing.

My resolve has only strengthened throughout the July 4th weekend since hearing Hannity’s 4th of July special on Fox TV to alert as many individuals as possible (and legislators) to view the following trailers and perhaps even buy the DVD for their own listening and then share with others.  In one purchasing option for the documentary:  Buy 1 ($19.99) of “They Come to America II” and you will receive 5 DVD copies.

In the two days leading up to the Republican caucus July 10th closed-door meeting, and for as long as it takes, keep contacting  your U.S. representative and House Republican Majority Leader John Boehner imploring them not to consider any immigration bill on the floor of the House of Representatives until our border is secure and existing immigration laws are enforced.

Time is running out!  Besides calling your representative and Majority Leader Boehner, it would be productive to email your U.S. representative the following two links:

Trailers for the film “They Come to America” by Dennis Michael Lynch:

If representatives do look at the two trailers and enough of the American people likewise view or hear about the film, there is no way a U.S. House member could ever conceive of passing anything like the Gang of Eight Bill with its many contradictions and triggers that will never be enforced.  Even Republicans senators who voted for the bill might have a change of heart.  Rep. Peter King did change his mind when he viewed They Came to America, part II. 

Without a secure border first policy terrorists will continue to flow across our southern border.  Lynch reports in his documentary how easy it is for terrorist of many countries to cross our southern border.  Many have already done so.  Working with Texas Border Patrol huge groups of illegals were apprehended from Mexico, China, and the Middle East.  According to Lynch: ” It’s no longer if but when!”

As stated by Lynch:  “Those Republicans who voted for the Gang of Eight amnesty bill have blood on their hands.”

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