Climate campaign does more harm than good

July 30, 2013


Daily Herald:  Fence Post letter, July 29, 2013:

As the Earth cools, President Obama is distracted by a fraudulent warming narrative.

The centerpiece of Obama’s climate change plan, which includes a timeline for setting new environmental regulations limiting how much carbon pollution can be emitted from both new and existent power plants, is causing great angst in coal-producing states like Illinois.

Reaction to the Obama’s call for the EPA to regulate coal plant emissions was swift from the Midwest Generation coal-fired plant located in Waukegan, recently a subject of a heated emissions debate. Midwest Generation officials claim that the Waukegan plant has been a model of transitioning its energy supply to cleaner sources in a balanced manner, without federal mandates.

Predictably, the Sierra Club with its “Beyond Coal” campaign has claimed otherwise. As of May 6, Illinois ranked as the fifth-largest coal-producing state, producing 47.2 millions tons of coal last year and exporting 13 million.

This important question must be asked of both Sens. Durbin and Kirk:   Do you agree with this comment made by Daniel P. Schrag, a counselor of the White House on climate issues: “A war of coal is exactly what’s needed”?

The emission of CO2 is what the “war” is all about, with CO2 having been declared a pollutant and the cause of global warming, even though it is essential to all life on earth.

Certainly jobs would be lost, energy prices would increase, and just about everything we buy, eat, and wear would be more expensive under Obama’s climate change plan, which is yet another ploy to seize regulatory control of the production and use of energy so as to further concentrate power in Washington.

Contact Sens. Durban and Kirk and your federal and state legislators about the economic harm it would impose upon Illinoisans.
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