Part 2: Thorner: Shadowbosses strips bare the ‘Chicago Way’!

August 4, 2013

ThornerBy Nancy Thorner – 

Paramount to understanding the nature of shadowbosses and how they represent the Chicago Way is to understand the 10 Ways Unions Control America.

1. Unions corrupt our political process of free elections by using the $14 billion they collect yearly in dues to elect bought and paid for politicians ($14 billion is an amount as large as the economies of many countries.). Money flows to unions, then to politicians, then back to unions again, enabling unions to buy the government that is supposed to represent us all.

2. Unions drive outrageous concessions, sometimes through the use of coercion and violence in order to achieve their objectives.

3. Unions receive special treatment from government. As “private” organizations, unions represent government employees. These private organizations force government to listen to them, giving unions more rights and power over government than citizens.

 4.  Unions, through organization, gain control over the federal workplace without careful scrutiny of their actions.  President Barack Obama was a member of the SEIU (Service Employees International Union).  He is the most union-connected president in the history of the United States.

 5.  Unions receive huge government subsidies from taxpayers.  One of the craziest things that our government does is actually pay union officials to work for the union during their paid workday — called “official time” (or “release time”).  Some government employees can even work on union matters all the time for decades without performing any actual work for the government.  At Homeland Security 62 employees are paid full time to work on union business.  It is estimated that federal, state, and local government employees work on union matters for about 23 million hours annually while being paid by the government.

6.  Unions are holding back K-12 education.   Union dues from teachers amount yearly to $2 billion.  These dues are spent in all 50 states to create education policies that benefit the unions and not the children.

7.  Unions are bankrupting our states.  All 10 of the states heavily unionized (includes Illinois) have lost population, while Right to Work states have gained in population.

8.  Unions bosses pay themselves rich salaries by getting you to foot the bill.  For example:  Gerald McEntee, president of the “American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees makes $555,367; Dennis Van Roekel, president of the National Education Association, makes almost $400,000; and Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers makes over $425,000.  These union bosses rake in the money, dine at the White House, and live it up on the backs of their members.

9.  Unions see Obamacare as a secret plot to unionize health care workers.  1.5 health care workers are now unionized.  For the implementation of Obamacare an estimated 21 million health care workers will be required, making millions ripe for stealth unionization.

10. Unions may be emboldened enough to expand their organizing efforts to groups receiving government funds that have less of a connection to work or employment, such as people receiving Social Security, Medicare payments, and even veterans, as all do receive government benefits.

Mr. Factor’s next topic of discussion, about which much has been written, was how union activity single handily won the election for Obama in 2008.  Get out the vote efforts were critical in getting Obama elected in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Nevada.  Unions spent $450 million to put 400,000 “volunteers” on the ground.  SEIU, alone, funded 100,000 volunteers.  Voter canvassing likewise increased in all battle ground states.  The 2012 election brought with it an increase of union spending to win Obama a second term.

The 2012 fraud was recently addressed in a question posed by former Homeland Security attorney Steward Baker in an article titled, Did Obama Break Law to Win Re-Election?  Baker alluded to a possible violation of the 1986 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, in so far as the Obama campaign (with the help of Obama supporters posting on Facebook) searched the Facebook network to identify likely unmotivated or unregistered voters.  As Facebook doesn’t allow users to share to share access to their account, anything Facebook doesn’t authorize is a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and very likely a federal crime.

As to the paybacks unions expected from the White House after the 2008 election of President Obama, Mallory Factor listed four:

  • Pass card check legislation to make it easier to unionize a workplace by doing away with the secret-ballot election and allowing a union to be certified if the union could get 50 percent of employees to turn in signed cards supporting the union.  Although proposed in the Employee Free Choice Act bill, Obama has not been able to deliver card check to unions, a sore point for union supporters.
  • Implement healthcare reform.  This was delivered through Obamacare.
  • Greater use of in-sourcing through hiring more full time unionized workers instead of outsourcing the work.  In other words, government employee unions want more say in staffing and how employees perform their work as a ploy to increase their control over the nation.
  • Repeal section 14 (b) of the National Labor Relations Act (Taft-Hartley Act), which would destroy a state’s right-to-work protection and make all fifty states enforced dues states, resulting in adding billions to the already substantial union coffers.

In that union expectation was a 100 percent commitment to their agenda, many union bosses in 2013 are complaining that their paybacks have so far not been enough.

To a question posed to Mr. Factor, “Why do more citizens not understand what is happening to their country?”, he replied, “Everyone wants more money from government.”  The media was also cited by Factor as a major source of indoctrination, as were the spin masters, the President included.

Republicans were not excused. Too many Republicans in disagreeing with each other end up slamming one another other.  John McCain slammed fellow Republican Michele Bachmann for making “unfounded” allegations against a top aide to Hilliary Clinton.  This is the same John McCain who said that ‘Rock star’ Hillary Clinton could get his vote for president over Rand Paul.

Texas Sen Cruz remains perplexes by GOP attacks over his effort to defund Obamacare but has no intention of backing down.

Mallory Factor is not against unions, only that no one should involuntarily have to join a group or pay to join a group.  An individual should be able to do so freely.  Factor cited how 93% of union workers have never voted whether they wish to be a union member.  This is why card check is such a top union legislative priority.  No union want workers to have the opportunity to vote using a secret ballot election to decide whether or not their workplace will be unionized.

Unions determination to keep power was exhibited this year by public employee unions throughout Michigan when long-term contracts were enacted that secured their dues base before the right-to-work law signed by Republican Governor Rick Snyder kicked in on March 28.  Michigan is one of 24 states to impose right-to-work statutes.

As to the 4th tenant of Factor’s presentation, What can we do?, Mr. Factor thanked and enlisted all present as individuals ready to do what is called for by the very fact that we attended the Heartland event.   August town hall meetings was mentioned as a good way to get the ear of legislators.

A great battle royal is looming on the horizon.  Of importance is that government and elected officials are held accountable to the people they serve. Sadly too many Republicans don’t wish to rock the boat.  Just as short sighted are those Republicans who are convinced that following a Democrat-lite policy will win them elections and the White House.

Lastly, it’s way past time for Republicans to duplicate the union political marketing Democrats perfected in the 2012 election.

Part 1:  Shadowbosses’ strips bare the ‘Chicago Way’!
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