Part 1 – Thorner: Wobblies seek to disrupt defunding of ObamaCare by conservatives

August 9, 2013

Thursday, August 08, 2013

ThornerBy Nancy Thorner –

Defunding ObamaCare is right up there in the House along with its battle to ensure that border security is in place before granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

Just because federal lawmakers are back in their districts for a six-week recess, doesn’t mean that all is quiet on the national front.

Come September both the House and the Senate chambers will be engaging in battles over whether ObamaCare should be defunded (delayed for one year) through detaching a legislative rider to a must pass bill (debt limit, annual spending bill, etc.) that 1) prohibits any funds from being spent on any activities to implement or enforce ObamaCare; 2) rescinds any unspent balances that have already been appropriated for implementation; and 3) turns off the exchange subsidy and new Medicaid spending that are on auto-pilot.

Short of a repeal of ObamaCare (an impossibility with Democrats in charge of the Senate and Obama in the White House), defunding ObamaCare could be the last chance to stop ObamCare before the January 1 deadline.Leading the charge on the Senate floor to vote against any bill that contains funding for ObamaCare while funding all else in government are Mike Lee (R-UT); Ted Cruz  (R-TX);  and Marco Rubio (R-FL).  Currently there are 13 Republican Senators who support the action. on-line petition being promoted by Cruz and Lee already has over 250,000 signatures.

In the House Representative Bridensteine, among others, is standing up and leading the charge.  Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA) told Breitbart news on Friday, August 2, that as of the day before 121 House Republicans had signed on as co-sponsors to his legislation to defund ObamaCare in the upcoming Continuing Resolution.

Flies in the ointment, however, exists in both the House and the Senate.  In the House Speaker John Boehner is trying to sell the House GOP on a series of targeted strikes against the healthcare overhaul, rather than the defunding effort.

In the Senate, Minority Leader Mich McConnell, although not taking sides against the defunding push as have Republican senators Richard Burr (R-NC, John McCain (R-AZ), and Tom Coburn (R-OK, he is operating behind the scenes.

It has been reported that Illinois senator Mark Kirk, who originally co-sponsored the Ted Cruz bill to defund ObamaCare and further signed on to Mike Lee’s letter, was pressured by Mich McConnell to withdraw his support.

It’s past time for Illinois’ six elected Republican congressmen and Republican Senator Mark Kirk to stand up, instead of being too afraid or too cowardly to go down the right path, seemingly lacking the conjones to do so.  Only Rep. Randy Hultgren (R-14) has signed on to Representative Tom Graves’ letter to defund ObamaCare. Kudos to him!

Voters follow and respect leaders and dislike those who procrastinate or cower and cave when challenged by those in the Republican leadership — or outside sources – that manufacture straw man arguments against doing what is best for their constituents and the nation.  Most Republicans legislators were elected under the assumption that they would act to undo the scourge of ObamaCare.

An article in the Canada Free Press on Wednesday, August 7, by Judi McLead, describes politicians who have lost the courage they never really had as “Wobblies.” They go along to get along, hiding in pockets provided by the other side, becoming Democrats in everything but name.  They don’t run when they see a train wreck coming down the tracks, but must faint dead-away.  To be fair, wobblies also thrives in Britain courtesy of Prime Minister David Cameron.

Politicians described as “Wobblies” by McLead include the following:

1.  “Weepy Wobby” House Speaker John Boehner and his gang of vacationing Republicans hiding in fear from their own constituent shadows.

2.  John McCain as the Poster Boy for politicians plagued by the “Wobblies”.

3.  Mitt Romney as a “Wobbly-Come-Lately” infected with a life-threatening case of the Wobblies after warning a New Hampshire GOP fundraiser on Tuesday, August 5th, against legislators shutting down the government in an attempt to defund ObamaCare.…

Recently none other than the inestimable Charles Krauthammer called the Rubio/Lee/Cruz plan “nuts,” while another equally inestimable Steve Hayes, a senior writer or The Weekly Standard, called the move a good one and that now was the time for being aggressive.  Admitting that the effort to defund ObamaCare might not succeed, Hayes believes that Lee’s “efforts may succeed in pushing Republican leaders to come up with an actual strategy to stall ObamaCare.

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