Thorner: Outrage about outrageous Obamacare exemptions – Part 2

August 9, 2013

Friday, August 09, 2013

Obama-smirk-signing-obamacareBy Nancy Thorner – 

As to the question of “Why the urgency to defund Obamacare?” the continuing resolution to fund the government to prevent the interruption of government services expires on Sept. 30, the last stop on the train and the last opportunity for conservatives to defund ObamaCare before it kicks in with full force and fury in the new year.

With October 1st comes the start of the new fiscal year, when under Obamacare every American citizen will be required to to have insurance coverage starting in 2014 or face $95 or 1% of family income, whichever is the greatest, administered by the IRS. Insurers must offer a package of essential benefits — including maternity, mental health and medications — and must cover all who apply. This extra comprehensive coverage for purchasing individual insurance plans points to higher premiums unless Congress acts on defunding Obamacare.

Also in the new fiscal year (Oct. 1st) state insurance exchange enrollment begins. Those who don’t comply will encounter penalties administered by the IRS.  The Obama administration is attempting to attract more than 2.5 million young, healthy people to health insurance exchanges to offset the costs of caring for the old and sick.  This might be a difficult sell as choosing to pay for fine for not enrolling would be less costly than signing on to an insurance exchange.  Young people make up almost a third of all uninsured Americans.

Likewise on Oct. 1st open enrollment begins for Obamacare’s new main entitlement — Medicaid expansion and the exchange subsidies.  Fast forward a few months to January 1, 2014, and these two ObamaCare entitlements are scheduled to take effect. Just for these two Obamacare entitlement programs, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates the federal government will spend $48 billion in 2014 and nearly $1.8 trillion through 2023.  Along with the expansion of Medicaid will come increased dependency.  History tells us that taking away an entitlement once established is almost an impossibility.

With our nation’s debt already standing at $16.7 trillion, isn’t it foolish to take on new entitlement programs knowing full well that estimated entitlement costs do not dovetail with what programs actually cost down the road.  Notwithstanding, the goal of the Obama administration is determined to get as many individuals addicted to the sugar as possible before the boom is lowered, this despite the unpopularity of ObamaCare with the public regardless of political affiliation.

The latest Rasmussen Report national telephone survey released on Monday, August 5th, finds that 48% want their governor to oppose implementation of ObamaCare, while 40% of likely U.S voters want their governor to support implementation.  12% are not sure.

Recently President Obama admitted that Obamacare was a failure when he lifted temporarily Obamacare’s burden on business.  But what did President Obama do to lessen the burden for the average American?  Nothing, having left the “Individual” mandate in tact. Shamefully Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid continue to believe ObamaCare is fabulous.

It must be presumed that the Republican leadership isn’t up to being as strong to fight Obamacare as were Democrats in twisting arms to pass ObamaCare in the dead of night along a party line vote, or they would realize that defunding ObamaCare through stripping appropriation bills of all funding is seen as the last opportunity to stop Obamacare in the House and Senate before the January 1st deadline.

Hopefully some establishment Republicans are not indifferent to the premiums their constituents will be obligated to pay under ObamaCare, as members of Congress and their staff don’t have to pay rising premium costs under a compromise made following complaints made about the expense of purchasing health care?  But where is the outrage?

Under a ruling made on Wednesday, August 7, aimed at avoiding “brain drain” on Capitol Hill, “U.S. lawmakers and their staffs will continue to receive a federal contribution toward the health insurance that they must purchase through soon-to-open exchanges created by President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law.”  This decision by the Office of Personnel Management came with Obama’s blessing and will prevent unintended loss of healthcare benefits for 535 members of the Senate and the House and thousands of Capitol Hill staff.

As Senator Mike Utah of Utah said on the Senate floor:  “Defund it, or you own it.  If you fund it, you’re for it.”

Senator Cruz, in quoting Margaret Thatcher:  First you win the argument. Then you win the vote.

What does ObamaCare impose if not defunded so a delay can take place?   Have legislators been candid? Most Republican House members were elected to Congress and sent to Washington, D.C. to deal with ObamaCare.  How have they done so far?  After all, ObamaCare is the ultimate opportunity for the government to integrate themselves into your life.  Once in, you will never be free.

What can we expect before and after January 1st if the defunding effort fails?

1. Longer waiting lines and a lower quality of care as doctors and hospitals close their practices or retire.

2. Millions will lose jobs or become part time workers as small business owners seek to avoid paying health insurance for their employees by reducing work hours to 29 hours or less a week.

3. Paperwork to sign up reads like an interrogation of your life.  Reports say a typical family of four must answer about 1,000 questions on personal, private data which then goes most likely to the IRS to be integrated with the other databases being house in the Utah NSA Data Center.  The final question asked is if you would like to register to vote?

4. Medical privacy will end for whatever you see your doctor for will be stored for eternity in a giant government database accessible to anyone who asks for it.

5. On hand is a $12.5 billion “Prevention and Public Health Fund.”  This is a side fund of ObamaCare with NO Congressional oversight and it never expires.  It can be spent by the HHS (Health and Human Services) any way it sees fit.  That means this money will be diverted to Democrat-heavy organizations that will then donate to the 2016 presidential campaign.  Hillary Clinton seems to be the favorite.

6. Already seventeen states have cut child-only plans leaving kids with less coverage, meaning that no insurers are selling child-only policies to new enrollees. Under the  Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACAP) or ObamaCare enacted in March, 2010, insurers who sell child-only plans must offer coverage to all new applicants without regard to the child’s preexisting health condition, resulting in the mass exodus of child-only plans.

7. Implementation of Obamacare will be rife with delays, glitches and problems.


Part 3:  To be explored are the Straw-men arguments being used by those Republicans who are resisting the defunding plan being promoted by conservative Republicans in the House and Senate.

Part 1:

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