Thorner: Not enough to defund Obamacare … Boehner must stand firm

September 19, 2013

ObamacareBy Nancy Thorner – 

 ObamaCare has been described as a “Train Wreck” of which ObamaCare architect Max Backus (D-Montana) warned back on April 17 of this year.

Twenty-somethings who backed Obama’s health care overhaul could well be the slowest to comply with its provisions. As they rarely use medical care, it may prove cheaper to take the penalty rather than get health insurance for the first year or two when the tax is 1% of  their salaries. Penalties, however, do increase to 2.5% by 2016.

Ready or not, the state exchanges mandated under ObamaCare will open for business on October 1st unless funding is delayed for a year through the Graves proposal in the House. Recent reports have cited incomplete exchange websites, less an adequate security, and bugs in the system.

Dr. Benjamin Caron, a retired pediatric neurosurgeon at John Hopkins Children’s Center, has worked in health care long enough to know whether Obamacare is right for this country.  Recently his quote on Facebook hitting ObamaCare became the most popular graphic ever:

We keep delaying things.  Why don’t we just delay the whole bill permanently and come up with a real solution that really is affordable and that really will take care of everybody.

With already 10,500  pages of regulations comprising ObamaCare in the Federal Register, this is only the beginning. The implementation of the law will call for who knows how many more thousands of pages of regulations?  Already the regulations add up to eight times as many pages as there are in the Gutenberg Bible. With these thousands of pages of regulations there won’t be a single area of our life that is not regulated.

Wasn’t it Harry Reid who said in August that ObamaCare is just a step toward an eventual single-payer system, and that this country has to “work our way past” insurance-based heath care? Reid further said of ObamaCare:

What we’ve done with ObamaCare is have a step in the right direction, but we’re far from having something that’s going to work forever.

The final kicker:  ObamaCare is all about government control.  It’s also a slush fund to pay off Obama’s political activists to carry out a massive invasion of privacy that dwarfs the NSA’s collection of personal data on American citizens.

Don’t delay in making calls to our six Illinois Republican congressmen insisting that they 1) Pass a defund bill (Graves Bill) that says the U.S. Government will spend no funds (mandatory, start-up-salary, IRS expansion, discretionary or imaginary) on ObamaCare and then 2) attach (via the Meadows Letter) a rider to the must past continuing resolution bill to fund government, thereby preventing the Democrat-controlled Senate from having the option of discarding the defund ObamaCare option as would occur with the Cantor proposal.

Just because Speaker John Boehner is now open to defunding ObamaCare, be wary and don’t allow him to maneuver a deal if the going gets tough.  Republicans are know to recapitulate at an sign of opposition by Democrats.  We must be the watch dogs to keep those on board who might begin to waver or get cold feet

Local and Washington, D.C. contact numbers for our six Illinois Republican congressmen:
Rodney Davis – 217-403-4690    –  202-225-2371
Randy Hultgren – 630-232-7104  – 202-225-2976
Adam Kinzinger – 815-431-9271  – 202-225-3635
Peter Roskam – 847-656-6354   – 202-225-4561
Adam Schock – 217-670-1653    –  202-225-6201

John Shimkus – 217-446-0664    – 202-225-3635

Leaders of the Republican House, Washington, D.C.: 
Speaker John Boehner   202-225-6205
Majority Leader Eric Cantor  202-225-2815
Majority Whip  202-225-2915
U. S. Republican Senate leadership, Washington, D.C.:
Minority Leader Mitch McConnell  202-224-2541
Minority Whip John Cornyn   202-224-2934
Senator Mark Kirk – 202-224-2854

If you feel ObamaCare is bad for this nation and for the American people, you have an obligation to act.  Once the exchanges begin their operations on October 1 and other aspects of ObamaCare kick in, it is unrealistic to believe that ObamaCare can be tinkered with except by President Obama who has already done so in an unconstitutional way.  Entitlement programs have a way of sticking around once enacted and firmly in place.

Time is of essence. Don’t delay. Make your calls today.

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