Thorner: On Freedom Tour, Walsh urges audience to get angry, fight for liberties

October 3, 2013

Part 1:
Wednesday, October 02, 2013

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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Th-5By Nancy Thorner – 

The three events held in September by Joe Walsh on his Walsh Freedom Townhall Tour drew those who were genuinely concerned about their country. Frustration does abound, especially among those individuals who believe in limited government and who have seen what has happened with God removed from its once prominent place in the home, in schools, by politicians, and in all aspects of government.

In this spirit Joe Walsh bemoaned over both the financial and moral collapse of this nation, emphasizing that it is happening right now. It is not something that will occur at some future time.

Yes, things are bad, said Joe Walsh, but how did it happen?

Democrats and Republicans did it to us. We also did it to ourselves. When in Congress Joe Walsh spoke out vocally and with passion about the warts to be found in the actions of House Republican establishment members. Speaker John Boehner and other moderate and establishment Republicans despised Walsh for it.

Republicans are now engaged in a fight which was a long time in coming, between those who want big government and those who believe in limited government and freedom. And so goes the fight over defunding Obamacare. Joe Walsh has never met a Democrat who isn’t over on the left side, either being in tune with the Leftist ideology, or they don’t know any better. While every Democrat is trying to remake this nation, Republicans must fight to save this nation for future generations.

The problem with Republicans is that they have lost their way. Many Republicans are either somewhat over on the Left side or they want to be, while Democrats are married to the Leftist ideology or believe in its ideology out of habit or tradition. Republicans aren’t averse to big government, they just think they can manage government better than can Democrats. Then too, many Republicans remain too scared of scathing remarks coming from the other side (and the mainstream media), if they don’t bow down and acquiese to the demands of Democrats.

Forgotten, but never to be duplicated by Republicans, are the Christmas tree hand-outs by Democrats.  In the last election Obama gave people stuff to buy their loyalty and votes.  Women received free abortion for life; young people were given the promise that their college loans would be repaid or perhaps forgiven in time; and Hispanics were promised comprehensive immigration reform. Presently food stamps under the CHIP program are being handed out willy-nilly and are also being solicited on the streets of major cities by Democratic operatives. With very few conditions for receiving them, fraud is rampant. Having seen how Democrats win, Republicans also believe in offering handouts.  Although Republicans are not quite as generous as Democrats, Republicans do give as many “goodies” as they can get away with to attract voters.

Thomas Jefferson once said that we will give you this thing [a Republic], but it will take two to make it work. The Founding Fathers wanted representatives sent to Washington, D.C. who would  have a voice and then go back home and allow another to serve.  Now we have professional politicians who stay in Springfield and Washington, D.C. forever and think of themselves as kings and queens.  Jefferson also thought that we the people had to stay informed and engaged or government would become too powerful and oppressive.

As a nation, Walsh thinks of its citizens as having grown fat, stupid, lazy, and not well informed.  The American people certainly aren’t as informed, educated, or engaged as they used to be.  They are familiar with “Dancing with the Stars,” but they fail miserably when questioned about their government.

Republicans have dropped the ball.  It’s so easy to get angry at Obama, but what about the antics of McCain and other Republicans who are ripping the hearts out of their own?

Often said is a variation of the same thing, that we get the government we deserve. We are a nano-second away from losing our nation.  We live in a country that will imprison young people with our fiscal irresponsibility unless we change.

What are we do? Joe Walsh often hears the complaint that all he does is make people angry. They ask:  “Why don’t you give us some hope, Joe?”  Regarding the Lake Forest Townhall event, Walsh indicated that he wanted those in attendance to leave as ticked off as they have ever been. Perhaps things would change here in Illinois if more Illinoisans would  realize the rock bottom financial mess this state is in and demand change.

No one gets to pick what their purpose in life is. Walsh’s considers his job or purpose as sharing with people how bad the overall state of this nation is. Because of Obamacare we are becoming a part time nation. To those who voted for Obama and now endorse Obamacare, they must wake up.  Such individuals believe in a totally different America, one that we can’t afford.

Joe Walsh thought of the 150 individuals present as wanting a country of freedom and limited government.  Walsh believes we are losing the war. In the meantime, Democrats wake up every morning trying to make one more person a ward of the  government.

Charles Krauthammer is worried about a country who would elect Obama, but not about the abomination that is  Obamacare, or what it would portend by adding to an already unsustainable and horrific debt.  Then there is also the  quality of health care under Obamacare to be considered, and the likely possibility of Obamacare in time morphing into a one-payer, government socialist system.

Here’s what we must do.  We must come out of “closet,” but not in today’s usage of the word.  Joe Walsh did.  It wasn’t easy for Joe to do if he does decide to run for office again.  Walsh is no longer a Republican first.  He’s a Freedom Fighter first.  As Walsh related, this is not about Republicans or Democrats.  It’s all about freedom vs. big government.  Pick your side.  What Walsh has been doing at his town halls meetings is to invite everyone to come out of the closet and become a Freedom Fighter.

A seven-step pledge form was handed out on signing up to become a Freedom Fighter in Walsh’s Freedom Army.  Signing the pledge signaled a commitment to support only candidates for public office who agreed to the following:

1.  Cutting taxes.

2.  Diminishing the role of government in our lives.

3.  Eliminating debt right now.

4.  Respecting basic God-given rights.

5.  Limiting terms of office by serving as a citizen legislator for 6 years in the House, and not as a professional politician.

Walsh’s closing thoughts:

Every great empire has lasted about 250 years. As Democrats typically use government and politics to enhance their image and electability better than do Republicans, Republicans must understand that we are at war and act accordingly. They just don’t get it yet.

What are we prepared to do?  Walsh truly believe, for better or for worse, that we live in revolutionary times not yet being enacted out on the streets.   Every 9-1/2 minutes somebody in IL gets in a car, a plane, or a train, etc, and permanently leaves Illinois never to come back.  Not a state or a country is close to the exodus happening in Illinois.  Many people pulling the wagon are leaving and these are the taxpayers.   How soon will there not be enough people left to pull the wagon in Illinois, with bankruptcy happening as it did with Detroit, not only in Chicago, but with the whole state of Illinois.

Are we prepared to go to jail to save our nation?  We’re at a point in this country when we must finally say “NO” I’m done with the results brought about by big government and the disregard for morals.  Even though many insist that gay marriage, teaching homosexuality in the lower grades, and disrespect for the unborn are just part and parcel of the times we live in and we must get over it, are we just going to roll over and accept unconditionally that the genie can’t be put back into the bottle again?

We must be prepared to do what it take to save this country.  If not we will lose the country given to us with such great hope and promise, only be destroyed when its people chose leaders set out to change this nation from what our Founding Fathers originally intended it to be where freedom and liberty were God-given rights, to a government that morphs into Socialism and perhaps even worse.

Join Joe Walsh’s army of Freedom Fighters also as a way to shake up the Republican Party, where many of its members believe the way to winning elections (the Karl Rove type) is to be Democratic-lite instead of standing on those principals upon which our nation was founded — smaller government and the promotion of freedom and liberty.

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