Thorner: Obama Administration reigns with regulations, American subjects submit – Part 2

December 1, 2013


BarackObamaWavingBillPuglianoBy Nancy Thorner – 

One of many examples of government’s profound incompetence can be observed in the Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency with its attempts to be the nation’s super-regulator of the nation’s carbon economy.  Several days ago the White House announced what might jokingly be called the EPA’s “Christmas Gift” to this nation, 134 more regulations!

Noteworthy among the proposals are the agency’s move toward unprecedented control over private property under a massive expansion of its Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Water Act authority and new rules for power plant regulations to curb CO2 emissions.

Perhaps the EPA should first try to regulate its own employees, at least James C. Beale, who was found masquerading as a James Bond?  The ‘Spy’ Who Fooled the EPA (Under deep CIA cover at the Office of Air and Radiation) appeared as a commentary in The Wall Street Journal on Friday,November 22.

The Environmental Protection Agency allowed Beale to be absent for 2.5 years in less than 23 years of service, take expensive trips to see relatives, all the while claiming to be a CIA spy. Then Beale retires with a big sendoff and the agency forgets to take him off the payroll.  Beale further received retention incentive bonuses on top of this scam.  What was his punishment?  In late September the Department of Justice announced a pleas agreement with John C Beale who admitted devoting most of his 23-year career to bilking taxpayers of some $900,000 in pay and expenses.

At long last the bloom seems to be coming off the rose for President Obama.  The American people are catching on to how Obama lies about his lies, only to lie that he didn’t lie about his lies.  Also contributing to Obama’s downfall is how he has surrounded himself with sycophants who do the same for him.

Unlike President Obama, why might Abraham Lincoln be revered and considered a competent leader?  Lincoln was president during the Civil War — the worst crisis in American history —  but unlike President Obama, Lincoln fired incompetent leaders when he encountered them.   Half a dozen generals were fired before Lincoln found Ulysses S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman, who won the war after Lincoln’s fired generals had been losing it.

Yet in a recent display of utter arrogance at a private Democratic fundraiser in Beverly Hills, CA, Obama touted himself and Democratic leaders for surpassing the likes of Abraham Lincoln.  And this is not the first time Obama has compared himself to Lincoln.  According to Obama, his administration has been the most productive in history, going on as he did to list his many accomplishments among them being:  Saving the economy from a Great Depression; revitalizing an auto industry; doubling our exports; reducing our dependence of foreign oil; doubling our production of clean energy; reducing the pace of our carbon emissions; etc.

Not willing to deal with incompetency dove tails with Obama’s inherent feeling of superiority, in that Obama fathoms to  know what is best for the American people.  For hasn’t Obama indicated time and time again that the American people are in need of government guidance as they are incapable of making decisions on their own?

Such arrogance, President Obama, will only guarantee continued incompetency and will continue to drive your poll numbers downward.

Maybe, as Alan West suggested, this is what Obama wants?   Maybe Obama feels little loyalty to this nation to care what happens to it on the world stage or to its people, or even about his poll numbers, as long as his progressive policies are set firmly in place when he leaves office in 2016, and that progressive judges are in place to see that Obama’s policies are carried out.

Those knowing the background of Barack Obama before his 2008 election should not be surprised, as Obama did promise change with a dose of hope.

What is surprising is how fast Obama’s change is happening right before our eyes with the purposeful shredding of our Constitution as Obama moves this nation rapidly down the pathway toward socialism.

What is alarming is the lack of objection or push back coming from those Americans who do understand what is happening, as Obama continues to mandate policies that Congress is unwilling to approve to achieve his goal, that of his puppet-master, George Soros.

Incompetence is not relegated to one party.  Where is the Republican leadership as Obama continue to shred the Constitution?  If the Republican Party continues to function as a go-along-to-get-along political party, blame and failure will also befall the Party of Lincoln.  Amnesty without border security would spell the death knell for the Republican Party.

Pretending to stand for smaller government and less taxes, Republican Party leaders and pundits display incompetence, if when push comes to shove, they allow government to keeps growing and adding more debt to this nation’s already unattainable and incomprehensible debt.   A billion here and a billion there means nothing any more to legislators, and speaking about a trillion no longer sounds foreign to the American people.

Throw the “bums” out is easier said than done, but these are times that demand citizen action.  This nation cannot possibly survive as a viable nation under another arrogant and incompetent president with an equally incompetent administration.

One thing certain is that for the first time in the history of this nation, founded with such promise and hope and as a nation under God, what we pass along to future generations will be less than what we inherited.

Future generation might question as they look back to the “now”  times:  “How did our ancestors allow this to happen?”  Was it laziness, indifference, too busy to care, etc.?  What would be your excuse if you could have your say?
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