Thorner: Obama should beware, because “Pride cometh before a fall” – Part 1

December 1, 2013

Saturday, November 30, 2013

BarackObamaWavingBillPuglianoBy Nancy Thorner – 

With the election of President Obama in 2008, many perceived his election to be a forerunner of the hope and promise candidate Barack Hussein Obama had offered at campaign rallies meant to open up a new era of unlimited possibilities for those who had branded President George W. Bush as a failed and incompetent two-term president.

Obama’s youthfulness and his intelligence were admired by Obama supporters.  Without a lull the main steam media continued its post-election rhetoric of glowing praise for Obama’s talent and skills as this nation’s 44th President and Commander in Chief, while continuing to bury Obama’s deceptions and misstatements as he advanced along in his presidency.

For those of us who were not fooled initially by the media’s messiah-like portrayal of Obama, and who now remain concerned over the direction of this nation under President Obama whose leadership resembles that of an imperialistic president, what more could be expected from one newly elected to the White House whose perceived self image is paramount and who had never before even managed a candy store?

History tells us that narcissistic pride (love) of self and the aura of superiority, such as surrounds and abides in Obama, is bound to be pierced in time.  Looking upon himself as another Peter Drucker (a preeminent management guru) or a Ted Levitt (a Harvard Business School Professor of great renown) is foolish, childish and immature, if there is no their there for Obama to claim as the end result.

President Barack Obama might heed the warning of Proverbs 16:18.  From the New Living Translation: Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall.  

The incompetence of President Obama and his administration can best be described as The Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight,a 1969 novel written by Jimmy Breslin.  A film of the same name and based on the book was released in 1971.

Former Rep. Allen West (R-Florida) questioned on Wednesday, November 20, whether there was some “nefarious, malicious intent” behind Obama’s “Incompetence.”  In speaking about Obama’s health care website glitches, his foreign policy struggles and his overall leadership, West mused:

This cannot all be happening by happenstance.  This cannot all be happening by just sheer incompetence.  If it is, then this entire administration needs to go away, but there has to be some questions.  What’s the intent behind this?  I mean no one can purposely wake up and say, ‘Let’s screw this up today.’

Through Incompetency and the absence of accountability —  either by design or otherwise — Obama and his administration are currently reaping irreversible damage now five plus years into Obama’s presidency.

But what is negative for Obama is a positive development for the American people, as more and more of them are perceiving Obama to be dishonest and untrustworthy, unwholesome impressions brought about by Obama’s own arrogance in believing that his charm and rhetorical skills would win the day and cement his progressive, “redistribution of wealth” agenda.

In September of this year Charles Krauthammer rightly called out the incompetence of President Obama in his handling of Syria after Assad had used chemical weapons on his own people.  After issuing an ultimatum that Assad must go, Obama gladly grabbed the lifeline tossed him by Putin.  The result:  Obama was able to slink away from the Syrian debacle of his own making.  As stated by Krauthammer “Such are the fruits of a diplomacy of epic incompetence.”

Incompetence, deception and the lack of accountability was brought to the forefront in the failure of the Obamacare roll out website on October 1st.  As President Obama’s signature program, the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a Obamacare) suffered the fate typical of a chief executive who seemingly designates too many of his responsibilities.

The Obamacare fiasco from its inception was riddled with deception and the lack of accountability, and its future promises more of the same.  Kathleen Sebelius serves as a prime example of Obama’s incompetence and utterly failed leadership.  Will Obama wait until the complete failure of Obamacare before firing Sebelius so she can be blamed for EVERYTHING?

Part 2: Will tackle the incompetency of the EPA, Obama’s arrogance in comparing self to Lincoln, and an omen for the Republican Party if legislators continue to cling to their do-nothing-to-get-along policies. 

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