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Ed Ingold said…

When President Reagen agreed to amnesty for 1 million immigrants, the final count was 4 million. People swarmed across the border to take advantage of the program. President Obama demands amnesty for 11 million immigrants. Does that mean 44 million this time?

We don’t know who is actually in the country now. In lieu of a firm headcount, the Census Bureau makes estimates. Furthermore, starting with the 2010 census, President Obama moved the Census Bureau from the Department of Commerce to the White House, under Rahm Emanual at the time.

Mark Weyermuller

Weyermuller: Do Illinois Republicans Want Amnesty?

Are Illinois republicans supporting immigration reform for illegal aliens?  The “establishment” Republican party held a press conference Tuesday with over 400 people in attendance at Chicago Club. This major public policy event, sponsored by the Illinois Business Immigration Coalition, was attended by over 400 people.
The IBIC Principles for immigration reform are visa expansions for high skilled, low skilled, and agricultural workers, legalization and citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants.
Illinois Review contributors were here, including Nancy Thorner covering the “pro-American/Anti-Amnesty Rally” outside across the street in Grant Park while I was inside the venue watching the press conference.  Read more in her Illinois Review story including the large police presence watching these flag waving harmless law abiding patriots.  Former congressman Joe Walsh helped lead the rally outside.  Their  theme was “Save the American Worker.”
Inside the posh Chicago Club, the event was hosted by Exelon’s CEO John Rowe.  He was joined by Illinois Chamber of Commerce President Doug Whitley. They introduced a variety of  business leaders to discuss the moral, economic, and political aspects of reform.  They included Carol Segal, co-founder of Crate and Barrel, Doug Oberhelman, CEO of Caterpillar, Sue Gin, CEO Flying Food Group, Joe Green, CEO of FWD,US, and Sergio Suarez, CEO of NAIMA.
Next up, a variety of Illinois politicians and candidates spoke. They were all seated together in the second row (see photo).  Each spoke for about two minutes including Dennis Hastert, Jim Edgar, Christine Radogno, Jim Durkin, Judy Barr Topinka, Tom Cross, Jim Oberweis, and Bruce Rauner.  Appearing on video were Aaron Schock and Adam Kinzinger.  Also up front introduced but not speaking were Bob Dold, Darlene Senger, and Evelyn Sanguinetti.  It was a “Who’s Who” of Illinois Republicans past and present.
I don’t believe the words “amnesty, open borders, or  illegal  alien” were ever used in this 60 minute presentation.  One reporter next to me called it a “dog and pony” show.  Others felt this was pandering by the Republican party without any serious legislative plan which would have to have democratic support.  It was obviously well organized and well orchestrated. Over 100 media people attended yet there was no mention on the 10:00 pm local news on 2,5, or 7 but I did see it several times on CLTV.  There was a fair amount of print and internet coverage.  The Blackhawks, Chicago Cubs 100th anniversary, and the surge of violence on Chicago Streets seemed to dominate most local news.
Both Jim Oberweis and Bruce Rauner spoke of “pro-reform” yet seemed to hedge on specifics.  Oberweis received the least applause after his remarks. In my opinion, much of this was all about votes.  In fact it was much about “Hispanic votes.”
Two hours before this event downtown, I attended another conservative event at a private catholic school in Wicker Park (3 miles away). Presidential hopeful Kentucky Senator Rand Paul spoke to 300 conservatives on school choice sponsored by the Illinois Policy Institute.  There were virtually no republicans who attended both events other than me.  Perhaps this shows the divide in the Illinois Republican Party between conservatives (some call the tea party) and the establishment.
Whether you call these residents illegal aliens or undocumented workers, most would agree that something should be done with some type of reform.  The question is what to do. With an election approaching in November, politicians are jumping on the band wagon to win hearts and minds, then ultimately votes. The election is Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

Story and photos by Mark Weyermuller



The day was a perfect one weather-wise as I arrived around noon at the corner of Michigan and Van Buren Streets in downtown Chicago to participate in a “Save the American Worker” Anti-Amnesty Rally on Tuesday, April 22.  The rally was sponsored by Rosanna Pulido of the Illinois Minuteman Project; Rick Belsada of the Chicago Minutemen Project; Susan Tully as National Field Director of FAIR; David A. Dewar and his Restore American; Walsh Freedom; and Patriot Coalition to protest a gathering of Republican politicians, lobbyists, and corporate CEOs pushing amnesty for illegal aliens at the nearby Chicago Club that same afternoon. 

Upon my arrival I encountered a gathering of policemen and policewomen numbering around ten just standing around and biding their time.  I thought the number quite extraordinary given that Michigan Ave. is not considered a crime-ridden area.   Going up to one of the officers I asked what the police gathering was all about and was politely told that a rally was to take place which might generate some violence.  Even so the officer couldn’t tell me its scheduled time.  It was then that I informed the officer that I had traveled by commuter train from my home in Lake Bluff to attend what was promoted as a “Save the American Worker” Anti-Amnesty Rally.  I likewise assured the officer that he and the other policemen assembled need not be concerned that the rally would get out-of-hand, further asking him if I looked like a trouble maker?

Not having convinced the officer otherwise — after all the policemen and women present had an assigned duty to perform — those assigned to cover the rally remained close by throughout the rally, some watching the rally participants from the west side of Michigan and Van Buren Streets and others riding segways on the east side where the rally participants were gathered with signs and American flags.  I couldn’t help but wonder if the police on duty didn’t think their presence was overkill.

The rally was “called to order” by Rosanna Pulido, head of the Minuteman Project in Illinois.  Using a bullhorn to speak, as did those who followed, Rosanna indicated how outrageous it was for Republican millionaires and corporate CEOs to be lobbying for amnesty to give work visas to illegal alien when Chicago-area unemployment stood at 9 percent and twenty million Americans could not find a job. Rosanna exclaimed, “We do not need more workers with such a dismal unemployment rate?  What we need is for Republican candidates to support the Republican platform!” 

Joe Walsh, a former U.S. congressman in the 10th District defeated by Tammy Duckworth in 2012, who can now be heard on the Joe Walsh Show weekdays from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on AM560 The Answer, is always a favorite with his bombastic and right on rhetoric.  Walsh didn’t disappoint, never mincing words when on or off the air, by saying what he believes people must hear to shock them out of their indifference to become caring and active patriots.  In remarking about the event which would be taking place shortly at “that fancy club across the street,” Walsh referred to those who would be speaking as the “elite who were trying to push down all of our throat amnesty for illegals.” Furthermore, “There are far too many elitist inside the Republican Party.”  Democrats are pushing for the legalization of 16 – 22 million illegal immigrants because “they are their voters”  Republicans are scared to death not to go along with voting for amnesty, fearful that if they don’t comply they will never win the White House again.  The day after Romney lost to Obama in 2012, Karl Rove and John McCain already had determined that Republicans must go for amnesty.  Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner wants amnesty, but not grassroots America.  At this point Joe Walsh warned Boehner not to sell us “down the river” like Democrats have.  Said Walsh: “If elected politicians don’t stand up for the rule of law what good are they?”  Walsh believes “in his bones” that should amnesty be granted, a third party will be formed the day after.

Rick Biesada, as head of the Chicago Minutemen and without a bit of uncertainty, remarked that candidates supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants had no business running for office, nor were they fit to run.  Despite attempts to shut down the group 10 years ago by the Illinois Coalition of Immigrant and Refugees Rights and their allies who smeared the Chicago Minutemen as racists at a meeting held at the Chicago Club, and who subsequently would send people to disrupt the Minutemen meeting and try to get the places who had rented meeting sites to close down their meetings (The Holiday Inn in McHenry did cancel one of the Minutemen meetings with Sheriff Dan Baeck from Ohio.), Chicago Minutemen could not be silenced.  Check out Rick Biesada’s hard-hitting editorial commentary – the Angry White Male

It was encouraging to hear next from Carl Segvich who is running for Cook County Commissioner in the 11th District.  He needs your help.  Donations can be made to “Citizens For Segvich”

Of all the speakers, Paul McKinley, as a black man, seemed the angriest.  He had the right to be, as he took over the bull horn to address those gathered.  In 2013 McKinley ran in the Special Election to replace Jesse Jackson, Jr., but lost.  In speaking of Chicago as “the Murder Capitol of the World” and as a “Sanctuary City”:  “If we break the law we go to jail; for illegals there is no jail time.”  By granting amnesty jobs are taken away from those in his community.  It is evident that big business prefers to give jobs to those who violate the law, such as in the construction industry.  As for the city of Chicago, what is the city doing to put the black people back to work?  Most striking is that 92% of black youth are unemployed.  Emphatically spoken not once but several times, McKinley equated immigration with dope and how it’s impossible to talk about immigration without confronting the dope problem.

While mingling with those present, I met an engaging young man, David Earl Williams III who is running for the seat of Jan Schakowsky in Illinois’s 9th congressional district.  David is all for enforcing our immigration laws to further guard our borders and is likewise fighting to maintain the constitutional values that made this country great. 

David Dierson, editor of GOPILLINOIS, dropped by for a short while before crossing over Michigan Ave. to attend the Chicago Club event.  Tickets had to be ordered in advance to gain access to where pro-amnesty politicians and candidates were on hand to speak.

Observed covering the event were cameras and reporters from Channel 11, Univision Chicago, Polvision, and AB Channel 7.  Charles Thomas, as the political reporter for Channel 7, did on-site rally interviews with Joe Walsh and Rosanna Pulido.  This video of the rally is a product of Univision. 

Check out Mark Weyermuller’s post of today about the elite gathering of politicians and candidates who met at the Chicago Club during the time of the rally professing their support for amnesty.


Anti-Amnesty Rally 010

Image 7
(L-R) Oberweis, Durkin, Cross, Rauner, Topinka, Edgar, Hastert

By Nancy Thorner and Mark Weyermuller – 

On Wednesday the Illinois Business Immigration Coalition hosted a discussion about immigration reform at the Chicago Club.

Republican leaders shared their support for reform, including former U.S. House Speaker Denny Hastert, former Illinois Governor Jim Edgar, State Senator Christine Radogno, State Representative Jim Durkin, State Comptroller Judy Barr Topinka, State Rep. Tom Cross, State Senator Jim Oberweis, and ILGOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner.

Outside, a group opposing amnesty, protested the meeting.

One of the protesters was radio personality Joe Walsh, who criticized the event at “that fancy club across the street,” saying those who would be speaking are the “elite who were trying to push down all of our throat amnesty for illegals.”

“There are far too many elitists inside the Republican Party,” Walsh shouted into a bullhorn. Democrats are pushing for the legalization of 16-22 million illegal immigrants because ‘they are their voters,'” Walsh said.

Inside the Club, both Jim Oberweis and Bruce Rauner spoke of being “pro-reform,” yet hedged on specifics.

With Chicago Police on hand, Rosanna Pulido of the Illinois Minuteman Project – who was an avid fan of Jim Oberweis in 2002 – urged protesters to stand up for American jobs. Other speakers included Rick Belsada of the Chicago Minutemen Project, Susan Tully as National Field Director of FAIR, David A. Dewar of

Ms. Pulido indicated how outrageous it was for Republican millionaires and corporate CEOs to be lobbying for amnesty to give work visas to illegal aliens when Chicago-area unemployment stood at 9 percent and twenty million Americans could not find a job. “We do not need more workers with such a dismal unemployment rate?  What we need is for Republican candidates to support the Republican platform!” Pulido said.

Joe Walsh, a former U.S. congressman in the 10th District defeated by Tammy Duckworth in 2012, remarked Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner is pushing for amnesty, in contrast to grassroots America. Walsh warned Boehner not to “sell us down the river” like the Democrats have.

Said Walsh: “If elected politicians don’t stand up for the rule of law what good are they?” Walsh believes “in his bones” that should amnesty be granted, a third party will be formed the day after.

Paul McKinley, an African American that lost the election to replace Jesse Jackson Jr, remarked that Chicago is “the Murder Capitol of the World” and as a “Sanctuary City.” “If we break the law we go to jail; for illegals there is no jail time,” McKinley said.

Others attending the protest were 9th CD candidate David Earl Williams III, Carl Segvich, GOP Illinois’ David Diersen, and talk show host Bill Kelly.

Anti-Amnesty Rally 012  Anti-Amnesty Rally 015


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ThornerBy Nancy Thorner – 

Shortly, Congress will be debating the fate of the U.S. Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im). Its authorization — last extended in 2012 — will expire on September 30 unless reauthorized. Ex-Im was first incorporated in 1934 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to finance trade with the Soviet Union. Under the Export-Import Bank Act of 1945, Congress established the bank as an independent agency. It provides loans and loan guarantees (as well as capital and credit insurance) to facilitate U.S. exports. Backed up by the full faith and credit of the U.S government, taxpayers are put on the hook.

According to Katherine Rosario writing for Heritage Action on April 1, 2014, “The United States Export-Import Bank is essentially a microcosm of some of Washington’s biggest problems, from the corruption it encourages, to putting taxpayers at risk, to the cronyism it facilitates.”

An example of the cronyism facilitated by Ex-Im to advance political ideologies was in the Bank’s backing of Solyndra, the ailing solar panel company, which received an Ex-Im Bank loan guarantee of $10.3 million. As such the Ex-Im Bank made possible the exchange of political favors under the guise of boosting the economy and growing American jobs.

Those who most benefit for Ex-Im financing are multinational corporations such as the construction and engineering firm of Bechtel (ranked by Forbes as the fourth largest privately held company by revenue), Lockheed Martin, and its biggest beneficiary by far, Boeing. In the banking industry, the U.S. Export-Import Bank is commonly referred to as Boeing’s Bank. According to some estimates, Boeing receives upwards of 80-percent of the Ex-Im Bank’s taxpayer-backed loan guarantees.

The claim is made that Ex-Im financing is essential to fill “gaps” that exist in financing when the economic or political risk to garner private property is too great. This excuse is contradicted with the fact that U.S. exports hit a record high of $2.2 trillion in 2013. This was up from $1.4 trillion five years ago, thus proving that there is no shortage of private export capital.

Because Boeing does not have to compete for financing and enjoys favorable terms, Boeing is able to sell more planes overseas.  The Ex-Im Bank gives money to foreign governments and airlines to buy Boeing products.  In 2013 85% of the Ex-Im bank’s guarantees made to Russian companies were centered around Boeing.  Specifically, $580 million was slated for the purchase of luxury airliners out of total of $639 Russia received.

Other countries like China benefited from Ex-Im bank transactions during 2013 to the tune of $636 million.  Australia’s richest person (reportedly worth $17.7 billion) was more than happy to accept $700 million in American taxpayer backing via the Bank for her company.

Supporters of Ex-Im claim that the bank is necessary to create a level playing field.  If so, how it is that only 2.2% of all U.S. exports last year received Ex-Im financing, while 98% of American exporter had to compete without the bank’s intervention.  And what about all the other domestic businesses that don’t get any Ex-Im funding?

A debate reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank is threatening to further escalate the tension between House conservatives and the Republican leadership.  Eric Cantor, who struck a deal with Democrats in 2012 to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, is now wary of battling conservatives angered by a number of his recent legislative moves.  Cantor has privately told members of the House that he does not intend to get involved this time around.

In a recent private meeting of the conservative Republican Study Committee, Paul Ryan struck the right tone when pushing for the Ex-Im Bank charter to expire.  Why should Republicans support what conservatives consider corporate welfare programs, at the same time cuts are being advocated for individual welfare programs like food stamps?  And what about the earmark ban which Republicans agreed to honor once again in the 113th Congress?  Unfortunately establishment Republicans with upcoming primaries in Georgia, Kentucky and Mississippi seem increasingly willing to disregard the earmark ban and instead brag about bringing home the bacon.

Prior to the 2012 vote by the House reauthorizing the Ex-Im bank charter, Brian Darling set forth in writing “Top Ten Reasons to End The Export Import Bank.” In the same article Darling had the following to say why the Export-Import Bank is bad for America.

There is nothing free market about the idea of the United States government providing loans to private companies for the purpose of completing against other private companies.  Especially when these large corporations are gaming the system with teams of lobbyists pushing Members of Congress to reauthorize this taxpayer funded slush fund or big business.  If the loans don’t pay off, taxpayers have to pick up the tab.

Hear what Senator Obama had to say when on the Campaign Trail in 2008.

I’m not a Democrat who believes that we can or should defend every government program, just because it’s there. There are some that don’t work like we had hoped…[like] the Export-Import Bank that has become little more than a fund for corporate welfare…If we hope to meet the challenges of our time, we have to make difficult choices. As President…I will eliminate the programs that do not work and are not needed.

Corporate welfare to large private corporations is not an easy thing for Democrats to explain to their constituents in an election year, despite President Obama’s pre-election musings.  As for Republicans, should corporate welfare be blessed in an election year when earmarks serving the same purpose are frowned upon and have been theoretically banned?

Instead, Republicans should enact policies that are free market in nature to produce jobs and grow the economy through cutting taxes, reforming the tax code, deregulation, and opening up energy exploration.

Congress must now decide whether it will reauthorize billions of dollars in corporate welfare on the backs of taxpayers or to allow private investors to finance U.S. exports.  This is not a partisan issue. There are good reasons for both Democrat and Republican legislators to allow the crony capitalist Export-Import Bank to expire (sunset) when it comes up for reauthorization.

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No_amnesty_for_illegal_aliens_tee_shirt-rfd6851e5fa3c499cba67b762ef33ae23_8nazo_512By Nancy Thorner – 

On Friday, an Illinois Review article, entitled “Rauner and Illinois GOP leaders to urge Congress to adopt immigration reform,” indicated that the GOP gubernatorial nominee will be joining other business people next Tuesday, April 22 to urge Congress to adopt immigration reform as the “politically smart, economically sound, and morally right” thing to do.

Rosanna Pulido, head of the Minuteman Project, along with independent Tea Party groups and other grassroots organizations, will be holding a “Save The American Worker Rally” at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 22 at the corner of Michigan and Van Buren Streets in downtown Chicago.

The rally is being held to protest a gathering of Rauner, Republican politicians, lobbyists, and corporate CEOs pushing amnesty for illegal aliens at the nearby Chicago Club that same afternoon.

It’s outrageous and makes no sense that fat-cat Republican millionaires and corporate CEOs are lobbying for amnesty to give work visas to illegal aliens when Chicago-area unemployment is 9 percent and twenty million Americans cannot find a job.

Unconscionable is that Republican legislative leaders State Sen. Christine Radogno (R-Lemont) and State Rep. Jim Durkin (R-Burr Ridge) have indicated their intention to attend the event.

Participants are encouraged to bring an American Flag and a simple sign – for example, “No Legalization” or “Jobs for Americans, Not Illegal Aliens.”

For further information or to RSVP, contact Rick Biesada at 773-771-3927 or Rosanna Pulido at 815-401-6711

Amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants before the border is secured once and for all is unacceptable.

It is wishful thinking by Republicans  to believe that once undocumented immigrants, many who hail from south of the border, are made American citizens and can legally vote that they will vote Republican. It is as if the the Republican establishment is comfortable in signing off to the demise of the Republican Party, all for the sake of signing on to cheap labor to please its business community and big donors.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


By Nancy Thorner – 

The Lake County Republican Federation held its 52nd Annual Spring Gala with U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) as keynote speaker.

A “Call to Order” was presented by president Larry Falbe, after which the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Don Wilson, Candidate, State Senate 30th District. Daniela Sloan sang the national anthemCarla Wyckoff, Candidate, Lake County Clerk, offered the invocation.

Remarks were made by Robert “Bob” Cook, Chairman of the Lake County Republicans; Jim Oberweis, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate; and Robert Dold, former U.S. Representative, and candidate, for Illinois’s 10th Congressional District.

Larry Farber introduced Senator Mark Kirk, calling Kirk “the Favorite Son of Lake County.” Kirk, in turn, introduced Keynote Speaker, Senator Ron Johnson, referring to Johnson as “the embodiment of Mr. Smith goes to Washington.

Senator Johnson spoke highly of Senator Kirk, recalling how inspiring it was to see Kirk walking up the Capitol steps on his first day back to work.  Senator Johnson next spoke of what drove him to get involved in politics.  Asked to speak at a Tea Party event where he was encouraged to run for office, Peterson replied, “I’m not crazy.”  It was, however, a remark made by President Obama about doctors being “greedy and money grabbing and willing to unnecessarily take off a foot or whatever to make a buck,” which raised Johnson’s dander.  Johnson’s daughter was born with a severe heart problem.  He and his wife, Jane, had the freedom to find for their daughter the most advanced surgical procedures of the time.  With the passing of Obamacare in December of 2009, Johnson came to realize how his daughter’s treatment and recovery would have been at risk under Obamacare.  Obamacare would have limited Johnson’s freedom to choose the care his daughter needed.  This cinched Johnson’s decision to run, although he didn’t start running until May 17 of election year.

Senator Johnson believes Obamacare must be repealed.  Also rating high is that America must be made more attractive for business innovation through reforming the tax code and enacting fewer regulations.

Johnson spoke about his power point presentations when home in Wisconsin on weekends.  He reminds his constituents how our Founding Fathers came from a dictatorial form of government, that government was meant to be limited, and that the purpose of government is not to solve our problems.  Instead, as government grew our freedoms receded.  Urgently needed is a restoration of faith in government.  A healthy distrust of government must be engendered, such as our Founding Fathers had of an all-controlling federal government when writing our Constitution.

While all of us share the same goal as a compassionate nation by wanting a prosperous America, Johnson questioned the  $16 trillion spent on the “War On Poverty” when the poverty rate back in 1965 remains unchanged today, still at 15%.  All of the good intentions didn’t contribute to good consequences, but actually destroyed the family.  Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a New Deal liberal who believed in alleviating poverty channeling public money directly to the poor, later criticized the War on Poverty maintaining that marriage, although not a panacea for poverty, is a significant contributor to upward mobility.  Today 41% of all births are out-of-wedlock.

In speaking about a Business Round Table event Johnson attended in Washington, D.C., he remarked that business is not standing today with the American public.   The public has been led to believe that business is evil, and that it’s only fair for the top 1% to pay more.  With this prevailing attitude, what can be done to enable business to work as a positive force in society?  Standing in the way is a University System that has been controlling education and culture for the past 50 – 60 years.  Business must start defending itself by educating the American people.  This said, our nation is in a bad place when the American people must be reminded of what this nation stands for, complicated by a media that is no help at all.

Senator Johnson is not pleased with fellow Republicans who believe the fix to problems is to spend a little more money.  The Left thrives in giving out candy; it’s tasty stuff, and people like it.  Republicans should be serving Novocaine to deal with problems that are threatening this nation’s fiscal stability, but how many Republican are willing to do so when the other side uses money to buy votes?

Republicans, however, do have a victory to point to.  Johnson spoke of the thousands of letters being received from constitutes who are not happy with their health insurance.  Even so Senator Harry Reed had the gall to call all the letter writers liars, as were their complaints, in an attempt to creates victims of us all by a government that has become all powerful.

In commenting about the 9% approval rate of Congress by the American people, Johnson thought it way too high; nevertheless; it does show that the American people are not pleased with what they see in Washington, D.C.  Irregardless, the American people still elected Barack Obama to a second term of office and likewise politicians who are dedicated to growing the state.

A word to candidates running for office:  A message of a broken, out-of-control, and an ineffective government must be taken to constituents.   Do they really want government to continue to grow?  What about the intrusion of government into their lives?  Are they comfortable with government taking over this nation’s healthcare system? Whether a candidate for office or not, it is up to all of us to convince at least 51% of voters that big government and its intrusion into our lives is a bad idea.

Optimism was expressed by Senator Johnson in regard to the coming November General Elections:  “Never has there been a better opportunity for the Republican Party to be successful as at the present time.”  [Not mentioned by Peterson, nor how to deal with it, are those who vote illegally and the election fraud that commonly occurs in large cities across the U.S.]

Senator Johnson spoke with pride about an immigration swearing-in event he attended where 63 individuals from all over the world first announced all allegiance to the place of their birth, followed by their swearing of allegiance to this country.  Johnson believing that this is the greatest country in the world remarked, “Wave after wave of immigrants have come to a land of unlimited opportunity which we have had the privilege to participate in.”

It was when visiting with triple amputees at a rehabilitation center that Senator Johnson was at a loss of words in expressing his awe, inspiration, and his hope for America that continued to linger with him after his visit.   One triple amputee told Johnson that he was shortly planning  to visit those on the floor above who had just been admitted to the rehabilitation center to boast their morale.  As Johnson said:  “When three limbs are missing, there isn’t much left.”

In closing, Senator Johnson spoke of the “Spirit of American” as being alive.  “Although not always visible in some quarters, it is alive in the hearts of you and others so that it will survive for future generations.  May God Bless America!”

The final event of the 52nd Annual Spring Gala was the presentation of the “Bob Milton Award” given to honor a volunteer who has perform admirably during the year.  Recently deceased Ray Card, a much loved and a tireless worker, was last year’s recipient of the Bob Milton Award.  In memory of Ray Card, the Bob Milton Award was renamed the “Ray Card Lifetime Award.”  Chelsea Stanley, Former Executive Director, Lake County Republican Federation, handed out this year’s Bob Milton Award to Nancy Kubalanza of Grant Township.  She was described as fiercely loyal and a hard worker willing to drop everything to help with an event or a mailing.  A flabbergasted Nancy Kubalanza, usually never at a loss for words, was overwhelmed at being so honored.  Nancy downplayed her work, giving credit to her husband who supports her and a daughter who assists her.

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Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 10.27.13 AM

By Nancy Thorner – 

Illinois taxpayers are beginning to paying attention to how their tax dollars are being spent, and Tea Partiers in Northern Illinois were especially interested last week in getting more information on one of the state’s biggest expenditures – state employee retirement benefits.

The Northern Illinois Patriots met at Austin’s in Libertyville, IL, Wednesday, April 9, although the usual meeting night of the organization is every 2nd Tuesday of the month from 6:30 – 9:00 p.m.  Greg Clements is president of the organization. The core beliefs of the Northern Illinois Patriots are Limited Government; Free Market Economy; Pro-family; Choice of Education; and National Defense.

Bill Zettler, Director of Research at the Family Taxpayers Foundation, was on hand as featured guest to speak about the “Illinois Pension Scandal,” also the title of Zettler’s outstanding book.

Prior to introducing Bill Zettler, Clements commented:

1.  Our bond rating is worst in this nation.  The first watch dog group to blow the whistle on Illinois’s pension problem was in 1945.  A promise of promising more than can be paid has been ignored for over 60 years.

2.  Impact on business:  They will not expand.  Small businesses are relocating to bordering states, resulting in the loss of tax revenue.

3.  Personal impact:  It compounds the problems for those who stay through increased and additional taxes levied.  Every 9 minutes someone leaves Illinois.  Illinois ranks third in the number of people moving out of the state.  Only New Jersey and New York win over Illinois in the number of people exiting our state.

Greg Clements was questioned about IRISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act passed in 1974 that sets minimum standards for most voluntarily established pension and health plans in private industry to provide protection for individuals in these plans.  “Just why doesn’t government have to be subject to the same rules as business where at least 80% of their retirement fund must be funded?”  The catch:  In general, ERISA does not cover retirement plans established or maintained by governmental entities.  As government uses the cash method, it can promise payment, but the amount owed doesn’t become a liability until it is paid.

Clements called the 1970 Illinois Constitution a “recipe for disaster” and that “no one deserves a constitutionally deserved retirement.”   Although government pensions in Illinois might be funded at the 57% level, if even at that, commitments already made are outstripping the money being put in.  Three words in the Constitution, “diminished or impaired,” cap a clause that is designed to force Illinois to meet obligations to its retired public sector workers.

On Thursday, April 10, current information about Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s partial city pension overhaul that passed two days before in the General Assembly (Tuesday, April 8) was shared by State Representative Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton).  Representative Ives’ wrote:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s partial city pension overhaul passed in the General Assembly on Tuesday. The bill that passed merely scratches at the surface of the problem. In October 2013, Barron’s shed some light on the severity of Chicago’s pension problem in an article that ranked the 20 most populous cities in the US based on their debt as a percentage of government revenue.  Detroit, currently bankrupt, ranked 12th at 372 percent.  Chicago, ranked 20th– last place, at 683 percent. The article exposes that it would require ALL of Chicago’s government revenue for the next seven years to finally pay off the city’s debt and unfunded liabilities for worker pensions and healthcare. 

It is going to get worse.  Politicians eventually must deal with the larger Chicago funds that are in worse shape – police, fire, and teachers.  Rolling out these reforms piecemeal hides the depth of reform needed by masking the entire cost to taxpayers. Hidden during debate is the $600 million in additional pension payments state law requires the city to make to its police and firefighter funds next year and the $600 million in pension payments needed for Chicago teachers at the same time.

Greg Clements introduced Bill Zettler to the assembled patriots.  Zettler’s remarks added immensely to the current pension issue, especially in relationship to the TRS (Teachers’ Retirement System), given his knowledge of the issue as presented in his book: “Illinois Pension Scam.”  Zettler was encouraged to write “Illinois Pension Scam” by Jack Roeser of Champion News in his role as Director of Research at theFamily Taxpayers Foundation

According to Bill Zettler, although the amount of unfunded pension is often given at $100 billion, this is just a guess.  When adding up all future pensions that must be paid by the state’s five retirement funds, it’s more like $170 billion.

Zettler immediately zeroed in on the TRS, as it’s the state’s biggest public pension fund.  According to an article published at “Huff Post Chicago” on October 25, 2013 by Reuters:  TRS said it has never received a full contribution from Illinois since it was created in 1939.  TRS, the 39th largest pension system in the United States, serves 389,900 teachers, administrators and other school personnel and had assets of $40.97 billion as of Sept. 30, 2013.

Madigan was in the House back in 1970 when the “Constitution” was passed guaranteeing pensions, but not funding.

How is it that despite a 13% return on investments in fiscal year 2013, the TRS funding gap rose to $55.73 billion as of June 30, up from $52.08 billion at the end of fiscal 2012, increasing the unfunded liability of the TRS by 7%. With only $40.97 billion of assets, and a funding gap of $55.73 billion, real pension reform is urgently needed in Springfield, not a make-believe fix.

Bill Zettler explained how the ROI (Rate of Investment) has much to do with the way pension debt is mounting.  Using a large mounted tablet Zettler wrote the following simplified example to illustrate why pension debt is increasing:

  • Suppose that $8.00 a year pension is owed and there is $100.00 in the bank.
  • With $100 in the bank, the $8.00 a year pension can be met when receiving an 8% interest rate on a CD.  With this rate the pension can be paid forever.
  • Now let’s suppose in rolling over the CD that the best rate available is 4% for the following year.
  • Now in order to meet the $8 pension there would have to be $200.00 in the bank, as only 50% of the pension would be funded.

The proof is indeed in the pudding!  It matters not how much the amount of debt is.  When interest rates are cut in half, liability doubles.  

Zettler illustrated the nature of the “Defined Benefit Fund” with a pie-chart.   Depicted was how a small amount of money is paid into the fund by the employers and a slightly higher amount by the employees, meaning that the rest of the pie, which is over 3/4 of the whole, must somehow be paid for.  With the amount derived from investments cut in half from 8% to 4%, taxpayers are now liable for half of the amount that investments are no longer covering.

A $5.3 billion contribution would be needed to keep the unfunded liability of the TRS from rising further. As the TRS gave preliminary approval to only a $3.412 billion contribution for fiscal 2014, a further rise in unfunded TRS liability is assured.

High salaries for teachers equals high pensions.  Teachers in Illinois can retire at 55 or 30 years, with an assured 3% cost of living every year until the end of their lives.

Through FOIA requests, Zettler has determined that in Illinois there are 10,000 teachers and 16,000, if you include administrators, whose salaries are greater than $100,000.  In contrast, Wisconsin has one $100K teacher; Indiana (21); Iowa (8); Missouri (11); and Kentucky (0).

A handout by Zettler listed the 50 top pensions as of 2013, ranging in amounts from $439,672 down to $231,110.  Illinois now has its first $500,000 pensioner, anesthesiologist Dr. Alon Winnie, a retiree from the State’s University Retirement System.  His pension during 2013 was $512,964 or $42,747 a month.  His COLA payment of January 1, 2014 amounted to $15,389, raising Winnie’s pension to $528,353 or $44.029 a month.  Dr. Winnie has already collected close to $6 million to date. If he lives a normal life expectancy (80 years per IRS), he will end up collecting over $12 million.

It should be obvious that the defined pension benefit plan where the benefit formula is defined and known in advance and is predetermined by a formula based on the employee’s earnings history, tenure of service and age, as with TRS, is bound to collapse, especially for young teachers coming into the system.  Mandated is the need to shift to a 401K-style retirement system.  Might salaries be frozen for three years, and what about the yearly fixed 3% COLAS?

In closing Mark Miller announced a new endeavor for the Northern Illinois Patriots.  Its leadership team will help members by partnering and then working with them to educate people in their local communities on how to stand up, using facts, to shed light on the situation at hand.

Recommended as a coming event was the 6th annual Chicago/Illinois Tax Day Tea Party rally on April 15, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. at the Arcada Theater in St. Charles, IL.



By Nancy Thorner and Bonnie O’Neil – 

School teachers all over the nation are quitting their profession, often due to being forced to abandon what they considered an excellent education system and change to one they consider inferior.   The faulty system they refer to is the new and highly controversial Common Core.  Susan Sluyter recently provided her reason for resigning after 25 years of teaching. She stated “I have watched as my job requirements swung away from a focus on the children, their individual learning styles, emotional needs, and their individual families, interests and strengths, to a focus on testing, assessing, and scoring young children, thereby ramping up the academic demands and pressures on them.”

One theory for developing Common Core, touted by those who initiated the experimental program, is the advantage of creating a common set of standards for all the states. However, opponents say that this one-size-fits-all approach to education is flawed and robs states of their individuality.  Opponents also state that it isn’t just the standards that are being criticized.  The bigger problem is the curriculum that supports the standards that has parents, teachers, and concerned citizens forming pockets of protests throughout America.

Proponents of Common Core like to portray the opposition movement as one being driven by Tea Party members. While that group may oppose it, the reality is that the firestorm of opposition sweeping through the states is largely being fueled by parents of school children. These are people who had been busy raising their families, without the time or inclination to become involved in politics. Common Core turned them into political activists.

Heather Chappell and Susi Khan are examples of that. They are mothers in Yorba Linda, California and became concerned when Common Core was introduced at their school. They began to ask questions and did not like the answers they received. They took the time to investigate Common Core more thoroughly and discovered many others shared their concerns. Those two Moms found it alarming that most of their friends and neighbors had never even heard of the new education system.

They decided to organize an event to help others learn what they knew.  Forming a small committee comprised of their friends, and with minimal publicity, Heather and Susi left their laundry choirs to plan an event and help others know the facts. About 250 people crowded into a church in their area to hear a presentation about Common Core. It was a huge success, which attracted a variety of people from all walks of life, age groups, and political backgrounds. Those results caused Heather and Susi to know people had a desires and need to know more about Common Core. They quickly put together another event.

But they are not alone! Parents just like them are popping up throughout America to aggressively protest against the controversial education system, causing state officials to take a second look at the problems inherent in Common Core.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence listened to the outrage and reports of problems that continued to plague his office.  He recently decided to drop Common Core and replace it with a state program.  He signed new legislation that made his state the first to opt out of Common Core standards.   Pence unlocked the floodgates for more states to follow Indiana’s move against the ill-conceived federal intervention of Common Core. The two most obvious states are Scott Walker’s Wisconsin and Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal. Other states are concerned about the number and quality of the assessment tests, and have withdrawn from the Smarter Balanced coalition, choosing to use their own testing methods.

The obvious questions being asked are why and how did this controversial system quietly creep into all but five of our states?  The answer to “why” depends upon who you ask.  Promoters claim there needed to be a consistency of standards among all states, and that our education system was lacking when compared to other countries.  Opponents argue each state should decide their own standards, based on their unique needs, and that if our education system is deficient, why are we inundated with students from most every other country who want to be educated here in America?

Opponents to the new system also resent that historical and federal education laws/rules were ignored by the relatively small group who developed and sold Common Core to the states.  Which introduces the question: How did our entire nation, with the exclusion of five states, end up using Common Core? — Texas, Alaska, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Virginia.

The concept is an old idea whose roots date back to the United Nations and an ultra-liberal by the name of Robert Muller. He spent 40 years quietly working to create the “World Core Curriculum.” The first Robert Muller School was started in Arlington, Texas in 1979 to implement the World Core Curriculum with the objective of making it available to educators around the world.  Muller’s “New Genesis,” published in 1982, sets forth in 27 chapter a blueprint for creating a world that will become a better place live in.

Since then many world leaders, including America’s “elitist,” decided to march in lock-step with the United Nation concept. That plan, which many of the same people embraced, is a “one-world” government and spirituality that includes a one religion, one world education system, one world government, etc.   Actually, their plan includes pretty much the opposite of what our wise forefathers embraced.   Need anything more be said on that subject?  We know the result of our founding fathers’ efforts: The United States prospered beyond anyone’s imagination and developed into a World leader.  So, why would anyone chance making radical changes, based on an agenda formed by the United Nations?

The designers of Common Core had a strategy to sell it to the States.  The Obama administration had $4.35 billion of “Race to the Top” federal funds to offer states if they accepted Common Core.  They also threw in a bonus of allowing states the option of dropping the highly unpopular “No Child Left Behind” program from George W. Bush’s days. Throw in a sales pitch inundated with lofty adjectives and promises of high achieving students, and the states couldn’t sign the dotted line fast enough.  They were so eager to accept the unproven, untested program that some states did not bother to even run it by their Congress.  What about the public comment period? How about examining the material first?  Sorry!  The curriculum wasn’t even developed, let alone available when those contracts were agreed upon.

People have asked if it is possible to have a recall of every state Governor who bought the bribes and who trusted without bothering to verify the promoters’ exaggerated  promises.  The public was not informed of the negative facts surrounding the issue, and the best source to educate the public was our media, but they remained relatively oblivious to these negatives.  Could that be due to their largely liberal leanings and a reluctance to confront Democrats in power?  If so, that is unfortunate, because all segments of our population, including those from every political affiliation, are questioning Common Core.

Were laws bent or broken in this process?  There are lawyers developing a challenge based on that belief, but some claim the only way to defeat Common Core is for “We the People” to rise up and speak out against it.  It will take a tidal wave of concerned citizens demanding the federal government scrap Common Core and return the responsibility for our children’s education to the state and local control.  American citizens are not interested in accepting the U.N. mandates nor have we bought into a one world governing concept.”

Informed parents are not buying into the premise that our education system needed a total revision; just that It may have needed to be “tweaked” in specific areas.  Quite “telling” is that the known problems and reasons for lower test scores were not even touched by the authors of Common Core.  What are they?

Most experts agree that the following aspects contribute greatly to lower test scores in states:

1. Teacher Unions have been able to keep ineffective and low performing teachers from being fired.  When parents become too noisy about a specific teacher’s shortcomings, she/he is moved to a school district in which parents are not as likely to complain: the same school districts most in need of quality teachers.

2. We are a nation of many cultures, some of which demand more of their children and teachers than others.  One example are students in which English is their second language, and most often for their parents as well. With little help at home, those students lag far behind in their classes. Also, students from single family homes, who tragically miss their father and his support, cause Moms to struggle just to survive. There is no time or energy for her to work with her children’s school needs.

It should send chills up our spines knowing liberals managed to slip Common Core into our nation’s schools in such a relatively short period of time, without hardly a smidgeon of advanced warning, and in the absence of any proof it was superior. That was allowed to happen largely because of wealthy people who made huge contributions to promote it. Some question whether those contributions were for the altruistic purposes claimed.  There is no doubt most everyone involved in the implementation of Common Core will be highly compensated in a variety of ways.

The following is a quote from a website that is devoted entirely to exposing the facts, faults, and failures of Common Core, as well as exposing the people who will profit from it.  Please read their conclusion of Common Core very slowly and carefully to get the full impact of their massive research on the subject:

Bill Gates is paying a “nonprofit” already overly involved in federal affairs to ‘help’ the USDOE (United States Dept. of Education) ‘improve’ its operations– and no doubt those ‘improvements’ will coincidentally serve the lucrative, privatizing purposes of the nonprofit-affiliated ‘improvers,’ not the least of which is planting carefully-groomed, privatizer neophytes into strategic governmental positions in order to propagate the corporate reform agenda for years to come.

In short, those with obscene money are paying those wanting to make money to advise those with public money on how to best spend the public’s money.

The important question remaining is what will YOU do to respond to the hijacking of our education system by “elites” who have “gamed” the system for personal profit at the expense of our children’s education.  Will you speak out at a city council or board of education meeting?  Will you contact your local newspaper; possibly write a letter to the editor?  Will you organize an event in your home and invite your friends and relatives?  How about scheduling a meeting with your local state official?  Will you at the very least talk to others about this important issue?

Series of Articles exploring UN Agenda 21 by Nancy Thorner and Bonnie O’Neil:

Article 1:

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Thorner: F. H. Buckley presents dim view of America’s “Crown Government”


By Nancy Thorner – 

On Thursday, April 3, The Heartland Institute’s Author Series featured F.H. Buckley, author and foundation professor at George Mason University School of Law with his eye-opening, recently published book titled, “The Once and Future King: The Rise and Fall of Crown Government.”  A citizen of Canada, Buckley will be sworn in as a U.S. citizen April 15.

Buckley didn’t mince words when he shattered just about every myth surrounding American government.  The Constitution, with its separation of powers, was not what the Founders had in mind. They instead envisioned a country in which Congress would dominate the government and in which the president would play a much smaller role.

Buckley offered a clarion warning about the alarming rise of one-man rule in the age of Obama, which he calls Crown government, and which one of our Founders (George Mason) called an “elective monarchy” that was worse than the real thing.

How did this nation arrive at its current state?

Although Buckley is not a Constitutional lawyer, he feels that as an outsider he has a better prospective of what led to American’s transformation to that of an “Imperial Presidency,” a term first coined by Arthur Schlesinger Jr. in a book by the same name, who as an adviser to the Kennedy administration, later condemned Richard Nixon’s abuse of presidential power and accordingly called for a return of power to the congressional branch.

Foremost in Buckley’s presentation was how presidential regimes differ from parliamentary systems of government through his evaluation of both systems:

  • Most worrisome in a presidential system is that the head of government and the head of state are united as one, in contrast to a parliamentary system where control rests more in party leaders.
  • Presidents can hide behind lecterns, but not prime ministers who must respond to questions from the Opposition on a daily basis when Parliament is in session or when the prime minister is in the country. Obama wouldn’t last in a parliamentary form of government where he would have to answer every question directed to him by Republican leaders.
  • Presidents have a fixed term, while prime ministers may be ousted at any time by a majority in the House of Commons.  In 225 years no president has ever been removed from office through impeachment.  Nixon may have saved himself from this fate by resigning.  Clinton was able to slow walk the impeachment process long enough to place the blame on Ken Starr.  Andrew Johnson came close to impeachment but won by a single vote:  35 to convict; 19 to acquit. The “high crimes and misdemeanors” test of our Constitution requires a 2/3 vote in the Senate. Rejected was what was first proposed by George Mason which called for impeachment based on a “maladministration” standard. Madison disagreed with the maladministration standard fearing that presidents under that standard could be removed for any reason.  Evident is that the Framers never anticipated that the presidency would emerge as the dominate branch of the government and that a broad impeachment power might be necessary to keep the executive branch in check.  As observed by Thomas Jefferson in his old age, a judgment seconded by Henry Adams, impeachment, as set forth in the Constitution, was not even a scarecrow!
  • The president is the only person elected by the entire country and has become the principal symbol of American democracy.  While Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution established that the president has the power to run the executive branch of the government, Article II, Section 2 was amended in 1804 through the 12th amendment which set up the Electoral College system which still governs modern presidential elections. This system of electing presidents has given way to the rise of a strong president, helped along by the sick adulation of the president by the media (far better when politicians are considered buffoons!), and a Supreme Court that serves at the whim of presidents.
  • The Electoral College system of electing presidents has ultimately produced a different kind of leader who is subject to public extremes of love and hatred, out of which has developed intense partisanship and gridlock. It hasn’t helped that the media has made rock stars out of the heads of government.
  • The loss of political freedom is associated with the concentration of power at the top in a president; hence, a “Reversibility” problem exists where people are stuck with bad laws and rulings, i.e., Obamacare.  With the power to issue Executive Orders, President Obama is putting in place policies that fit his own agenda if unable to legislate through Congress.
  • Presidential systems are difficult to export to other countries.  It didn’t work when exporting to South America. There are lots of presidents for life, but never a prime minister; however, in these modern times both presidents and prime ministers have gained increased power.

The issue of immigration was touched upon in the context of how population is renewed by birth and immigration.  The intake of immigration in the 1950’s looked like America with 70% from Europe and Asia.  The immigration intake now largely consist of those living south of the Rio Grande. They didn’t come here after reading the Federalist papers!  Many will latch on to the Democrat Party, being used to having power centered in a powerful president with government as their keeper.

Also of concern to Buckley is our criminal law system.  The scope of current law is so broad that its interpretation is often left open to the individual wishing to apply the law.  Buckley’s fear is that those having the incorrect political leaning could be arrested or penalized.

Despite the many drawback of our presidential system, what went so wrong that we now have an elected head of state and president who is behaving like an Imperial President?

As stated by F.H. Buckley, “We’ve had a wonderful run for 235 years.”  As to the age we are living in, we can no longer count on the courts to protect our constitutional liberties.

Unless there is an extremely egregious nominee, the Senate votes to uphold the nomination.  Despite the many scandals that have happened under the watch of Democrats, including Fast and Furious, Bengali, and the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS, because an ineffective Department of Justice and an Attorney General is in place who is tied to the president and not concerned about Constitutional principles, culpability is being denied and justice is not being served.

Then too there is the present Congress whose members are not willing to step up to the plate, but for a few, and take a united stand against Democrat proposals that are wrong for this nation.  Not only did wimpy and frightened Republican recently give in to Democrats while receiving nothing in return when they allowed the debt ceiling to be raised, but in dealing with the $862 billion Stimulus Bill passed in 2009, very little direction was given on how this tremendous amount of money should be spent.

It is easier to change course in a parliamentary regime than in one with an elected president.  For not only is it difficult to amend the Constitution, but a Supreme Court stacked with judges in sync with the views of a president and a media that fawns over the president create additional obstacles.

As the concentration of power becomes more in the hands of one instead of many, the deck becomes more and more stacked against effecting change in Congress through working within the system. An examples of when change happened from outside the system was the tea party’s show of election might when new comers were elected to Congress in 2010, all united on the pledge to shut down the earmark favor factory.

Also deserving of credit by Buckley was the “Republican Contract of America” written in part by Newt Gingrich and introduced six weeks before the1994 Congressional election.  Current Republican members of the House of Representatives and those citizens seeking to join that body, promised not just work to change its policies, but even more so to restore the bonds of trust between the people and their elected representatives.  The contract enabled New Gingrich to become the first Republican Speaker of the House of Representative in 40 years. The Contract included 8 proposals outlining legislature to get enacted by the House of Representative within the first 100 days of the 104th Congress (1995-96).  All parts of the Contract were passed by the House under the leadership of Speaker Gingrich.

After all the negative views presented, there was something positive news to grab on to.  Noted was that all good things seem to be happening on the Right, such as Students for Liberty, as the Left continues to digs its hole even deeper with policies that take this nation in the wrong direction.  National referendums could be useful but this would require that all legislators come together and speak about the same problem, hardly likely!  Being advocated by Mark Levin and others is a Constitutional Convention.   It was slipped into Article 5 of the Constitution by George Mason as an alternate way for amendments to be proposed which says, “If two-thirds of state legislatures demand a meeting, Congress “shall call a convention for proposing amendments.”

Joe Bast, President of The Heartland Institute, announced that the following dates of importance regarding upcoming Heartland events should be saved.

The 9th International Conference on Climate Change to take place in Las Vegas from July 7 – July 9, 2014.

The 30th Anniversary Benefit Dinner with Michelle Malkin as Keynote Speaker on Friday, September 12, 2014.

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