Thorner: DefundiObama’s amnesty overreach a House priority

December 1, 2014

Saturday, November 29, 2014


By Nancy Thorner – 

On November 20 President Obama acted with unprecedented executive powers to grant legal status and new protections to as many as 5 million illegal immigrants. Obama arrogantly ignored the contents of a letter dated the day before – issued following a Justice Department investigation — that he lacked the authority to act via an executive order regarding illegal immigrants.

Obama sold his executive overreach by claiming that his executive amnesty was not “amnesty” but actually “accountability” for illegal immigrants. Obama’s argument was that because Congress hasn’t passed legislation giving amnesty to illegal immigrants, he has no choice but to ram it through on his own. Granted to at least four million currently illegal immigrants are work permits, Social Security numbers and protection from deportation.

This flouting of the law and of the Constitution, which designates three branches of government to act as checks and balances, will only encourage yet another wave of illegal immigration, worsening rather than doing anything to address the problem. President Obama has procedural discretion, but his expansive action exceeds his authority in ways that none of his predecessors ever envisioned.

Then too, how does Obama explain that twenty two time prior to his executive amnesty he publicly stated that it would be unconstitutionally impossible to do so, for as he said in one instance, “I’m president.  I’m not king.”

It was while speaking in Chicago to promote his executive amnesty that President Obama admitted that the action he took was to change the law.  It was in response to a confrontation with hecklers protesting the deportation of families.

While it might seem the compassionate thing to do to offer legal status in America to millions of illegal immigrants, what about the millions of people already in this nation mired in dire poverty?  According to a Rasmussen poll of Nov. 24, 62% of Americans oppose Obama’s plan to give millions of illegal immigrants a temporary amnesty.

Regarding fairness, what about the millions of people who have immigrated here legally as well as those who have been waiting in the queue for years to be admitted? 1.4 immigrants are admitted legally every year.  Doesn’t fairness demand that amnesty should not be given to those who have jumped illegally ahead of them in line?

Regarding the net cost — which is total benefits minus total benefits paid in – the cost of the Obama’s amnesty recipients is estimated to be around $2 trillion over the course of their lifetime. Three dollars of benefits are received for every dollar they put in. This would not be a problem if we had plenty of money, but with our national debt approaching $18 trillion, paying it back at a rate of $1 billion per day would take nearly 50 years! 

But by far the most important reason to object to Obama’s executive order with its far reaching implications is because Obama’s move has set up a historic shift in power towards the office of the executive. Throughout history unchecked power has led to the rise of tyrants and despots.

Although the House Appropriations Committee said Thursday, Nov. 20, that it would be impossible to defund President Obama’s executive actions on immigration through a government spending bill, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) told Breitbart that a report from the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service contends that Rep. Hal Rogers, Rep. Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, is incorrect in his assumption. The CRS indicated that Congress can deny funds to the immigration enforcement agency despite the fact that it operates primarily on revenues collected through the imposition of fees.

The American people are not stupid.  Speaker John Boehner’s and company must be told in no uncertain terms to use the Constitutional power of the purse granted to the House to stop Obama’s dictatorial amnesty decree when returning to work after their Thanksgiving break.

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