Thorner: Rauner joins Illinois Policy Institute Christmas party

December 15, 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014

Thorner: Rauner joins Illinois Policy Institute Christmas party

Gov.-Elect Rauner mingled with Illinois Policy Institute “Gifts of the Free Market” guests

By Nancy Thorner – 

Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner celebrated a “No Cronies Christmas” with the Illinois Policy Institute at its annual “Gifts of the Free Market” party in the Library of its Chicago headquarters Wednesday. The group’s CEO John Tillman and Vice President Kristina Rasmussen, along with the 300 members and friends gathered to celebrate Christmas cheer, enjoy incredible company, and applaud the fantastic gifts of the free market system, the greatest force for good in the human sphere.

To wrap up 2014, the group noted three victories achieved in Illinois: the defeat of three tax-hike proposals, stopping a state-funded ObamaCare exchange, and helping thousands of Illinoisans opt out of union membership.

Governor-elect Bruce Rauner made a guest appearance. Although the Illinois Policy Institute cannot support political candidates, CEO John Tillman, in introducing Bruce Rauner, noted that he had known Rauner since 2008.  Governor-elect Rauner deemed it an honor to be in attendance, offering special thanks to the staff of the Illinois Policy Institute for its leadership in promoting freedom and American principles. Rauner further noted how fortunate Illinois was to be home to an organization such as the Illinois Policy Institute where citizens can get engaged in making a difference.Rauner indicated that he saw being governor more than just a job.  He was here to work for the people of Illinois, humbled and honored to have the opportunity to do so.  Illinois has always been his home, having been born and raised in IL.  For Bruce Rauner, any self-sacrifice was well worth what it might entail, given his desire to bring about a New Day In Illinois come January 12, 2015.  Rauner indicated that he would give his all to restoring Illinois.  Referring to Illinois as the worst run state in this nation,  Bruce Rauner spoke of fighting for limited government, lower taxes, jobs, pension reform and choice in education.  When Bruce Rauner announced to his wife and children that he was running for governor, his youngest daughter expressed this concern, “Please don’t run for governor.  I don’t want you to go to jail.”

After winning his bid for governor in November, Rauner looked at every budget in every department, and found that things were a lot worse than he had originally thought them to be. It was then that governor-elect Rauner requested citizen help and investment to turn around state government.  Presently Rauner is looking for talented individuals — 500 in the next 60 days — who will be true pubic servants.  They must display talent, integrity, and principle and the willingness to treat Illinoisans with respect.  Rauner’s final remarks, “I will run the government from Springfield.”  Unlike Governor Quinn, Rauner will reside in the “The Governor’s Mansion” located in Springfield.  Rauner stayed to shake hands and pose for photos after his comments.

Acknowledgments were extended by CEO John Tillman to Institute’s heroes from 2014.  They included individuals, donors, and activists who took extraordinary steps to make Illinois a freer place to live and work.

Given the still fresh news of Judy Topinka’s unexpected death earlier in the day, within the room everyone was talking about who would replace her as comptroller.

Complimentary food and drinks were provided. Vocalist Lisa Sroka and Tony Jurich on keyboard performed Christmas carols and music of the season early in the evening, which likewise contributed to the festive mood experienced by those who participated in the 2014 Gifts of the Free Market Christmas party hosted by the Illinois Policy Institute.


Photos by Mark Weyermuller

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