Thorner: Does college live up to what is promised?

February 18, 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


By Nancy Thorner – 

In the run up to President Obama’s election to his first term in office in 2008, there was much made of Obama’s remark about the resentment of his candidacy in smalltown, Pennsylvania, where residents cling to religion, guns, or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustration.

Recently former governor of Vermont, Dr. Howard Dean, a physician-turned politician who is best remembered for his 2004 Democratic presidential nomination, was guilty of discrimination against many of the same individuals when he attacked Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a potential candidate for president in 2016, for not finishing college. Dean believes Scott Walker isn’t qualified to be president because he lacks a college degree. Said Dean, “If elected, Walker would be the first president in many generations that did not have a college degree.”

In the current political scene, Scott Walker, the heretofore little-known governor of Wisconsin, is emerging as the main challenger to Jeb Bush in the race to become the Republicans’ 2016 presidential candidate.  But while Jeb Bush is raising tens of millions of dollars and attracting huge media attention everywhere he goes, various polls indicate that a quiet momentum is building for Governor Scott Walker.  Many Republicans are being attracted to Walker for winning a series of bruising showdowns with public sector unions in Wisconsin in a state that leans Democrat.  Elected as governor in 2010, Walker survived a special recall election in 2012, and defied naysayers by being re-elected last November.

In reference to Dean’s remark and Walker’s lack of a college, 40% of the population have a college degree with slightly more having some college education. It never mattered to Dean and other Democrats that President George W. Bush had an undergraduate degree from Yale University and a Graduate Degree from Howard Business School.  Bush was routinely called a “nitwit” and “stupid” during his presidency.

As far as never earning a college degree Charles Krauthammer had this to say wondering, “Where’s the story here? Student who is bored with his studies with a year to go in credits in his senior year, interested in other events is offered a good job and leaves? That’s a story? That’s a dog bites man story.”

According to Walker, he dropped out of Marquette University in his senior year because he took a job with the American Red Cross. He was 36 credits short of receiving a degree.

Howard Dean’s attack against Governor Walker was not a surprise, for this is the strategy used by the Democratic Party when perceived that a Republican candidate is gaining traction in the public eye.  More Democratic attacks will follow to knock Walker down a peg or two, as will the use of smear campaigns designed to degrade other Republican candidates who show promise.

Dean should have done his homework before hurling his spurious comment against Governor Walker.  Dr. Dean just insulted 60% of the American people who don’t have college degrees, yet have succeeded or who are succeeding in life.  Some of the most brilliant and smartest minds never went to college, neither did presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson.  As did Walker, founders of Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple all left college in their senior year.

Check this link for 100 top entrepreneurs who succeeded without college degrees. The young author of the article, Josh Hudson, made these all too true and disheartening statements:

Getting a college degree can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, yet once you are out, there is no guarantee of success. A pretty risky investment.

Many business-minded people decided to take the less conventional route to fame and fortune — instead of going to (or finishing) college, they chose to start their own businesses.

Many of these people are now considered to be the Elite of the Elite and did so all without a piece of paper stating that they were approved to be in the American workforce.

Who gets a college degree is still starkly divided by race – 27.6 percent of blacks, 23.4 percent of Native Americans and 19.8 percent of Latinos hold at least a two-year degree, compared to 43.9 percent of whites and 59.4 percent of Asians.  With more Americans headed to college, the findings of a new Gallup poll indicates that paying for college expenses is the most common financial challenge facing those between the ages of 18 and 49.

As many young adults are finding out the hard way, a college degree doesn’t add up to a great job in ones field of study.  Many college graduates are unable to find jobs, while staring at their accumulated college financial burden with no way of paying it back their college debts.

It doesn’t take a college degree to have common sense or to be passionate about an idea that is your own to explore and develop.  For if common sense is lacking, or not heeded, a college degree isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. Unlike in the past when college degrees did have meaning, and before student were pushed toward college as the only way to succeed in life, college today resembles a 4-6 year extension of the propaganda program instituted in the public school system, especially now since the federal government has taken over education resulting in Common Core.

As far as a president is concerned, presidents should at all times be honest and demand those around him be honest.  A college degree does not instill these things in a president.  Obama supposedly went to Columbia and Harvard, yet he can’t talk cohesively without a teleprompter and honesty is not part of his persona.

Unless a young person wants to become a doctor or lawyer, etc., which requires special training, college is often a huge waste of money.  On the job training is what counts most, coupled with loyalty, honesty and good work ethics.


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