Thorner/O’Neil: What the politically quiet Church hath wroug

August 11, 2015

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Politically-quiet churches are having a devastating effect on America | Image Source

By Nancy Thorner and Bonnie O’Neil –  

It was disappointing to learn that Charles Krauthammer, a man respected for his intelligence and conservative political views, does not believe a fetus deserves protection in the womb. His reasoning is that the unborn do not deserve the protection of the state, as they have not yet achieved “personhood.” Bill  O’Reilly and Krauthammer had a heated debate on the subject Monday, August 3rd on the O’Reilly Factor. We do not think it a coincidence that O’Reilly, who was raised Catholic, and Krauthammer, a non-religious Jew, have their respected viewpoints. They, like much of the population, judge controversial issues based largely on personal religious beliefs or the lack thereof.

There is a definite connection between religion and one’s political viewpoints, and even one’s ethnic background tends to influence political opinions and conclusions. Liberals tend to be more non-religious; while a large percent of conservatives define themselves as people of faith.  A study conducted by The Barna Group indicated religious differences are very much related to one’s political views. Their survey found only 54% of liberals consider themselves religious, while 82% of conservatives say faith is very important in their lives.

The number of times a person attends church is a determining factor as to how firm they are in their convictions. That point is evidenced in the inconsistency of Hillary Clinton’s statements on the issue. She once claimed that the Bible had the biggest influence on her thinking, but while speaking at the 6th annual “Women in the World” Summit on the subject of abortion, Mrs. Clinton made a statement that would make any Bible believing Christian cringe, as she proclaimed “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”Apparently she and many of her ilk believe Christians and people of faith should disregard their religious books, whenever a particular Bible verse inconveniently states the opposite of one’s political agenda or disagrees with a specific audiences’ ideals. How a person or candidate responds to controversial issues such as abortion and homosexual marriage are strong indicators as to whether they are conservative or liberal. The public is becoming justifiably cautious and critical of politicians, like Hillary Clinton, whose statements are inconsistent.

Failing to engage on culture issues, a silent Church fails its members and the nation

Hillary Clinton is not alone.  The last few decades has exposed others from both parties who claim to be Christian, but then continually challenge ageless Church doctrines and civil laws.    Homosexual marriage is an example of an issue liberals highly embrace, but have difficulty defending based on the written Word.   With the Supreme Court decision demanding homosexual marriage be legal in every state, questions have begun to surface as to just how far liberals are willing to go to change our culture, our history, and our country.   Their justifications contradict historical values and religious beliefs.  Considering over three fourths of Americans identify as Christian, the Court decision is a bold move that could have a significant backlash.

Why are we not hearing about the bias of Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan and why they did not recuse themselves from voting on the issue, since they both clearly demonstrated blatant bias when they officiated at gay weddings before rendering their affirmative vote?  Where was the media on this issue?  Did anyone see a prominent news article indicating these justices were biased and should have recused themselves?  Certainly that information would have been of interest to the public.  But then, there was exceedingly little information revealed about the California Supreme Court Judge who was the deciding vote that nullified California’s Proposition 8, that mandated marriage remain between one man and one woman.   That judge was a homosexual who had been in a long term relationship with his “partner”.  Can anyone deny all three of these justices were exceedingly biased and should have recused themselves from participating in the decisions? Apparently our state and federal officials now believe they are wiser and more sophisticated than the citizens they have sworn to serve, and thus are trampling the rights and will of the people.

Christian churches have been largely silent on these issues, although a few have spoken out in opposition to immoral laws and the courts who oppose the will of the people.   A sad example of a church ignoring the Bible it professes to honor, is the Presbyterian Church. They not only allow gay marriages, but have also allowed the ordination of homosexuals as church leaders. “Presbyterian Church Votes To Allow Gay Marriages.” It will be very interesting to see how mainstream churches and their members respond to the mandate that all states honor homosexual marriages.  Will they follow the Bible or also fall prey to justifying what the bible clearly calls “sin”.  Considering their silence leading up to the decision, I fear the worst.

However, Christian Conservatives are now beginning to ask: “Where is the opposition from the Church to what is happening to our Country?   A minority has changed laws that defy historical and biblical strongholds, with the result being a declining culture.  The silence from people of faith and their leaders is shameful, causing many to wonder what it will finally take for people of faith to fight back against the immorality that is permeating our country.   Apparently those who are determined to reinvent established truths are more serious and passionate about what they believe and want, than religious people who have done little to protect our nation’s time-honored religious values. People ask “who is to blame, who should be shamed”, for the lack of effort to keep marriage between one man and one woman or to stand up and firmly oppose abortion.   Now that we know Planned Parenthood has broken laws and sold aborted baby parts, the reality and horror of abortion is on the public stage for all to witness.  Will this be the line in the sand” that finally nudges church leaders into strongly voicing their opposition to laws that defy the Bible, as well as common sense?

We all must understand that the media has become exceedingly liberal.  Most media sources have succumbed to influencing the news, rather than fairly reporting it.   Fair and balanced reporting has become even more difficult to find than a pastor speaking out about the controversial political issues of our day.  The public and those in the pulpit need to consider Philosopher George Santayana’s famous quote: “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it”. Remember Nazi Germany?  Remember Russia and the Communist Soviet Union?  Remember Cuba, Argentina, etc., etc.  How close is America to becoming another great nation, that having lost its moral compass is now beginning the decaying process that leads to its inevitable and ultimate demise?

The Solution to America’s Woes:  Elect Godly Leaders

What can be done to return our nation to its Christian, biblical roots?  The answer is actually very simple:  People of faith must investigate the candidates and then elect those who best represent their values.   Over 90 million eligible voters did not vote in the past election; certainly a large number of that group are strong Christians who prefer godly leaders.    Why didn’t they vote?  Could it be because they are politically ignorant, do not know the candidates or issues, and possibly haven’t even registered to vote?    How might church leaders help those Christians to vote wisely and with confidence?

It would help if every pastor would assign a church leader or member of the congregation to set up a voter registration table on church grounds, in order to provide members an easy way to register.   Every Christian should know the differences in the Party Platforms, so that they can understand how candidates are likely to vote once elected.  That information can easily be made available to their congregations by having brochures available with the helpful information.

It would be exceedingly useful, if churches had Christian Voter Guides available to help voters know which candidates most align with their viewpoints.  Finally, it is important for church leaders to promote informed voting and encourage congregations to vote as the election draws near.

The Church must realize the important role it has in engaging the culture.  It can no longer opt-out of the political process for whatever reasons used in the past. Christian congregations are our hope for tomorrow.  Those we elect are the ones who make our laws, and those laws often dictate the moral direction of the people and thus the country.

Elections have consequences.  

Making voting information easily available, and reminding Christians of their civic duty is so easy, while being exceedingly important.   More Christians would vote if they could do so with a confidence they were choosing candidates who shared their opinions and religious beliefs.   If we want a godly country, we must understand it will only happen with leaders who respect the Bible and its teachings.

God expected His people to prefer godly kings in the past.  When they chose wisely, His hand remained upon them; when they preferred ungodly rulers, His hand was removed from the people.  Will God continue to bless America because we once preferred godly leaders?  We think not!  The Church has a responsibility to teach biblical truths and to secure God’s hand upon us, which is best accomplished when congregations vote wisely.


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