Thorner: Carly Fiorina: Another GOP Establishment Ploy to Split the Conservative Vote?

September 9, 2015

Tuesday, September 08, 2015


By Nancy Thorner – 

Carly Fiorina is on the rise according to the polls. She is even third in Iowa if you believe the Monmouth University poll of August 31, 2015, ahead of people like Scott Walker and Ted Cruz who have been drawing big crowds and organizing there for months. After the recent “debate” on Fox News, there has been a concerted effort by media friendly to the Republican establishment to showcase Carly Fiorina as some Republican Female Heart Throb, the perfect contrast to Hillary. This has worked to get her into prime time for the coming CNN debate, but in my opinion the truth remains that she is very much an Establishment Republican like Jeb Bush or John Kasich or Marco Rubio—and just as bad a candidate.

Carly’s biggest claim to fame before entering politics was her supposed success running big corporations. But her first major company was ruined by questionable customer financing that blew up after she parlayed her “success” into a bigger job. Then she made a mess running Hewlett Packard.  Like she did at Lucent, Fiorina cut corners at HP to make money – like supplying the Iranian Mullahs with printers through a subsidiary company in Dubai, despite the fact that a trade embargo had been in place against the Iranian regime since 1997.  Is it any wonder Carly hasn’t had a major corporate job since and why she went into politics instead?

While Carly likes to paint herself as an outsider, she worked for John McCain in 2008.  As a McCain spokesman, Carly defended the 2008 Wall Street bailout known as “TARP.” In 2012 Carly’s allegiance went to Mitt Romney.  Having endorsed Romney just before the critical early primaries, Carly went on to co-chair Mitt Romney’s California campaign.

In between the 2008 and 2012 campaigns for McCain and Romney, respectively, Carly ran for the U.S. Senate in 2010. She was for Common Core and with Jeb’s position on immigration in her 2010 Senate run. Check this article that details 21 other major problems with Carly from a conservative/ethical perspective when she ran for U.S. Senate in 2010.

Carly Fiorina supports “The Dream Act” and supported Man-made Global Warming when she worked for McCain in 2008, along with Carbon Tax/Trading proposals.

As Huffington Post points out, Carly was still taking global warming seriously as recently as recently as February 2015 when she said:


Then there is Carly’s attack on Ted Cruz’ stand against Obama’s budget in 2013 and her praise of Muslim “civilization” after 9/11. Carly was also relieved when the Baltimore Cops were charged with murder in the recent riots in the protests that  followed Freddie Gray’s arrest, hospitalization and subsequent death in police custody.

Fiorina was a “fan” of Hillary before her recent conversion to female Republican attack dog.  She certainly didn’t have any trouble cavorting with the Clintons and their enablers in the past.

The following quotes from Florina appeared in a “National Review” article of May 5, 2015 by Jim Geraghty, “How Carly Fiorina managed and advised the ‘poobahs’ at Langley”:

“We [HP] did business in Russia, and we had employees in Russia…Hewlett-Packard has been at the center of a lot of change in our 62-year history. . .  “But President Putin was elected president in the first democratic transition in Russia in 1,000 years.”

Wasn’t KGB thug Putin “elected” by jailing/stifling free speech of opponents, Carly?

The National Review apparently thinks it just wonderful Carly worked with the CIA even while she was supposed to be managing Hewlett Packard—maybe that is one reason the company did so poorly under her reign.

It’s obvious the next President will have to make sure all the intelligence agencies from the CIA to the NSA don’t continue to spy on Americans without due process of law (a court order on probable cause of a crime). Can we trust the Presidency to someone who has been so servile to foreign despots in Russia, Iran/the Muslim world and so friendly to our rogue intelligence agencies?

When conservatives have come under heavy attack, as recently when the Kentucky County Clerk bravely stood for religious freedom, Carly is nowhere to be found.  Radio talk show host, Mark Levin, in his immediate push back of Carly for having sided against Kentucky Rowan County clerk, Kim Davis, for refusing to issue marriage licenses for gay couples, argued that Fiorina and conservatives should rally around Davis and condemn the Supreme Court’s activist decision.  For isn’t this what Democrats do when a decision goes against them? Levin further stated:

“If she were of the left and it was a different circumstance they’d be rallying around her and so would the media.” Levin further remarked, “If the clerk were told you cannot issue a marriage certificate if there are different races,” he asked, would she “be told ‘do your job or quit?’”

The only two Republican candidates not to support Kim Davis were Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham.

The Fiorina mentality would have condemned Rosa Parks, too. No wonder Fiorina was more eager to make money than standing up for Christians and others who have suffered under the Mullahs. Obeying our D.C. overlords seems to be the politically correct thing to do these days.  For aren’t the D.C. overlords only protecting civilization, just like the Ottoman Sultans did of old!

Yes, Fiorina was pro-life when she ran for the U.S. Senate, and that wasn’t popular with the local party big-wigs. But she couldn’t have had a serious run for President as a Republican had she taken a pro-choice stance.  Except for the Trans-Pacific trade deal, on issue after issue Carly has rigidly toed the Republican Establishment line.  Except for Donald Trump, no other major candidate has done less for conservative values in the past than Carly Fiorina, but unlike Trump, Carly doesn’t really have a successful business track record, of which the Democrats would love to pound home. If you thought Bain Capital was an albatross around the neck of Romney, even Fortune magazine, hardly an anti-business publication, knows she was a lousy CEO.

Fiorina is hoping that her lack of a voting record, her well scripted answers to questions, her constant attacks on Hillary and being a female “corporate leader” will fool voters into thinking she is some sort of “change” from the present “Washington Cartel”, as Ted Cruz puts it. There are plenty of female Republican governors and senators if the establishment was seriously considering a woman to run for President or Vice President. Fiorina is only there to split the conservative vote and endorse the anointed “moderate” when the time comes for the establishment to get behind one candidate.

In the interim, no one–moderate or conservative–should waste a single dollar to elevate Carly’s status to that of a serious candidate, so that she might fulfill what seems to be her role in helping an establishment candidate win the Republican nomination when that time presents itself.


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