Thorner: Democrat Jim Webb told the truth about China

October 29, 2015

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Time Magazine photo of Chinese prisoners

By Nancy Thorner –

Tradition has it that when Lord Cornwallis surrendered at the Siege of Yorktown, the British band played the tune “The World Turned Upside Down.” That’s what I felt when Jim Webb said one of the most profound statements ever heard in any political debate during the first Democrat debate of this political season on Tuesday, October 13, 2015. It was all the more amazing as the debate was among Democrats, where socialist and politically-correct cliches abound.

He said:

But if you want a place where we need to be in terms of our national strategy, a focus, the greatest strategic threat that we have right now is resolving our relationship with China. And we need to do this because of their aggression in the region. We need to do it because of the way they treat their own people. . . . . [T]o the unelected, authoritarian government of China: ‘You do not own the South China Sea. You do not have the right to conduct cyber warfare against tens of millions of American citizens. And in a Webb administration, we will do something about that.’

This is not about Benghazi per se. To me, it is the inevitability of something like Benghazi occurring in the way that we intervened in Libya. We had no treaties at risk. We had no Americans at risk. There was no threat of attack or imminent attack. There is plenty of time for a president to come to the Congress and request authority to use military force in that situation. I called for it on the Senate floor again and again. I called for it in Senate hearings. It is not a wise thing to do. And if people think it was a wise thing to do, try to get to the Tripoli airport today. You can’t do it.

Webb’s Libya comments easier to understand

Although Webb’s statements covered two different issues, the easiest to understand are his Libya comments. This excellent article, “Why Hillary’s Upcoming Congressional Testimony is a Total Farce, a Charade to Shield Congress”, posted October 18, 2015, suggests why the bipartisan, uniparty Establishment has protected everyone in the Benghazi debacle. It’s obvious, ever since Romney took a pass on this issue in his 2012 presidential campaign, is that both parties want the Benghazi issue buried, which is why even Republicans have been attacking the House investigation led by Trey Gowdy. As the October 18, 2015 article states:

Both House and Senate Democrats and Republicans were fully immersed in the events which led up to the Benghazi attack via The Congressional Intelligence ‘Gang of Eight.’ Both Democrats and Republican leadership bear responsibility for the outcome. Neither party are willing to expose themselves, and neither Hillary Clinton, nor the White House will allow themselves to be scapegoated.

According to Democrat debate Internet polls, Jim Webb (a Republican who switched to being a Democrat) was a big hit with those viewing the event. It does seem strange that Webb would abruptly quit the race just when he could start to raise some money and become a political force. The possibility of Webb exposing the truth about Libya might have struck a raw nerve with the ruling Establishment?

Then there were Webb’s statements on China, noted earlier, which were possibly perceived as being even more politically incorrect than his Libya remarks: “the greatest strategic threat that we have right now is resolving our relationship with China. And we need to do this because of their aggression in the region” No way does either political party want the public to know that according to Chinese media, it is of importance that the Chinese military be prepared to counter the U.S. in the South China Sea.

China needs oil but most important is military bases

Although China is badly in need of an oil source in the South China Sea, oil is but one part of its goal. If China just wanted the oil, possibly an acceptable compromise could be hammered out. China might even agree to divide oil revenues with its Philippine and Vietnamese neighbors and might also be open to having a Chinese company doing the drilling with China taking the lion’s share of the profits.

It’s the military bases, and especially an airport big enough for jet fighters, that is causing the biggest alarm. All countries of Southeast Asia from Taiwan to Singapore and Indonesia are greatly disturbed at the Chinese military bases, especially on the Spratlys which are within easy fighter range of every major nation along the South China Sea. Here is a good article about South China Sea disputes which, because of overlapping claims, threaten to turn the region into a flash point of global concern.

Here is a good article Q&A: South China Sea dispute – BBC News about South China Sea disputes which, because of overlapping claims, threaten to turn the region into a flash point of global concern.

Vietnam has fought China for centuries, most notably in 1974 in the Battle of the Paracel Islands, and in 1979 along their border. Vietnam isn’t backing down, and since Vietnam has fought China in the past, this is a big flash point. China sharply criticized Vietnam for passing a law in 2012 that claims sovereignty over the Paracel and Spratly Islands.  Viet Nam does have a decent army, but it is just now building a good navy. The rest of countries are quite helpless toward China in the era of appeasement at any price as practiced by Obama.

There’s only one reason for China to build an airport and military base in the middle of the South China Sea: to allow China to fly combat fighters all the way to Singapore, without refueling, as a way to threaten all nations in Southeast Asia with its crushing military force. Even Obama is being forced by distraught Southeast Asia nations into a symbolic protest of China’s recent moves. Action meant to be hidden from the public by the Obama administration was reported by the Washington Post on Tuesday, October 27. China said of a U.S. naval destroyer sailing too close to the Chinese-built Spratley Islands, that the action damages peace and stability.

Why to be cautious and alert in dealing with China

Webb correctly stated that China still is one of the most repressed societies on earth with the largest political prisoner system on the planet, the laogai. Webb is also right on target that China, up to this very moment, is launching cyberattacks on U.S. targets. Webb unfortunately failed to mention that “China is the world’s largest source of IP (Intellectual Property) theft”. The world total of intellectual theft is so great that “it amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars per year, on the order of the size of U.S. exports to Asia.”

Another major problem with China not broached by Webb is the amount of U.S. manufacturing that has been moved to places like China. Our nation has literally experienced a hard time building planes and other defense items without relying on foreign parts from China.

And while the world watches, “the migrant/refugee crisis in Europe and the chaos in the Middle East, the one-party government in China has continued its crackdown on Christians and Buddhists in China. Chinese Christians are being persecuted, churches torn down and crosses removed from remaining church buildings. Both Protestant and Catholic churches have come under attack, as the Communist Party fears that religion, especially Christianity, is winning over the population from the Communist doctrine of atheism.”

Notwithstanding the magnitude of the problems already outlined, our biggest Chinese problem is the economic consequence of our 43-year partnership with China launched by Nixon and Mao in 1972. It was based on China using slave labor to build the U.S. cheap things and the U.S. would send paper (U.S. Treasuries) to pay for it. Today China is selling that paper in a desperate attempt to sustain its economy:

One could vote for Trump on the hope that he would get tough with China on trade, especially intellectual theft. But if elected and Trump followed through, the Chinese could possibly wreck our economy by accelerating their selling of our Treasuries and refusing to buy our goods, thereby devastating our economy with higher interest rates and lower exports. Just a mild slowdown has resulted in China’s selling of American assets, which, in turn, has caused U.S. stocks to fall and for countries like Brazil, who depend on exporting to China, to crater economically.

Does China have history on its side?

Unlike Putin or the Iranian Mullahs who are surrounded by enemies, there is no major power in the South China Sea to check the Chinese navy, except our own shrinking, over-stretched navy and air force that have been fatally weakened by political correct personnel policies and futile “nation building” wars in the Middle East. A simple solution for Chinese fascists to deal with their financial problems — as Hitler did in 1938 when he ran out of money — is to repudiate/sell external debt and use foreign conquest to divert and supply the restless populace. Like Czechoslovakia and Austria in 1938, the Chinese see Southeast Asia as a tempting and easy conquest.

Through our one-sided trade policies, we have financed the Nazi Germany of our time, made desperate by pollution, demographic imbalances and huge internal debts. Like Britain in 1938, we are a disarmed power without a major ally except an exhausted Japan (vs. France then) with Russia allied with our enemy (Germany then, China now)

History is repeating before our very eyes, and the only “major” person in politics or finance telling this horrible truth, even if only for a few minutes, has been former U.S. Senator James Webb, considered a radical for his remarks, and who subsequently dropped out as a contender for president on the Democratic ticket.

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