Thorner: Trump advisor lauds conservative “pillars” at Eagle Forum conference

September 30, 2016

Donald Trump with advisor Sam Clovis

By Nancy Thorner –  

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump announced the appointment of Sam Clovis to his staff as his co-chair and senior policy advisor at a press conference at the Grand River Center on August 25, 2015 in Dubuque, Iowa.  Before signing on to Trump’s campaign, Clovis had served as the chairman to Texas Governor Rick Perry’s campaign.  

At the news conference, Trump said the campaign hoped to use Clovis to “tap into his expansive expertise in economics, national security and international relations.”

Trump said: ‘I am pleased to welcome Dr. Clovis to our team and am confident he will be a great asset in Iowa and around the country as we continue to lead all local and national polls and share my vision to make America great again.’

Clovis said that he was both ‘humbled and honored’ to take on the role and join team Trump.

As co-chair and policy advisor for 2016 Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, Sam Clovis performs many roles in the Trump campaign, acting as a surrogate, crafting policy proposals, and reaching out to policy experts.  As a tenured professor of economics at Morningside College and a Tea Party activist, Clovis served as Iowa’s 4th district chair for the 2012 Republican convention. In 2014, Clovis ran for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Iowa and then as state treasurer. He was also a radio host, having hosted the conservative radio show “Impact With Sam Clovis” on KSCJ-AM.   

Clovis addressed Eagle Council XLV held September 16-17-18, 2016, at the Marriott St. Louis Airport-St. Louis, Missouri.

Clovis lauds America’s conservative movement pillars

Sam Clovis, speaking on behalf of Trump as his Senior Policy Advisor, addressed Council members on Saturday, September l7.  His topic, “The Pillars of the Movement.” 

He described himself as a college professor and a fighter pilot with a PhD.  Clovis commented in a light hearted way that as Senior Policy Advisor he “doesn’t have to be nice to the media.” 

Clovis described “The Pillars of the Movement” in the closet philosophies of Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, and Russel Kirk, along with the added likeness of James Buchanan, and with William Buckley present for “garnish” and Phyllis Schlafly as the final “seasoning.”  

The pillars of the Trump “movement” were described accordingly:

  •  “Modern” because it draws upon a process that started with Barry Goldwater which has now evolved to the point it is today.
  • “Singularly and uniquely American” in its recognition of this nation’s unique place in the world.
  • “Conservatism” in the image of Goldwater, Reagan, and Kirk in calling for limited government, fiscal responsibility, a strong defense, protecting cultural values of this nation.

It is Modern American Conservatism that puts America first.   Just what are the national interests of this nation?  Clovis listed them as 1) to protect the citizens of the U.S., 2) to protect our resources, 3) to protect our allies, but 4) not one drop of blood should be shed unless in America’s interest. 

Most importantly, America’s strengths were given as those of individual liberty through the exercise of free will and conscience, the upholding of the traditional nuclear family as the building blocks of society, and privacy of faith in our society.

In response to a question about what Trump would initially resolve to do if elected president, the answer given by Clovis should be applauded by all citizens who care about their nation and what awaits future generations of Americans if the wrong choice is made.

  • Education is the most important issue with which to deal.   Trump aims to eliminate Common Core and get rid of the Department of Education and will start dismantling the Department immediately. 
  • In resolving the state of our active forces, Trump will ensure commanders the political cover they need from an administration, so our forces can do what must be done in combat without fear of unreasonably being punished. 
  • The rule now pending for every sailor to receive transgender education by 2017 would be eliminated.
  • The Johnson Amendment passed by Lyndon Johnson, which limits political activity of churches and threatens religious them with a loss of their tax-exempt status if they openly advocate their political views, would be nullified.
  • Obama’s executive orders would be rescinded. 

In closing, Clovis emphasized the faith Donald Trump has that conservatives will take this nation back in November and “make America great again.”


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