Thorner/O’Neil: Political correctness sets the path towards totalitarianism tolerance

October 21, 2016


By Nancy Thorner & Bonnie O’Neil – 

It has been recognized for some time that America’s colleges have become learning and training centers for progressives to peddle their political product. Unfortunately,  the liberal “bug” has been caught by high school students as well, infecting them with a rash of radical thinking that should concern all Americans who fret about the future health of this nation.

Upon entering college, most colleges/universities ask freshman students to complete a written survey that asks extremely personal questions. Some parents have concerns about the purpose of asking many of those questions, but that is an issue for another article. The take-away from one of the latest surveys conducted at the University of California at Los Angeles should raise a warning flag for all American patriots. Results revealed that 71% of the incoming freshman students thought that colleges should prohibit racist/sexist speech on campus. Over 40% of these incoming students also believe colleges have the right to ban specific people they consider offensive from speaking on college campuses.

This begs the question: who determines which speaker and viewpoint are acceptable and which are not? 

Such behavior indicates a disturbing trend that individuals of conservative and moderate political leanings are likely to deem serious problems. It should raise concerns that our students are not being taught basic lessons of history or the important privileges endowed to American citizens thanks to our founders’ wisdom which provided us with the Bill of Rights and our amazing American Constitution. Too many students in America today lack essential knowledge which would help them understand the many important lessons about our nation’s past.

Wisdom comes when students are taught and given examples of mistakes and disastrous decisions made by other countries with once were great, but allowed supercilious leaders to take away their rights. This loss usually occurs gradually, one freedom at a time. As such, the actions of liberal politicians often are overlooked by the population, until enough power has been transferred from the people to the government, rendering citizens’ rights non-existent. Once the transfer of power is complete, the people no longer have the means to recover what been lost.

Gateway for Totalitarian Government

Such is the way free societies have been replaced with a Totalitarian government which then controlled everything within the country. We know the famous quote: “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.”  But do not think it cannot happen here in America.  No country or people are too big to fall.  We all should pay attention to the signs, while there is time to stop and correct any disastrous decision and/or direction. That is why the survey taken by freshman students at U.C.L.A. must be seen as a harbinger that patriots cannot take lightly.  Each of us must be alert to changes we see and speak out about them.  We must demand that all our public schools put an emphasis on teaching our children conservative values that have proven to be timeless and true.  No student should graduate from high school without a knowledge of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Do you know if that is happening in your school district?  If not … ASK!  

Conservatives complain the media is 95% liberal.  Well, that is largely because of our schools.  Teachers and professors play a major role in shaping the ideas and opinions of students who then enter into a variety of jobs and positions which influence society. Some of those jobs/positions, such as those in the field of media, have the ability to shape people to a specific viewpoint, a philosophy which can then impact the direction of our entire country.  Movies, music, television programming, newspapers, books, and/or politics all have left their fingerprints on our society.  Changes in how Americans view an issue are often traced to a trend the media has fostered.  Consider their portrayal of cigarette smoking.  Watch an old movie and most every star has a cigarette in his/her hand or mouth, thus the habit became wide-spread.  Today smoking on screen is almost non-existent and for that society has benefited. 

Today schools are no longer graduating students who have the same values of our forefathers.  Schools no longer encourage students to learn about biblical viewpoints once taught in our schools, when prayer was encouraged and the Ten Commandments hung from the walls in most school classrooms or hallways. Colleges that once had separate dorms for females and males choose to mix the two and thus promote opportunities for sexual encounters. Modesty has become almost non-existent.  This trend has led to even more sexual freedom as faculties promote “comprehensive sex education” classes.   Colleges today have classes with assignments to try a new sexual experience and to make a report on their discoveries.  Liberal professors throughout America outnumber Conservative professors at a ratio as high as twelve to one. 

Our schools are graduating students who enter society with a whole new set of liberal standards very different from those of their parents and grandparents. They are changing America in a multitude of ways with a new set of standards and ideas, many of which are based on sexuality, physical appearance, and the glorification of youth. Unfortunately, this tends to then minimize the worth of many time honored values such as modesty, fidelity, conservative values, and respect for the elderly who have accumulated wisdom through their years of experiences.  These examples of changes in our society can be traced to the many questionable liberal influences of our liberal educators. 

Laws Determine Societal Trends and Direction

Another effective way to change people for the better or worse, and thus nations, is through our system of laws.  Laws permit or prohibit much of what will be tolerated by society.  Liberal leaders produce liberal laws. Those who lived in the 1960s would not have thought “abortion on demand” would ever be lawful in America or that states would be forced by the federal government to allow homosexuals to marry.  Society underestimated the power of liberals who have shared their philosophy with our children, who then perpetuated the liberal agenda.   

Some may argue that liberal ideas are helpful, but often those who promote them do not always consider what seems a good idea at the time can morph into becoming much worse by unintended consequences.   Consider also what happened after our marriage laws changed in the 1970s and allowed “irreconcilable differences” as the only reason needed for a divorce. No longer was it necessary to prove adultery or brutality.  Thus, our divorce rates went from 23% to 50% within 20 years.  Divorce is a tragedy, not just for the couple, but for their family, friends, and ultimately society. 

History has proven that when countries abandon their spiritual roots, practices, and laws, there are inevitable negative consequences.  The health of a country can largely be determined by the number of citizens who honor God and live accordingly.  When schools begin to teach and produce a different product, one that discourages tradition, religion, and time-proven values, there are negative consequences.  

Agents of Change

Those who understand and agree our families and country are beginning to suffer largely due to the liberals dominating our school system, must join the battle to demand equal representation of professors and chancellors.  It is simply not fair or profitable that our school system is dominated and ruled by liberals who are facilitating the negative changes we see today.  

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