Paul Caprio, Featured Guest at 2016 Christmas Party of Republican Assembly, Lake County, IL

January 3, 2017

Paul Caprio, Featured Guest at 2016 Christmas Party by Nancy J. Thorner
The 2016 Republican Assembly of Lake County (RALC) Christmas Party was held on Friday, December 16, 2016, on a cold a snowy night at the White Deer Run Golf Club in Vernon Hills.  Dan Sugrue serves as chairman of the organization.  He became chairman after the death of Ray True on October 22, 2013, who founded the RALC and served as its chairman for many years.
Republican Assemblies have been organized on a statewide basis throughout the Nation for more than 70 years.  President Reagan said that the Republican Assembly is “The Conscience of the Republican Party.”  As such Republican Assemblies are dedicated to working within the Republican Party to promote the active participation of its members to endorse, support, and elect principled conservative Republican candidates.
Opening remarks were made by Chairman Dan Sugrue, who commented about the recent election of Donald J. Trump as president.  An Invocation followed, presented by Grant Nobel, after which RALC member Don Castella led the gathering in the Pledge of Allegiance.
After dinner was served and enjoyed, guest speaker Paul Caprio was introduced.  Mr. Caprio serves as Executive Director of Family Pac, founded in 1992 by Paul Caprio and Tom Roeser to honor life, marriage, and fundamental values here in Illinois.   Family Pac Federal was established by Caprio to support conservative candidates, not only here in IL, but across the country. Family Pac Federal is Illinois’s largest conservative pro-family political action arm. Operating nationwide, Family Pac Federal is a resource for young conservatives.  Caprio is the person to go to for young conservatives who are pro-choice, believe in traditional marriage, and in family values.  As Paul Caprio later remarked:  “True conservatism can’t be put in a box.  It’s not just limited government.” In accordance with our Founding Fathers, “foremost is the honoring of fundamental human rights.”
Caprio likewise serves as the Executive Director of One Nation Under God Foundation, organized in 2002 with Co-Chairman Reverend Bob Vanden Bosc, to conduct church voter registration drives and candidate issue information to Christians across Illinois.
Paul Caprio’s remarks
America is the one Country that can beat history and with God’s help. That is exactly what America did on November 8, 2016, when voters elected Donald J. Trump. This nation was given a reprieve, but can we keep it? We must work 365 days a year in our communities.  Even though Republicans have majorities in both the Senate and the House, given the strident voice of the media and groups who are pushing all manner of socially unacceptable behavior, conservatism remains in the minority.  Concern was expressed over how public schools are teaching values that are not compatible with the values children are receiving in their homes.
During the next four years American exceptionalism will be questioned by those on the Left, as Trump strives to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.  Every nation thinks that it is exceptional, but the reason this nation is exceptional is because of a formal document that tells us our rights are inalienable and that they come from God.  Mr. Caprio cautioned his audience not to be afraid to think big in the political arena.
Despite a culture, a federal government, a justice system, and a news media dominated by the Left, a pro-life President committed to less government control of our lives, not more, was elected.  Evangelical Christians and pro-life Catholics were the major reason for the historical political upset.  A record setting 81% of Evangelical Christians voted for Donald Trump and 51% of Catholics.  As such Evangelical Christian turnout was 26% of the total vote this year, an increase from 23% in 2012.
As Paul Caprio remarked, the record vote setting of Christian voters in the battleground states of Ohio, North Carolina and Wisconsin was, in part, due to the work of his  One Nation Under God Foundation, a 501(c) (3) organization.  In that the original purpose of the organization was to conduct church voter registration drives and candidate issue information to Christians here in Illinois, the importance of the 2016 presidential election brought about the expansion of One Nation Under God to states beyond Illinois in 2016.  Caprio’s One Nation Under God organization spent $400,000 in the states of Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina and Wisconsin.   As Caprio explained, 30 to 50 other groups were out there doing the same thing through youtubes, videos, and meeting with pastors.  Brian Barach took charge of the Catholic vote in PA, while Jerry Frazer of United We Stand agreed to handle Florida.
Following is a summary of “One Nation Under God” state-wide activities:
  • 3 voter registration field coordinators in 3 target legislative districts.
  • Two of the three pro-family candidates won.
  • Distributed more than 50,000 voter guides with David Smith of Illinois Family Institute.
  • Conducted voter registration drives at 77 churches.
  • Mailed 8,600 pastors regarding the Christian biblical duty to vote.
  • Statewide radio ads featured on more than 80 Ohio stations for weeks, recorded by David Barton of WallBuilders.
North Carolina
  •  Spent over $100,000 on a massive radio buy with 3 different ads, including Trump’s opposition to late-term abortion, in final 120 days.
  • Mailed to 4,300 pastors on biblical duty to vote, was included in sermons in many churches.  (Letter noted below in its entirety.)
  • Sent out comparison of Party Platforms:  “What Do the Major Party Platforms Say on Issues of Interest to Christians?”   (Check here to read What Do the Major Party Platform Say?  As Paul noted, people do want to know the fundamental differences between the both parties.  Many younger people who register to vote don’t have a good feeling on how to make an intelligent vote.  For many individuals, there are too many issues to keep track of.)
Below is the letter based on Luke 22:25 (Render to Caesar) that was sent to pastors in North Carolina and Ohio. The letter received tremendous support from pastors.
Dear Pastor __________________,
Our freedom to exercise our Bible-based Christian values are under attack as never before.
Yet more than 30 million eligible Christians did not vote in the last Presidential election.
Christians don’t only have the right to vote, we have a duty to vote.  In Luke 20:
22-25, Jesus says, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar and to God the things that are
We no longer have authoritarian rulers as in the time of Jesus, that’s why our duty to participate in a democratically elected government is increased because it is “We the People” who are given the responsibility of selecting the best possible leaders, based upon our Bible-based values.
Christians should be model citizens.  Don’t we have a duty not only to pay taxes, but to serve on a jury, to answer the call for military service if required, and yes to elect those who will govern us?  We believe the duty of Ohio Christians to vote on or before Tuesday, November 8th is Biblically-based and self-evident.
We pray that you will be led to share these thoughts with your members.
May Our Lord continue to bless you and your Ministry.
  • With money left over from Ohio and North Carolina get out the vote efforts, Wisconsin was chosen as a state that would benefit.  Radio ads were run the final 10 days before the Election.  $50,000 was spent for statewide radio ads the final week of campaign.
Paul’s final comments
November 8th was a great victory in our battle to protect religious liberty and to restore traditional values, but the war is only beginning.  November 8th only gave this nation some breathing room.  The secular Left, stunned by this defeat, will be only more aggressive than ever before in 2017.  There will be attacks on the right of conscience, transgender bathrooms, opposition to the appointment of a pro-life justice on the Supreme Court, etc.
Paul Caprio feels blessed that God allowed him to help Trump win through his One Nation Under God organization.   He also feels blessed that God listened and restored him to complete health by the end of June in 2016 after his serious bout with cancer in March of 2016.
Caprio encouraged all to play a part in restoring this nation, just as immigrants helped to build this nation when migrating for economic opportunities and religious freedom.  As Paul related:  “This nation was founded upon the idea of freedom.  We made some mistakes, but we helped Germany and Japan get back on their feet again after WWII.  We have much to be proud of and to feel thankful for.”
Although Caprio was not pleased with how Republicans caved in to the Budget Authorization bill and other Democratic measures during Obama’s presidency, we now have the opportunity to broaden the Republican Party, but in a principled way.  From the time of FDR the Democrat Party was labeled as standing for the working man, while the Republican Party was described as the party of the Country Club.  These label were fractured and hopefully forever abandoned with the election of Donald Trump.
Elected Officials and Candidates who attended and signed in: 

Glen Garamoni, GOP Chairman of Fremont Township.

Ann Oakley, Cook Memorial Public Library District
Dawn Abernathy, Trustee, Village Mundelein
Kelley Smith, Precinct Committeeman, Vermon #260
Carol Walsh,  Head of Lake County Aid for Women and Christmas Elf
Mark Shaw, Lake County GOP Chairman
Tom Weber, Lake County Board
Dan Patlak, Cook Country Board of Review
Erin Westphal, Lake County Republican Federation Executive Director
Martin Zeidman, Chairman of Moraine Township
Nancy Kubalanza, Grant Township GOP Chair
Connie Shanahan, Freemont Township Trustee
Teri Attleson, Freemont Township Trustee

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