By Nancy Thorner –

Dr. Laszio Szabo, Hungarian Ambassador to the United States, was the only world leader that believed prior to his 2016 election that Donald Trump was America’s best choice for this nation and the world.

Ambassador Szabo’s remarks, presented at the recent “Gathering of Eagles” in St. Louis centered on the challenge of mass, unchecked immigration.

Following Ambassador Szabo’s account, Eagle Kitty Werthmann and Eagle Pastor Michael Sust spoke of their WWII experiences during which the nation’s sovereignty was likewise threatened.

As related by Ambassador Szabo, he was the only leader who believed Trump was best for this nation and the world, even prior to Trump’s election.

In his opening remarks, Szabo quoted those made by Michael R. Pompeo on December 4, 2018:

“Brussels every nation — every nation must honestly acknowledge its responsibilities to its citizens and ask if the current international order serves the good of its people as well as it could. And if not, we must ask how we can right it.”

Szabo then spoke about the coming EU election on May 26, 2019, which is all about the preservation of the Judeo-Christian heritage of Europe, national sovereignty vs. central, bureaucratic influence, and economic prosperity. As it is, European citizens are divided on these key topics, so the election will answer a crucial question: what people of Europe want to see in their future.

A summit held in Brussels in June of 2018, underscored how Europe’s 2015 spike in immigration continues to haunt the bloc. Although a deal was cut with EU nations after marathon talks, differences still remain. Anti-immigration sentiment has risen in the EU, with many mainstream political parties taking a harder line on immigration to appeal to, and appease, voters. That has put leaders like German Chancellor Merkel under pressure to resolve the crisis, particularly after she took a welcoming stance towards migrants in 2015, the year in which more than 1 million refugees and migrants entered Germany. A migrant in Germany with three wives, maybe two or three under age, is given a subsidy for each wife and all the kids.

Rejection of “welcome” stance

The “welcome culture” approach and pro-migration politics of the EU establishment has encouraged illegal migration, human trafficking, and even terrorists to come to Europe. Accordingly:

The vast majority do not wish to integrate.
They do not wish to comply with the cultural, social, land legal rules.
Their goal is not only to keep their own religion and culture, but to spread it in their new countries of residences.
Misrepresentation of illegal migration by liberal media.

As to the effects on the culture of the EU:

Judeo-Christian values and even lives of Jewish and Christian people are endangered, with terrorist attacks occurring in Germany, France, Belgium and Sweden.
Dramatically increasing crime rates.
Unsustainable load on national Security Systems.

Revealing is that the following was determined in a poll conducted across all 28 EU nation:

78% of EU citizens see the influx as a problem and desire tighter control of Europe’s external borders.
6 out of every 10 Europeans believe that the surge of Muslim immigrants into their countries will escalate the threat of terrorism. While the same proportion (62%) also believe the crime rate will increase. An estimated 50 million Muslims now live in Europe.
A majority of citizens (57%) said the influx of immigrants will change the culture of their countries.

How is Hungary faring?

Instead of a benefit-centered society, Hungary prides itself on being a work-centered society. Considered a far right, anti-Semitic nation where most of its 9.1 million residents are Christian, Hungary has progressed from when in 2010 Greece and Hungary represented the worst economies in Europe, to a 2018 GDP of 4.8% in Hungary, coupled with an impressive unemployment rate of 3.6%. In that Hungary has a flat personal income tax of 15%, with a 9% flat corporate tax rate, is a plus for its economy.

Hungarian Ambassador praised Hungary’s flexible labor code for making possible its two-fold growth in the last five years. This might be so, but recent protests in Hungary against some new labor rules that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán put in place belie the Ambassador’s praise.

Foremost in permitting Hungary to thrive and to become the fastest growing country in Europe is Hungary’s new constitution approved on January 1, 2012 and adopted within a democratic framework following free election. It has permitted Hungary to thrive and to become the fastest growing country in Europe. It also preserved Hungary’s Christian identity, considered integral to its survival and identity.

I was surprised to learn from Ambassador Szabo that currently 1,700 American companies are employing more than 100,000 workers in Hungary. From the biggest American multinational companies, 40 are present in Hungary.

Hungary and illegal immigration

Hungary had no choice but to protect it borders when in 2015 10,000 irregular migrants a day were crossing into Hungary. As soon as a wall was built in 2015, the number dropped down to 8 to 10 people a day. In 2017 Hungary finished building a second fence on the border with Serbia to keep migrants out. The double layer barrier stretches for 155 kilometres and comes equipped with alarms and thermal imaging cameras.

Hungary welcomes anyone into the country who want to enter legally but maintains strict rules about “irregular” immigrants. This practice has left money for Hungary’s Social Security System, healthcare, education, and pensions.

In Hungary, as in the rest of the EU and the US, the birthrate is not keeping up with workers needed (In this nation Jobs that Americans won’t do is often given as a reason to condone the invasion of illegal immigrant at our southern border.). Hungary has created a family friendly tax environment. While the average fertility rate is only 1.44, young Hungarians say they do want a larger family, but they cannot see these plans through because of housing problems, financial burdens and women’s career plans. As such the Hungarian government has introduced in the past five years a policy mix that supports families in several areas, including taxation, better provision of housing, financial support and services, and helping families strike a better work-life balance.
Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 11.36.54 AM
Kitty Werthmann

WWII and national sovereignty

Legendary Eagle Kitty Werthmann and Eagle pastor Michael Sust spoke about an era mostly unknown to the young because of our failed education system, during the WWII era when this nation’s sovereignty was under threat. Hitler saw the United States of America as a model for the New Germany he was trying to build through his new ideology. In his Second Book, Hitler wrote about preparing its country and people for the ultimate battle with America. The final conflict for world hegemony would be fought between the German Weltmacht and the United States of America. This last battle would decide who was to rule the world – Berlin or Washington?

Kitty Werthmann at 93 is a senior lobbyist at the state legislator in South Dakota. Kitty had the following to say at The Gathering on Friday, January 25th after hearing the news of the FBI pre-dawn raid on Roger Stone in Florida and his arrest: “This is the Gestapo!” Kitty knows only too well what the Gestapo and the Storm Troopers looks like, because as a young girl Kitty saw all of this with her own eyes. Please watch Kitty Werthmann and her powerful video: Is America Today Marching to the same drum beat as Nazi Germany?

Kitty Werthmann was born in Austria and lived under Hitler’s rule for seven years and then spent another three years under Soviet Communist rule. As Kitty related, during World War Two the Gestapo controlled all the police units within Nazi Germany. They acted outside of the normal judicial process; they had their own courts and effectively acted as judge, jury and frequently executioner. The Gestapo’s main purpose was to hunt out those considered a threat to Nazi Germany. They operated without any civil authority and were permitted to strike without worrying about consequences. Shocking is that the same can be said for Robert Mueller’s FBI Storm Trooper raid on Rodger Stone and likewise for how Mueller’s investigation is being conducted.

Michael Šust was born and raised in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. He is now the founding pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel St. Louis. Following Kitty’s presentation, Michael spoke about his life-saving encounter with Christ during his escape from communism Czechoslovakia to Austria in 1986.

As a young operatic vocalist, Michael Šust was imprisoned in Communist Czechoslovakia in Eastern Europe for nearly two years before escaping to Austria in 1986. The communists had placed the Bible at the top of their “banned” book list, forbidden for people to read. Though Michael was an atheist at the time, he obtained a Bible in Austria and read it, focusing on the New Testament, primarily because the communist told him not to read it. He read the Bible and, with no other person around him, was drawn to faith in Jesus as his forgiver of his sins and the provider of his eternal life. Shortly thereafter he came to the United States to start a new life. It was in 1991 that Michael left his opera singing career to embrace vocational ministry.

In closing, Rev. Sust displayed his operatic talent with his beautiful and passionate rendition of America the Beautiful. His favorite line of the song appears in its second verse: America, America, God mend thine every flaw.

Finale: Sovereignty threats extend beyond unchecked immigration

Not only is the sovereignty of this nation threatened by unchecked immigration which is changing the demographics and culture of this nation, but so are threats posed by Islam and China, along with the irrational yearning for Socialism by so many in this nation who are feeling “the Bern”.

For the first time in American history, two Muslim women were elected to Congress, Democrats Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. The Simon Wiesenthal Center has labeled comments made by both freshman Muslim Congresswomen as “extreme anti-Israel and anti-Semitic statements”, yet Ilhan Omar has a seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee which oversees all foreign assistance, national security affecting the country’s foreign policy, treaties, peacekeeping and war powers.

As for China, predatory actions are a threat to our nation’s sovereignty, as China actively strives to surpass the U.S. as the world’s supreme super power.

Will this nation’s leaders and its people wake up in time to recognize that the threats facing our nation’s sovereignty are real and not fake. If not, all the blood shed since our nation’s founding to save our Republic will have been in vein.

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