Lie, Deny and Misdirect – Anything but the Economy

Obama1By Nancy Thorner and Ed Ingold –

There is continuing concern about the dis-articulated response of the Obama administration over the “Arab Spring” situation, as there should be.

Nevertheless, blaming the upset on a 14 minute youtube “film” on the Internet is proving to be a case of misdirection to the American people over what in reality has become the Obama administration’s failed one-size-fits-all policy approach to dealing with the 22 countries in the Arab and Muslim world. The administration’s hopeful “Spring” vision of establishing better relations with the Arab and Muslim world has vanished, if the vision ever existed at all, leaving in its wake an administration struggling to find its footing and a unifying strategy to quell the present havoc created when dictators were dislodged and  seismic-like shifts took place in the region’s politics.

The present unrest caused by Obama’s failed Mideast policy, coupled with failures in past administrations to deal firmly with the region, will continue to reap the terrorism it has spawned with no end in sight.

There is, however, a current issue that can be explored and clarified, also involving a disputed video, in which Governor Romney seems to be dismissing 47% of the voters when he referred to the 47% as believing they were entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to-you-name-it.

Having seen as much of the video as has been published, it is clear that Governor Romney was responding to a question over campaign tactics, not policy. With limited time and resources, a candidate must devote the most effort reaching those voters who might be persuaded, and less time to those devoted to a particular candidate. You won’t see much campaigning in Illinois from either side – Illinois is bought and paid for by the Democrats.

It is clear, from Governor Romney’s record, that he is a compassionate and generous person, with his own time and money as well as in leadership. With close editing and media spin, one is led to quite another conclusion. As usual, the pundits’ version of Romney’s speech bears little resemblance to his actual words. It seems that reporters build on what others have said, rather than refer to the source. This is a classic “straw man” strategy – misrepresent Governor Romney’s position, then beat the false premise down in a one-sided debate.

Consider the source of the Romney video. Jimmy Carter’s grandson helped leak the Romney fundraiser video, filmed in secret and kept under wraps for months.  Although other Romney candid statements had been floating around on-line in bits and piece for three months, it didn’t hit the big time until it was published by David Corn at Mother Jones today.  Carter, who toils on-line as an opposition researcher, searches for clips on Republicans almost every day.  Having worked with Corn before, it was just “a natural fit” to connect Corn with the mysterious up-loader of the clip in the hope that his tip could potentially affect the outcome of the election (and get his a job).

Sorry Mother Jones, but what Romney said in your secret tape is pretty much on par with he has been saying all along while campaigning.  It is also in keeping with the government dependent class Obama has created since taking office, despite Obama’s promise of JOBS, JOBS, JOBS during his 2008 campaign and promises during every State of the Union Address to laser focus of JOBS.

The truth is that people dependent on the government for handouts tend to vote for the party or candidate which promises the most payout. Likewise, no candidate can promise to increases taxes and expect support from those people affected.  How else to explain how Obama has a positive approval rating and is tied/ahead in the polls garnering 45-47%?

Is Governor Romney guilty of class warfare? How often does a guilty man accuse others of his own perversion? An example of this tactic is the promise by President Obama to raise the taxes on a privileged few, made in order to garner the votes of a significant minority.

The fact that 47% of the population pay no income taxes is a side issue which needs to be put to rest. It is a mistake to characterize all as people with “no skin in the game.”  Many are retirees, whose income is too low, or otherwise exempt from taxation. Some are working poor, whose deductions exceed their income. Only a fraction of them are dependent, in part or in whole, on direct government benefits.  They do need a safety net.

It can be duly noted without exaggeration that 40% of the 47% would probably vote for Obama even if we had a Depression, believing America is an entitlement society and that they are victims deserving of entitlements from a government that is charged to take care of them.

As far as writing voters off, didn’t Obama write the white working class off a long time ago when he chastised folks who “clung to their Bibles and guns.”

Even Fox News at first seemed to drink the liberal Kool-Aid but is now coming to grips with the facts. Paraphrasing a line by Jack Nicholson in the movie “A Few Good Men,” we can’t handle the truth.

When speaking to Fox News on Tuesday, September 28, Romney, to his credit, didn’t back away from what were secretly recorded and leaked video remarks casting supporters of President Obama’s as being more dependent on welfare.

Romney on Fox News:  “This is the message I’m carrying day and day out and will carry over the coming months. “This is a decision about the course of America, where we’re going to head.  We’ve seen the president’s policies play out over the last four years.”

An analysis by Damian Paletta and John D. McKinnon on Tuesday, September 18 in The Wall Street Journal, The Data Behind Romney’s 47% Comments, is an interesting read and explains how this nation got to the point where almost half of American households pay no income tax.

Stated by Paletta and McKinnon is a finding that no clear partisan split was found to exist among beneficiaries, especially for recipients of federal retirement (SS) and health-care programs (Medicare).

Receiving monthly payments from S.S. with Medicare as her primary insurance, has Nancy Thorner really paid for these benefits or earned them?

Not according to the Supreme Court’s 1937 Helvering v Davis decision, which decided that taxes collected under the label of Social Security or Medicare cannot be earmarked for those expenditures.  As a result Thorner hasn’t really paid for those benefits, nor earned them.  She receives these benefits based solely on her status as defined by law, as do millions of other Senior Citizens.

Entitlement and Earned Benefits:  The Supreme Court, in Helvering v Davis (1937) as defined:

“The proceeds of both the employee and employer taxes are to be paid into the Treasury like any other internal revenue generally, and are not earmarked in any way.” They also held that Congress can decide how revenue can be spent for the public good, including for various social benefits, without violating the Constitution.”

Governor Romney could mitigate damage and strengthen his position by calling out to citizens to vote for the best candidate for the country, not merely the one who promises to to deliver the most loot; to create jobs so that hard-working citizens can afford to pay taxes; to reward achievement rather than punish it.

A message to MItt:  Be positive – be pro-active – be as specific as possible without denigrating a class of citizens (or appearing to do so). They may never vote for you, but they will still be citizens, many in need, if you win.