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Thorner & O’Neil: Part 1 – Christian persecution beyond the Middle East

By Nancy Thorner & Bonnie O’Neil – 

Are Christians in America Under Attack? We know that Christians around the World are suffering and even being murdered simply because they profess to be Christians.  The result has prompted a Judo-Christian Culture that is at war with Islam. Jews and Christians know this important commandment: “Choose life”: Deuteronomy 30:19, because it pushes forward the narrative of growth, learning, and moral advancement. As Golda Meir once said, “Peace will come to the Middle East when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us.” Sadly, Muslims love death and submission to Islam more than they value life. As stated in the Koran 3:151:  “We will put terror into the hearts of the unbelievers.”

Islam demands much of their followers. A new study by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life found that 64 nations — about one-third of the countries in the world — have high or very high restrictions on religion. Because most restrictive countries are also very populous, the percent of people under severe religious restrictions rises to 70 percent of the world’s 6.8 billion people. Those people are often subjected to excessive restrictions, and live their lives intensely obedient to their religious beliefs and their leaders’ commands. Christians living in Muslim countries face more than just restrictions. Professing their faith or failing to deny their God can result in a mandate to “convert or be killed” and/or being falsely accused of a crime which will cause a long and miserable imprisonment. It is there where you will most likely be regularly beaten by guards and Muslim prisoners who do not tolerate any religion but their own.

A Muslim convert to Christianity is victimized

Saeed Abednini has been a victim of that Islamic intolerance.  Born and raised in Iran as a Muslim, Saeed moved to America, fell in love and married his first love.  He learned of Jesus. and converted to Christianity, eventually becoming an ordained minister.  Shortly after the birth of his two children, Saeed went back to visit his Iranian family and build an orphanage in Iran, but was arrested and charged with “compromising national security”:  Iran’s excuse for punishing those who refuse to renounce their Christian faith.  The Iranian government sentenced Saeed to 8 years in prison.  He has served 2 years of that sentence, and during that time has endured torture from both officials and prisoners.   His repeated beatings and left him in such poor health, that his life is now in serious danger.   His devoted wife will not give up hope, and thus  travels around the world, especially in America, doing her best to remind Christians of Saeed’s plight and with the hope our government will reignite negotiations for his release.

As horrendous as that treatment has been in Iran for Saeed, the World has been witnessing something so horrific in Iraq that it is hard to comprehend such evil exists.  I.S.I.S, the recently formed terrorist group comprised of jihadists from many countries and who claim religious authority over Muslims world-wide, has astounded the World by conducting a ruthless, merciless killing spree in Iraq.  In June 2014, ISIS’s, with an estimated 4,000 fighters murdered thousands of civilians, most of whom were innocent Christians whose family’s roots date back to the first century of Christianity.  It is estimated that 450 thousand Christians have been brutally murdered.   It is genocide – a crime against humanity.  But Isis threatens people world-wide, not just the Christians in Iraq.

Christians in America are not subjected to anything near that type of persecution, but mounting evidence indicates there has been a definite decades-long attack on Christianity and morality in America.   It has been subtle and gradual; few have paid much attention to it.   That tactic by opponents of Christianity is smart, because anything more obvious or severe would alert the 78.4 percent of Americans who identify themselves as Christians, and thus motivate and energize the approximately 240 million Americans to fight back against any actions they deem threatening to their families or their faith. 

Yet most pastors and priests seem unaware or at least unwilling to fight back against an equally horrendous danger to their faith and families:  the invasive immorality and loss of biblical values that has and is cursing our land.  Where is the outrage among Christians?  What are they doing to protect their children from the drugs, gangs, unbiblical laws, lack of respect for traditional values, and attacks on Christianity from within.  Are they strongly preaching against these sins from the pulpit?  Do Christian parents daily teach their children respect for others, especially for their Lord and Savior?   It seems Christians even fight among themselves, especially when of a different racial background.  This is not what their Bibles or Christian faith teaches.  This is important because if we are to retain the purity of our faith, we must live it according to the Word so easily available to each of us.

Liberal progressives chip away at Christian values

Our forefathers lived their faith; they believed and followed the Words of their Bible.  What happened?  How did this Immorality slip into our society and chip away at Christian values one law, one smear, one lost freedom, and one negative anti-Christian article or speech at a time. Think back to the 1950’s for an answer, when liberal progressives boldly and intently began changing our culture and laws. 

During the 1950’s there began a shift in American culture, largely inspired by the “Beat Generation”,  a group of post-World War II writers such as Allen Ginsburg and Jack Kerouac, who became known for rejecting materialism while experimenting with drugs and sexual liberation.  That trend continued and expanded during the 1960’s, largely due to Timothy Leary and his associates who took advantage of a generation of young, confused, unhappy adults angered by the Viet Nam war and seeking a quick fix to forget their lack of interest in life.   They were easy targets for extensive drug experimentation that led to a reckless, irresponsible society whose marks can still be seen today.  The movie “The Giver” provides a glimpse into what happens when a society seeks to anesthetize themselves from that which is difficult or harsh. Drugs are enticing in that they allow “users” to escape from reality, but in the process they become prisoners unable to reach their potential and ultimately dependent upon society. Their ability to relate to God, to the Church, and even to their families is lost in a fuzzy world of make believe. 

Influence of Weatherman Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn

The decades of the 50’s and 60’s inserted a type of poison into our society that remains today.  Products of that era remain at war with religion, moral codes, and historical values that Americans have treasured for centuries.  Recently Meagan Kelly of FOX News hosted a debate of sorts between Bill Ayers and Dinesh D’Souza over whether America is exceptional.  Ayers, a product of the 50’s and 60’s argued against that premise, while Iranian born D’Souza spoke of America as the most amazing country in the World with words that conveyed unequivocal love for his new Country.  D’Souza explains why America is exceptional in such a sincere and beautiful way as to invoke an immediate sense of pride.  

Bill Ayers was one of the founders and leaders of the Weather underground.  He is an unrepentant terrorist whose group bombed at least 20 American sites.  In his book “Fugitive Day,”  Ayes characterized Weatherman as “an American Red Army,” summing up the organization’s ideology as follows:  “Kill all the rich people.  Break up their cars and apartments.  Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents.”  Ayes joined the Communist Party as an active member.  

Instead of being in jail for his acts of terrorism, he and his wife (also a weather underground terrorist and a professed Communist) became professors in our nation’s universities, teaching our children liberal propaganda in their classrooms.  Bill Ayes retired from the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2010, while his wife,Bernadine Dohrn, remains a clinical Associate Professor of Law at Northwestern University.  Ayers and Dohrn were joined by many other liberal professors through the years, resulting in colleges and universities throughout this nation now comprised of 90% self-confessed liberals.  A question that is deserving of our consideration is:  “Why were Ayers and Dohrn, two exceedingly liberal and unrepentant terrorists, allowed to be professors in American schools?”  Unsuspecting parents spend hundreds of thousands of dollars sending their precious children into classrooms with left leaning professors, and then wonder why their children return home with progressive, atheist, anti-American leanings.    

The scarcity of Conservatives in places of higher learning brings into question the liberal mantra which demands “diversity and justice.”  It also provides evidence as to why there appears to be a war on conservatism and Christianity in America today.   Our citizens are either unaware of this travesty or think they must tolerate this lack of diversity in our institutes of higher learning.  These are the same professors who teach and often demand “equality” and “diversity” when the subject deals with their non-traditional social issues.  Why do we accept the hiring practices of colleges/universities that are openly prejudiced against Conservative professors?  The few token Conservatives who are hired do not feel free to oppose the liberal agenda that permeates the institutions.

Candidate Obama and later President Obama ushers in negative change

It is not an idle claim that Ayers and his friends continue to influence American politics and society.  Consider that Bill Ayers had a relationship with Candidate Obama, which both denied during the election period.  Yet, Ayers held a fund raiser at his home for Barack Obama, and they served on a Board together for several years.   An interesting question is why they denied a relationship and why the media kept quiet about those facts.  Candidate Obama also minimized his association with the Reverend Wright, even though Reverend Wright videos demonstrated his anti-American rants. Wright’s famous quote “God d_ _ _ America” became public and Obama distanced himself immediately.  It is interesting that Wright was not unlike Bill Ayers in condemning America?        

It speaks volumes that America elected a relatively unknown and inexperienced candidate for president; a man whose past should have raised red flags, but was ignored.  He was the most inexperienced candidates in the race for the most powerful position in the country;   He won over a man who was exceedingly experienced, with an impeccable reputation, and a poster boy of achieving the American dream.  The media rarely exposed Obama’s inexperience, that he was raised in Africa, that his parents and grandparents were Muslims and/or Communists.  He spent his boyhood in Africa and went to Muslim dominated schools.  Can such a person truly understand the depth of patriotism like those who served as president before him?  Many would say his actions and decisions of the past 6 years do not always reflect the deep love for country expected and seen in past presidents.  Yet, the majority of Americans voted for him …. twice.    

Few dispute there has been a major change in the culture of our Country since the 1950’s and 60’s, and Obama ushered in many of those changes.  Where once Communism was a word that could only be whispered, due to its negative connotations, today people proudly parade signs indicating they are members of the Communist Party.  Are these people ignorant of what a privilege it is to be in a country with freedoms denied to those under Communism?  One of the Communists goals is to abolish religion.  We witness much progress by the Communists and liberals among us today, as they continue to infiltrate so many areas of our country and culture.  Many are wondering “what happened to the country I knew and loved?”  Folks, the answer is “we were not paying attention, and it has silently slipped away”.

Part 2 of Article One:  Explored will be the hostility that is happening here in America toward professed Christians, as a myriad of policies and decisions from the White House are eroding Christian morals and values, in tandem with the indoctrination of our children by liberals, humanists, and atheists in our classrooms?

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