Who’s Pointing Fingers?

February 17, 2013

By Nancy Thorner & Ed Ingold –

Chicago police have arrested two gang  members on February 12 and charged them with the murder of young Hadiya Pendelton, who marched in a parade at President Obama’s inauguration.  She was standing under a shelter from the rain when a man opened fire with a handgun, killing  her and wounding another.

The mayor, Rahm Emanual, was quick to blame the easy availability of guns, and the President was quick to chime in on that theme.  Predictably the mayor admonished city agencies to divest themselves of investments in companies making firearms and encouraged Bank of America and other financial institutions to do the same.  After all, it’s the greed of gun companies driving the mayhem on Chicago streets. Or is it?

According to the report, Michael Ward, 18 and  Kenneth Williams, 20, were driving around and thought the gathering under the  shelter was composed of rival gang members. Williams had been himself shot in  a previous episode, so he handed a gun to Ward who left  the car to fire six shots into the crowd. Neither men were unknown to police.  Williams refused to cooperate with police after being shot, typical behavior for gang members who prefer to settle these  matters personally. Williams did not have a police record at this point, but Ward was on probation for a conviction for unlawful  possession of a gun.

Both men had been stopped traveling together on several occasions leading  up to the deadly night, according to “contact cards” filed by the policemen.  However, the policemen were not aware that Ward was under probation, hence  subject to search without a warrant, and probably in violation of his parole by associating with a known gang member. Even so Mayor Emanual has the audacity to blame gun companies and millions of law-abiding gun owners for the mistakes of his own  police department and the depravity of Chicago gang members.

Up until the murder of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendelton, ABC, CBS, CNN, CNBC,  NBC and President  Obama had given little attention to Chicago’s horrific gun violence statistics, yet Chicago probably has the toughest  gun laws in the country.  Last year 446  school-age children were shot.  So far  in 2013 sixty-two school age children  were  shot in the leftist utopia of Chicago run by Rahm Emanuel that has also produced President Obama, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan,  etc.

The story was definitely a news-worthy  one. Whether the disinterest in covering the  daily shootings in Chicago could have been related to the minority status of most of kids shot and killed, or to a mainstream  media whose adulation for  President Obama mandates that Chicago not be shown in ways which would blemish his image or cast doubt on his narrative. Political correctness informs us that it is inappropriate to note that that gun violence is inflicting such a terrible scar on Chicago’s image when Emanual is working  to portray Chicago as a beautiful, global capital with a diverse  economy and robust culture. If there is a problem, someone else is always to  blame!

As it was both national and international reporters flocked to Chicago to survey the situation.  A news anchor from Britain’s Channel 4 told viewers this week, while standing on a South Side  street: “In Chicago more civilians are killed from  gun violence than American soldiers on the battlefields of Afghanistan.  The same reporter introduced his special report  about guns in America by saying that  in Chicago “the gun in the law.” http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-biz-0215-city-image-20130215,0,739187.story

The Chicago Tribune, curious to learn what young African-American men most  likely to be hit by the gunfire in neighborhoods like Roseland, Englewood, and Lawndale had to say about President Obama’s priority stop in Chicago to promote his national and anti-violence agenda, assigned a Tribune reporter who received an earful when violence was explained through a different lens from the usual cry about those evil guns.

On Wednesday night, February 13th, at the meeting held at the Salvation Army’s Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in West Pullman, Tribune reporter, Damleen Glanton, was told by young  men — most of them of high school age who had steered clear of gangs — that Obama’s proposals to strengthen gun laws would have little effect on the illegal guns on the streets. “Someone will just give you a gun if they’ve just killed someone because they want to get rid of it. . . When you have a gun, it  makes you feel like a  man because of the power of that gun.”

As far as the effect of President Obama’s visit one young man said:

“They’re  not going to give up their guns.  They’re not going to even listen to Obama.   Some of them don’t have a father in their lives, so why would  they listen to the president, a man who’s not in their lives either?”

Yet another young man, about the allure of guns, “It’s  about revenge, reputation and territory.  That’s the city of Chicago.”  http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/ct-met-obama-visit-0215-20130215,0,5468132.story

President Barack Obama returned to Chicago on Friday,  February 15, to address the gun violence at the Hyde Park Academy on the South Side, suggesting that tougher gun laws, community involvement and improving urban economic conditions can help.  At the same the president pointed out that gun control won’t stop every crime, that government can’t solve every  problem, and that the community has to be involved.  The part about community involvement has a good ring to it that sounds reasonable and agreeable, but good-sounding rhetoric goes only so far.  http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-obama-chicago-violence-20130215,0,2219119.story

Rahm Emanual might heed part of President Obama’s warning:  Mr. Mayor, when you point a finger at responsible gun  owners, you have four fingers pointing at the real source of your  problems. Get your own house in order, or get out  of the way!

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