Rare and deadly diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, typhoid and polio once thought to be eradicated from this country, are now becoming prevalent again. Also being seen are diseases common to Third World countries such as West Nile Virus and Dengue Fever.


It is inaccurate to think that only border states with Mexico are experiencing any cases of the rare or exotic diseases that illegals can carry with them into this country. Unlike initial health screenings required of permanent residents who are entering the country legally, many illegal immigrants simply walk across the border carrying the deadly diseases and spreading to all with whom they come in contact.


Illinois was mentioned in “Liberty News Online” as one of ten states with an unusual outbreak. A disease found in Illinois not before mentioned, Chagas, is carried by certain insects typically found in South and Central America. It is spread when a “kissing bug” bites a human and defecates while it feeds. The feces contain the parasite, which can enter the human when the bitten person rubs or scratches the bug bite. Chagas can also be contracted by eating uncooked food contaminated with the infective feces of “kissing bugs.” There is no effective cure. Up to 40% die when their hearts or intestines explode.



The Triatomine bug carries the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, which causes Chagas disease.


Endangering the U.S. medical system are highy infectious cases of drug-resistant and lethal tuberculosis. Tuberculosis, a bacterial infection that generally attacks the lungs, can attack any part of the body and spreads easily when an infected individual coughs, sneezes or even talks in the presence of another person.  Once the leading cause of death in America, with the 20th century came the development of antibiotics and the virtual eradication of TB.  The new strains of TB finding their way across the border by illegals are resistant to most antibiotics.


A shock was received recently when a national news report told of an illegal alien from Nepal who carried TB across our southern border after traveling through 13 countries most likely infecting people all along the way, proving there are many OTMs (Other Than Mexicans) crossing our borders illegally.


If the diseased alien should be detected after crossing the border, years of medication and isolation are required of the affected illegal while they put in danger the lives of those caring for them. Typical TB treatment costs, according to a recent CDC study, average out at $140,000.  Some cases can run as high as $700,000.


A report by Phyllis Schafly of Eagle Forum, “Alien Diseases threaten Us All,” tells how 7,000 cases of leprosy have been diagnosed,especially in the northeastern states, and how a  restaurant worker in Pennsylvania exposed 3,000 people to Hepatitis A, resulting in two dying.


Prospective immigrants entering through Ellis Island were medically screened and sent  back to their home country if there was evidence of a communicable disease.  Today, instead of screening undesirable people at the border, we are asked to pay our health workers to treat them.


Is it any wonder why the doors of dozens of hospitals are closing upon finding themselves unable to cover the costs of non-paying illegal patients?


Through our property and income taxes taxpayers are forced to pay because of Congress’s unfunded mandate (EMTALA, Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act) in 1986 that all hospitals treat all illegal aliens who show up at the Emergency Room.


There are rumblings that the US Senate’s “Gang of 8” would like to have their bill ready to pass and to have signed by late spring or early summer. Call your senators and demand answers to these two important questions:


1. What about the fence that was never built according to a law signed by President George W. Bush in 2006 requiring the building of a fence on our southern border?


2. What about protecting American citizens from the diseases of illegal aliens.  Minus a fence a new flood of illegals will take advantage of the opportunity to stream across our lax southern border.

Part 1:  Cost not the only factor inn amnesty debate  –  Monday, March 18
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Common Core Revisited

March 6, 2013


On Thursday, February 21, posted at Illinois Review was information about Common Core, a new national educational curriculum launched by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers in 2009 — latched onto by the Obama administration — whose plan is to induce all elementary and secondary schools to accept a comprehensive national education system that will enforce a national curriculum.

On March 2nd the “Heritage Foundation” published an article that relates how states are reconsidering their support for the Common Core standards. The resistance stems from reasons including questions about who was behind the initiative and whether they are better than previous standards.

Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, and South Dakota are states in which action was taken in recent weeks to pedal back their state’s involvement in Common Core standards.

As one South Dakota state representative commented when South Dakota’s House Education Committee passed legislation to require the Board of Education to obtain legislative approval before adopting any further Common Core Standards:

“One of the founding principles of American education is that states and local citizens will determine how their schools are going to be run and what will be taught in each local entity.  The Common Core Standards movement is an attempt to circumvent this long-standing tradition of American education.”

Shouldn’t parents, teacher and local leaders make decision about what is taught in the classrooms?  States, including Illinois, who early on signed on to Common Core, should reject Washington’s push for national education standards and work to improve their schools through reforms at the state and local level.

As John Stossel relates in his commentary, “Stupid in America“:

“School spending has gone through the roof and test scores are flat.

While most every other service in life has gotten faster, better, and cheaper, one of the most important things we buy — education — has remained completely stagnant, unchanged since we started measuring it in 1970.

Why no improvement?

Because K-12 education is a government monopoly and monopolies don’t improve.”

It is important to get involved with your own school district to see how Common Core is being applied to the learning curriculum of children in your district.

Central planning sounds right and feels good, but it has nothing to do with the realities of educating children. There is nothing that government can do that we cannot do better as free individuals and as groups of individuals, working together voluntarily, not at the point of a gun or under threat of a fine. Without big government, our possibilities are limitless.

Consider the government-run entities of Amtrak and the U.S. Postal System.

2014 will usher in an even greater government-run boondoggle that is Obamacare.  Are you ready?

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By Edward Ingold and Nancy Thorner –

A few days ago on MSNBC Chris Matthews cited statistics that 40% of gun sales were made via the internet without any background checks. I can’t confirm or deny the 40% figure, but the internet is the main way to trade used firearms via an auction site like Gunbroker.com). Many retailers also sell firearms via the internet. Matthews’ statement regarding the lack of safeguards is completely false however.

All shipments and sales of firearms via the Internet must go through intermediaries who hold a Federal Firearms License (FFL). Individuals cannot legally ship firearms to anyone other than an FFL holder, and in most cases, an FFL will only accept shipments from another FFL. If you buy a firearm over the Internet, it is shipped to an FFL, and you are required to pick it up in person. At that time the FFL will have you fill out a Federal form called a 4473, in which you answer a list of questions, and swear under oath that you are qualified to receive the firearm.

The FFL checks this information against your personal identification, and calls NICS (National Instant Background Check System), which approves or disapproves the sale. NICS is a national database which lists any convictions or other information which would disqualify you. The FFL also checks for any state or local requirements, like a FOID card (Firearms Owner Identification) in Illinois, and holds the firearm for the mandated waiting period, if any. In Illinois, you must wait 3 days (72 hours) for a handgun or 1 day (24 hours) for a rifle or shotgun.

People use the Internet to buy and sell firearms because it is a much larger market than available locally. The seller usually gets more than he would selling or consigning the firearm to a local dealer. The buyer usually pays less than he would at a dealer, and has a much wider variety to choose from.

The Internet also minimizes security concerns. In a face-to-face (FTF) sale, the buyer must trust the seller to turn over the weapon after receiving payment, particularly if there is a waiting period. The seller must trust that the prospective buyer is not coming to rob him (and vice versa).

Sales between non-licensed individuals can be made face-to-face (FTF) between residents of that state, consistent with state law. Illinois requires both parties to have an FOID card, and the seller must keep a record of the transaction for 10 years. Other states vary.

The so-called “Gun Show Loophole” is really a sub-set of FTF sales. At present, it is not necessary to complete a 4473 form (unless the seller holds an FFL, even selling a private firearm), nor is there a reasonable way to do this at present. One possible solution would be to require all transactions to proceed through an FFL, complete with all the paperwork. A gun show could have a booth with one or more FFLs and a telephone for this service. The typical fee for this service is $25 to $35, including the background check, so it wouldn’t be hard to find FFLs willing to participate. A private individual can easily find a local FFL by searching the Internet for a directory.

Most of the complaints about internet and gun show sales come from cities and organizations that object to private citizens from owning firearms of any sort.

Any Illinois resident with a FOID card can buy a firearm from any legal seller in the state, even if the buyer is from Chicago. The courts have found these sales to be legal, and that cities can’t control sales outside of their boundaries. Chicago can only regulate sale and possession of firearms in the city itself.

The organization, “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” headed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NYC, take particular umbrage with this situation. The conundrum is that their efforts to control illegal guns consist largely of making legal sales and possession difficult or impossible. That, of course, is Bloomberg’s real goal – to make all guns illegal (except his). Some of the barriers erected by anti-gun politicians can be very frustrating to law-abiding citizens (but apparently not to criminals).

When forced to allow handgun possession by the Heller decision, Washington DC required all sales be conducted through an FFL in the city. At that time, there was only one FFL, and he left town when the city required he move operations from his residence to a store front (but refused to issue a zoning permit for that business).

Chicago has a proficiency requirement for firearm possession, but does not have any facilities for that purpose in the City. Under HR 218, the so-called Law Enforcement Officers’ Safety Act ( LEOSA), retired police officers are allowed to carry concealed weapons anywhere in the United States. Chicago requires these officers to undergo annual proficiency qualification, but no such qualification is available. New York City simply ignores the existence of LEOSA altogether.

The conversation is going to get much more heated in the ensuing months.The 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Illinois’ ban on carrying concealed weapons, and gives the state six months to come up with an acceptable (to the court) statute. It comes at a time when Americans on both sides of the gun control issues are debating how best to prevent another mass shooting from taking place again.

Chicago has one of the most violent crime rates in the U.S, yet remains firmly opposed to citizens arming themselves in self defense. The usual argument is that shootings will become commonplace, like the “OK Corral,” or some other wild west scenario. This ignores the fact that crime has actually decreased in these states. The violent crime rate in the most permissive states, like Utah and Arizona, is half that of New York City, where virtually nobody can legally own a gun, and one-third that of Chicago. The rates of aggravated assault (i.e., weapons involved) and armed robbery have decreased 50% faster in Florida than in the country as a whole since concealed carry was instituted Florida.

Facts cannot be denied, yet they are conveniently overlooked in Chicago, because the facts do not advance the long-sought political agenda of the ruling Left where a crisis is being used to advance its political agenda to target and ban guns.

First posted at IL Review on Friday, December 21, 2013

It was all a dream

October 12, 2012

By Nancy Thorner and Ed Ingold – posted at Illinois Review on 10/12/2012

Those old enough might remember the episode of “Dallas” in 1986, in which Bobby Ewing was seen in the shower.  Two years earlier, in the season finale, the character, played by Patrick Duffy, was killed by the sister of his ex-wife, run over by a car.  For two years and umpteen episodes, Bobby Ewing was dead and gone from the show. Then the season opened with plausible deniability, saying it was all a dream.

Libyan attack

As with the last three weeks of the Libyan embassy saga are we to conclude that it was all a dream, that it never happened?  The State Department assures us that it NEVER thought the embassy was subjected to a protest over the 14 second video.  Furthermore, that it was an organized terrorist attack from the start.


We are led to believe that the nine days in which Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN, said repeatedly that the Libyan embassy was subjected to a protest over an obscure “movie” gone bad, not organized terrorist attacks NEVER HAPPENED.


Are we likewise to conclude that the video with Hillary and Barack, produced for Pakistani television, apologizing for that obscure video, NEVER HAPPENED.  Ignore the man behind the green curtain!


Sorry, Mr. President, but Dallas was a work of fiction where anything goes. The Ministry of Truth, from Orwell’s 1984, can’t rewrite this history. It happened, and this is why it happened.   http://www.online-literature.com/orwell/1984/


The early disclaimers, issued by Susan Rice, were intended to be consistent with President Obama’s narrative (the kind repeated enough until it becomes truth), that Bin Laden is dead, Al Qaeda is dead, and that the Muslim Brotherhood loves us. The State Department issued no clarification for 16 hours, half an hour after Governor Romney called them out, and then merely repeated Ms. Rice’s allegations. President Obama waited until his appearance with ladies of  “The View” was over until speaking out, not against the terrorist, but against Governor Romney for speaking out of turn.


Then the videos appeared, showing the Consulate in Benghazi under attack by militants with machine guns, RPGs and mortars, and not a protester in sight. This was confirmed by the State Department, and the Libyan Government, but the misrepresentations by Ms. Rice and the White House continued. We ask why? What was the reason behind this narrative? Did it serve the interests of the United States? No! It served the interests of the President’s campaign.


The network news media, ABC, NBC, and CBS, devoted less than 15 minutes to the Libyan events, all three put together. Nor did they address the state of the economy, or any other issues of vital public interest.  It was business as usual, everything you need to know and less. To millions of their viewers, it NEVER HAPPENED.


Fox news was different. The Libyan affair was the lead story at Fox News for nearly three weeks, along with the apparent coverup,  to the nearly total exclusion of news about unemployment and the economy. Thus the most potent critic of the Obama administration was effectively silenced during a significant portion of the time remaining before the election.


If the misstatements by the Obama Administration did constitute a crisis, it was not one his campaign committee were prepared to waste.  What better way to control Fox News than to taunt them with repeated misstatements.  As Rahm Emanual remarked back in 2008 in Wall Street Journal interview when Chief of Staff to President Obama, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. But what I mean by that it is an opportunity to do things that you could not do before.”


Will the Obama administration’s dream-like, non-portrayal of what was terrorism in Lybia soon be penetrated by the mainstream media to reflect reality, or will the media continue to deny the broader implications of the still smoldering situation to protect the President’s “tough on terrorism” image?


For it was not the video that incited the terrorism at Bengazhi which killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, but the failure of Obama’s politics in the Middle East.  The light security at Bengazh, despite requests from the murdered  Ambassador himself, was due to the pie-in-the-sky dream policies of those in the Obama administration who believe that blending in with the people would dispel any notion of imperialism.


To deny that Bengazhi was and is still a no-man’s land, not unlike the Dodge City of another era, displays a certain amount of arrogance and a disassociation with reality on the part of President Obama who, after all, keeps reminding the American people that “we killed Ben Laden!” Are we supposed to believe that Al Qaeda officially ceased to exist when their ex facto leader was eliminated? Are we supposed to forget that weeks of denial that continued, even after the truth of the attack became public knowledge?


Instead of a dream, reality tells us that the attempt to blame the Bengazhi terrorist attack on a video was a coverup, a lie, and a hoax.

Illinois Family Institute celebrates 20 years with Wallbuilders’ David Barton

By Nancy Thorner –


HOFFMAN ESTATES – The Illinois Family Institute (IFI) with David E. Smith, Executive Director, celebrated its 20th anniversary of advocating biblical principles in the public square at its 2012 Fall Banquet at The Stonegate Conference and Banquet Centre on Friday, September 7.   The evening highlighted Wallbuilders’ David Barton, who encouraged Christians to get involved in politics.



The evening started with introductory remarks of welcome, as David Smith introduced Julie Roys as the Master of Ceremonies.  Julie is the senior producer for the WMBI Morning Show and has been a trusted voice of biblical wisdom on Moody Radio since 2007 (90.1FM).    .


Music during the program included the National Anthem sung by Debbie K and a stirring rendition of the Battle Hymn of the Republic by the Wheaton Bible Church Sanctuary Choir led by Ross Heise, with pianist, Marsha Foxgrover.


A remarkable portrayal of Patrick Henry was featured when Dr. Mark Zumhagen, dressed appropriately in colonial garb, recited Patrick Henry’s timeless Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death speech made in St. John’s Church in Richmond to discuss relations with Great Britain in March of 1775.  Like Patrick Henry who was willing to die to achieve liberty, the IFI has been advocating and fighting for liberty in the public square for 20 years.


After dinner was served Julie Roys recognized the Benefactors and the Elected Officials present.  Next in the program was the presentation of three special award.  Plaques were presented to the recipients by Executive Director David Smith.


The Covenant Keepers Hall of Fame award recipients, Bud and Clara Cawthon, were not in attendance to receive their award.  Instead, a short video filmed by Executive Director David Smith was shown of his interview with Bud (97) and Clara (95) at their home in Pittsfield, IL. The Cawthons were married on April 14, 1937 in a Methodist parsonage in Pittsfield.  The couple celebrated 75 years of togetherness with God and the Bible as the center of their lives.


Known to many at the IFI event, Penny Pullen was awarded the Outstanding Achievement award. Penny’s background is full of dedication to the pro-family movement, as when she served as a state rep from 1977 to 1993. Recently Penny was state chair for Rick Santorium in IL.  Currently she is the State President of Eagle Forum.


The third presentation of the night, The Voice of Truth award went to David Norck.  David Norck is an example of one who walks softly and carries God’s truth in his heart.  After a full day of work, David Norck walks door-to-door trying to stop legislation such as the pending comprehensive sex education HB 3027.


IFI Executive Director David Smith’s remarks


Following the presentation, IFI’s Executive Director, David Smith, offered his own remarks.  Julie Roys called David Smith “one of the hardest working conservatives in the state.”


David Smith recounted the story of Butch O’Hare, after which O’Hare Airport was named, to illustrate how courage derived from events of the past can relate to today’s challenging times.

Butch O’Hare’s father, Eddie O’Hare, although he tried to teach his son right from wrong, as member of the of the Capone mob, one day Eddie came to the conclusion that offering his son a good name was far more important than all the riches he could lavish upon his son  “Easy” Eddie accordingly testified about the mob and helped convict Al Capone.  Eddie in wanting to be a good example for his son, and having given his son the greatest gift he had to offer, paid the greatest price when his life ended with a blaze of gunfire.

Lt. Commander Edward Henry “Butch” O’Hare subsequently became a WW l l hero and was presented with the Congressional Medal of Honor for his courageous actions against the Japaneses and defending the U.S.S.  It was through the teachings of Butch O’Hare’s dad that Butch was able to rise above what had been his father’s sordid life.

Continuing, David Smith challenged Christians to be prepared to make sacrifices, even though there are those who profit from evil activities such as gambling.  Smith called Illinois the Land of Evil because it promotes and protects both the slaughter of human babies and homosexuality.  Smith did rejoice that the gambling bill was defeated when vetoed by Governor Quinn in response to citizens contacting legislators
Smith likewise reminded those gathered how the religion of Jesus Christ is the only religion that is forbidden when he said, “We, as Christians must choose righteousness over peace.”  Because so many Americans refuse to take a stand against evil, Smith urged us to “choose courage over fear” and to work “to prepare for a new birth of Christianity in this nation and here in Illinois.”


Having finished his remarks, David Smith invited James Lansberry from Samaritan Ministries, a Gold Level Benefactor, to come up on stage to talk about a Christian sharing program to cover medical bills.  Lansberry spoke of a non-insurance approach where medial needs are shared directly with fellow believers. www.samaritanministries.org


Following Lansberry, Pastor John Kirkwood, an Advisory Board member of an IFI and host of Uncommon Sense (www.uncommonshop.com), made a special appeal for funds, telling us not to view our giving as a donation, but rather as a gratitude to God and a testimony to our Founding Fathers.  Pastor Kirkwood notedd that a supporter of IFI had promised to match gifts up to $10,000.


David Barton’s message


Finally the much anticipated event of the evening arrived when David Smith introduced Keynote Speaker David Barton.

David Barton’s exhaustive research has made him an expert on historical and constitutional issues.  He is the author of numerous best-selling books, with subject matter drawn largely from his massive library-museum of tens of thousands of original writings, documents, and artifacts from early America.


Barton heads the WallBuilders organization, a national pro-family organization that presents America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious, and constitutional heritage, two presentations were made.  www.wallbuilders.com


As initially stated by Barton, what makes this nation different from other nations is the Bible.  The Bible deals with right and wrong, not the secular and the spiritual, which has resulted in a battle that is ongoing between religion and morality.  “We are allowed to practice our faith, but must do so in private.”


Barton also explained how “exceptionalism” is a term applicable to this nation.  It was Alexis de Tocqueville, the 19th century French political sociologist, who coined the word exceptionalism to describe America when he visited and toured the nation in 1841. www.tocqueville.org/chap1.htm


In dealing with the issue of separation of church and state, David Barton went back in history to the time of Moses and Aaron to explain the Biblical distinction between church and state as defined by the roles assigned to Moses and Aaron by God.


Three distinct periods of history were noted by Barton;  1) The first three centuries were the “Centuries of Purity.”  2) The next twelve centuries were referred to as the “Dark Ages when the state took over the church; it was never the other way around. 3)  The “Age of Reformation” followed the Dark Ages.


Barton used the reign of King Henry VIII, who lived from 1491 to 1547, as an example of a supreme ruler who was head of both church and state.  After the death of King Henry, the daughter of the King and Anne Boleyn became Queen.  Their daughter is now known as the first Queen Elizabeth and ruled from 1558 to 1603.


An incident by Rev. John Greenwood during Queen Elizabeth’s reign led to the Age of Reformation.  Rev. Greenwood believed that the Queen was not higher in the church than God. For this radical belief Greenwood was condemned to hanging by Queen Elizabeth.


To be noted is that Rev. Greenwood was the first to separate from the Established Church in England.  He founded the religious doctrine know as Puritanism or Congregationalism. The little band of Pilgrims that landed at Plymouth, Mass. in 1620 were his followers.   Many religious groups followed the Pilgrims to America as they rebelled over the state control of religion in their countries of origin.


David Barton then expounded upon a still controversial issue — separation of church and state — which didn’t rear its ugly head until Thomas Jefferson was elected president in 1801.  It all came about when Jefferson responded with his now famous letter dated January 1, 1803 to a letter received from the the Danbury Baptist Association in Connecticut.  The Danbury Baptist Association believed, as did the founder of the Baptist church in American, Roger William, who had written in1644  “that there must be “a hedge or wall of separation between the garden of the church and the wilderness of the world.”


In responding to the Danbury Baptist Association, Thomas Jefferson used the “wall of separation” clause found in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.  Many believe that at the time Jefferson intended that the First Amendment’s “separation of church and state” phrase should mean “free exercise of religion” and not “exclusion of religion” from government.


This all changed in the 1947 Everson vs. Board of Education decision when Justice Hugo wrote in his written decision that Jefferson had gotten it all wrong:  “In the words of Thomas Jefferson, the clause against establishment of religion by law was intended to erect a wall of separation between church and state.”


David Barton noted numerous examples of President Obama’s hostility toward the Christian religion in an article published on February 29, 2012, America’s Most Biblically-Hostle U.S. President.  It is an eye-opener and well worth your time to read. It will only reinforce your already firm belief that President cannot be elected to another four years in office.


In chronological order are (1) numerous records of Obama’s attacks on Biblical persons or organization; (2) examples of the hostility toward biblical faith that have become evident in the past three years in the Obama-led military; (3) a listing of his open attacks on Biblical values; and finally (4) a listing of numerous incidents of his preferential deference to Islam’s activities and position.    www.wallbuilders.com/libissuesarticles.asp?id=106938


One display of President Obama’s hostility highlighted by David Barton, especially for Catholics, is how President Obama revoked the conscience protection put in place by President W. Bush in February of 2009 for health workers who refuse to participate in medical activities that go against their beliefs.


In closing, David Barton made these poignant statements:  “Religious liberty is the first thing to go; when religion goes our liberty also goes”  –  “We have a God-given right to religious liberty, but it’s just not politically protected.”  –  “Religion and morality cannot be separated from public life; God calls for the same morality in our secular lives as he does in our spiritual lives.”


The pre-dinner prayer was given by Rev. Gerald O’Reilly of Santa Maria del Popolo in Mundelein in which he blessed marriage and the unborn, speaking to all present as being “united as one in truth.”


The Benediction was given by Pastor George Flattery of Stone Church in Orland Park.  I Corinthians, Chapter 15, Verse 58 was quoted by Pastor Flattery as a message that should be heeded in this 20th year anniversary of the Illinois Family Institute:  “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.”


David Barton used the passage from I Corinthians as a message to take home with us.   We were reminded that our labor is never in vain.  We were further told to go out and do our part to promote Biblical moral values and the sanctify of life both here in Illinois and at the federal level



In his speech to accept the Democratic nomination, President Obama said his policies would create a million new manufacturing jobs if he is reelected.

It took a bit of digging to find a legitimate reference to the incident noted below, which was not reported on the major networks, and only in passing on Fox News. It demonstrates how the ideology of the President and Washington Democrats are crushing the economy. The reference was found in a published article by James R.Hagerty in the Wall Street Journal on June 20, 2010, U.S.Ex-Im Bank Reconsiders India Coal.

In 2010, the US Import-Export bank denied loan guarantees, which a Milwaukee firm needed to manufacture mining equipment to India. This effectively scuttled $600M in sales and up to 1000 jobs. The reason was that the equipment would be used to mine coal, which India uses to generate 50% of its electricity (In the US, the figure is closer to 80%) along with carbon dioxide emissions. The bank later backed off, just in time for a visit from the President, following loud complaints from both Democrats and Republicans in Wisconsin.                                                                                     http://online.wsj.com/article /SB10001424052748704334604575338791530127472.html?mod=WSJ_hps_LEFTWhatsNews

I suspect that the President claimed another 1000 jobs saved due to his belated action.

This leaves in question:  Just what sort of manufacturing is acceptable to the President?   You can’t build Boeing jets in South Carolina because the Seattle unions object.  Yet despite Obama and his union thugs, Boeing prevailed in a non-union state.  Aviation history was made on April 27 of this year when the first Boeing South Carolina-built 787 Dreamliner rolled out of the North Charleston production facility.  www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILGtXWpfMLE

You can’t build guitars, because they use “endangered” woods, imported with full permission from the Indian government, but adjudged illegal by a US agency as they interpret foreign law.  To make this point, you send in twenty or so US Marshals, armed to the teeth, to shut down the factory, confiscate goods, and arrest the clerk responsible for managing the inventory of these woods.

As reported on Aug. 7 of this year, “Nashville-based Gibson agreed to pay a $300,000 penalty, forfeit claims to about $262,000 worth of wood seized by the federal agents in an armed 2011 raid and contribute $50,000 to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to promote the conservation of protected tree species.’  This is not a confession of guilt, rather an economic decision, faced with the deep (public) pockets of the government prosecutors.

According to Gibson’s CEO Henry Juszkiewicz, “We felt compelled to settle as the costs of proving our case at trial would have cost millions of dollars and taken a very long time to resolve.  This allows us to get back to the business of making guitars.”   http://reason.com/blog/2012/08/07/gibson-guitar-settles-federal-case-that

You can’t compete with China making solar panels, who can make them for 1/3rd the cost.  Solyndra-manufactured solar panel was heralded by President Obama.  Nearly half a billion of taxpayer dollars was pumped into Solyndra to ‘create thousands of jobs,’ only to result in the bankruptcy of Solyndra, the loss of taxpayer dollars, and jobs.  Along with Solyndra five other U.S. solar panel makers went bankrupt, and at least six other American solar manufacturing companies suffered layoff and plant shutdowns over the past two years.

Cheaper-imported Chinese solar panels drove the domestic makers out of business in a practice calling dumping, not because the Chinese have an edge in labor or material costs, but because of Obama’s failure to counter China’s mercantilist trade policies.   www.humanevents.com/2012/02/24/chinas-trade-war-bankrupted-solyndra/

Of course, you can’t build and export coal mining equipment, because that might result in “global warming”!

Might the money received through the trade of mining equipment override this nation’s own distaste for coal by alarmists and the Obama administration, where stringent EPA regulations emission standards are mandated that even so-called clean-burning coal plants will not be able to meet even when in installing coal scrubbers, etc.?

Or might it be that those who manufacture mining equipment are not be duped by what has become the biggest hoax every played on the American people, that CO2 emission are causing man-made global?  Although there are many published articles stating the same, “Anthropogenic Global Warming is the biggest hoax in Science,” was published on 8/12/2012.  http://www.leagueofreason.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=9777>

China is the largest coal producer in the world, with about 45% of the world’s total annual production, but 90% of the coal mining equipment used in China is produced domestically.  In technology Chinese companies are still far behind in mining equipment production. In 2008 China was starting up a new coal powered generating facility every two weeks.

As a consequence, China is also the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHGs), responsible for over 20% of annual CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels.  Eighty percent of these emissions come from coal, and can be measured in the air over our western states.  As such China welcomes foreign participation in the clean-coal sector, including investing in newer, cleaner technologies. http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2011-06-07/pdf/2011-13921.pdf

That doesn’t leave much in reserve, considering the current cults of “global warming,” “green energy” and “social justice”.  Perhaps Obama’s thought process and his dreams forecast a huge increase in the production of asphalt, in the Keynesian hope that dollars planted under roadbeds will sprout into money trees and rescue the economy. (Bottom-up economics exemplified.)?

On the bright side, Smith & Wesson reported a 22% increase in sales, in part because the President’s anti-gun ideology combined with inaction on his part in fear of the electoral consequences. The president can rightly be dubbed as the top salesman of the year for Smith & Wesson.    http://www.rttnews.com/1960960/smith-wesson-q1-profit-up-raises-fy13-outlook-shares-up-21.aspx

Smith & Wesson is a shining example of what can happen once the White House gets out of the way.

There’s still time for change with Mitt Romney as president, as one who believe in free enterprise and not government to build the economy and create jobs.