Panel, Earthquake Election

By Nancy Thorner – 

Jim Lakely, Director of Communications at The Heartland Institute, welcomed guests to the European Crystal Banquet, 519 W. Algonquin Rd., Arlington Heights, commenting that it was the kind of venue Donald Trump would appreciate being at.  A brief history followed of the move The Heartland Institute made in the summer 2015 to its headquarters at 39 Arlington Heights where freedom and liberty are respected, having been located in the corrupt City of Chicago prior to the move for 32 years.  Lakely further stated that The Heartland Institute is a non-partisan, non-profit, free-market think tank that doesn’t support political candidates.

With the introduction behind him, Mr. Lakely signaled the beginning of what he said would be an “amazing positive and happy program” which would delve into the “an earthquake of an election.”  In Lakely’s words:  “We are here tonight to talk about the earthquake of an election on Nov. 8th.”

Lakely invited each panelist one by one to join him on the stage, introducing each panel member until all four were lined up on stage.

Heartland’s All-Star Panel:

DAN PROFT, radio host at AM560, senior fellow at Illinois Policy Institute
KATHLEEN MURPHY, communication director at Illinois Opportunity Project
PATRICK HUGHES, co-founder of Illinois Opportunity ProjectJIM LAKELY (moderator), director of communications, The Heartland Institute

When seated on the stage, Jim Lakely proceeded to direct each question to a specific panel member, after which the other panels members were invited to jump in at will to add their thoughts.

Jim Lakely’s first question was directed to Dan Proft.  In doing so, Mr. Lakely referred to how Dennis Preager, a radio talk show host on WLS AM, spoke about the two presidential choices available to American voters.  It was a choice between two candidate.  On one door was Man Eating Lion.  On the other door was Maybe Man Eating Lion.  The people choose Trump, the Maybe Man Eating Lion.  In jest Lakely referred to Trump’s maim of hair.

Question 1:

Did American voters in the Midwest and Rust Belt just save the American experiment — dodge the bullet — from forces on the Left to save Western civilization?  

Dan Proft believes that we have, to some extent, halted the onslaught of the Left.  Proft, in a light-hearted way, questioned the nature of Lakely’s question:  “How did we go from low expectations to talking about saving Western civilization?”   Proft credited Victor David Hanson of National Reviewas recognizing early on Trump’s winning message, how the elites, wherever they may function in society, are worse than you think they are.  A plus is that Trump comes into office without owing the establishment anything.

Joe Walsh was quick to add his opinion about the Trump victory:  “This election was about the uprising of us, regular Americans, against a broken political establishment.  It had zero to do with the Republican Party.  It was against the elites.”  In agreement with Proft, Walsh doesn’t believe Trump owes the Republican Party a thing as an outsider.  Walsh spoke of going to Washington, D.C. with the same spirit of an outsider to serve in the House.

Patrick Hughes spoke about the Supreme Court and what a Hillary win would have meant had she been able to fill the vacancy created by the death of Justice Alito and possible other retirements.  Presently under attack is free speech, abortion rights, the 2nd amendment, etc.  With good, solid Supreme Court appointments our Constitutional principles can be reset, as justices now up in their 80’s, and who ascribe to a Living Constitution, choose retirement during a Trump presidency.

Dan Proft, ever the scholar, warned that the election of Trump was only the beginning, as elections are but the means to policy ends.  It was a big election for Trump.  Not even Trump could stop Trump.  He did try and couldn’t.  Proft was not charitable to House Speaker Ryan and other Republicans legislators who did nothing to help Trump.  As such, Republican legislators in both the House and Senate must have their feet held to the fire, for there will be policy fights. There must be no doubt that Trump is the new sheriff in town.

Joe Walsh likewise harbored strong feeling about holding Republican feet to the fire.  Paul Ryan was scorned by Joe in Ryan’s refusal to help Trump in his election bid, which held true of the Republican Party as a whole. It was because of Trump that Ryan could resume as speaker.  As Walsh warned:  “We won a battle, but the war continues. We still have a long way to go.”  As many conservatives realize, “We are losing the battle over American values.”  As Walsh related, “Had it not been for 12,000 votes in 3 states — Michigan, PA, and Wisconsin — Trump would have lost.”

Question 2:

It’s crazy out there.  What happening on the streets of America right now? 

Directed to Kathleen Murphy, Kathleen wasn’t about to blame the entire millennial generation.  Not all are protesting and not all are protestors.  Those who are are being fueled by the mainstream media, college professors, social media, etc.  Millennials came of age during this century’s Great Depression. They have not experienced market-made success, but instead see government as a way to improve life.  46% believe their future will not be as good as their parents.  Only 16% feel their lives will be better.  1/3 of Millennials live at home with their parents; only one in three are unemployed.  But the protestors are hypocrites.  All would have been fine had Hillary won, but anger attributed to shock over how people could possibly have voted for Trump has fueled the protestors. Trump, as president elect, is not acceptable to the protestors, and anyone who voted for Trump is labeled a racist.  It is, however, the protestors who are the intolerant ones.  For the protestors, Trump’s win gives them the license to disregard the rule of law and reality.  In regard to those who were shocked that women voted for Trump, Murphy had this to say, “Why would many women choose not to vote for a criminal?

Pat Hughes spoke about his16-year old daughter and how selecting a college is close at hand.  In light of what has been happening at colleges in the aftermath of Trump’s victory, more and more colleges have been crossed off by Hughes because they have given in to students who have seemingly been traumatized beyond the ability to function over the election of Trump.  The University of Michigan has brought in puppies for students to pet.   Hillsdale College was mentioned as an exception, but not all college-age students can attend Hillsdale.  Hughes predicted that the protestors will look back on this time in their lives and regret their actions.  Accordingly, Hughes believe the radicals of today will grow up.  Hughes is more worried about radical feminists   Noted was how difficult it is for a woman to be a conservative, and how they are shamed for being so.

Dan Proft spoke about what is happening to young people today in college situations and equated the problem to a “lack of self-awareness.”  Students believe they have a Constitutional right not to be offended and to be shielded from words that they do not wish to hear.  Such opinions must he recognized and combated.  In regard to Hillary, the firewall for Hillary’s win was supposed to be college educated women and Rust Belt states.  In the end Hillary only won 51% of women.

Joe Walsh chimed in to explain how a Trump victory was possible in what is a divided country.  Trump won because of 112,000 votes in three states.  Hillary couldn’t bring out the young, single women, or the blacks she needed in her camp to win; however, they are still out there.  Walsh admitted that he completely under estimated how bad a candidate Hillary was.  No one likes her, not even Bill!  She was an extremely flawed candidate.  This election was a wake-up call for Democrats.  Walsh believes such a mistake won’t happen again

Dan Proft, in expanding upon the comments by Walsh, reiterated how the Democratic Party has now become a Coastal Party and Illinois.  The election of Donald Trump ushered in a schismatic shift in power.  Republican now hold two-thirds of state legislative bodies, along with 33 state governorships.  Proft hopes that some of the good working state models will be adopted by Trump at the federal level.

Pat Hughes sees positive momentum going into 2020, if polices are enacted that provide positive results for the American people.  It is essential that we start now to build our coalition so the momentum is there in 2020 to continue and expand Republican control.

An article to follow will feature Question 3:  How important milestone was it by breaking the Democratic Super House majority.  Will it be more of the same or is there some chance for needed reforms to be enacted?  and Question 4:  What is the Alt-Right and should we be afraid of it?  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Illinois Forum celebrates 25 years banding together freedom lovers

Joe Walsh keynoted Illinois Forum’s 25-year celebration Saturday in Champaign

By Nancy Thorner – 

The Illinois Forum celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a banquet on Saturday, August 23rd, at the Round Barn Banquet Center in Champaign, Illinois. The Illinois Forum was founded by Robert S. Redfern and U.S. Congressman Dan Crane in 1989 as a statewide grassroots coalition of nonpartisan political activists.  Since 1989 Illinois Forum has become one of the largest citizen groups in the state working to promote a smaller state government, to restrain spending, and to encourage tax cuts.

Redfern continues to serve as Chairman of Illinois Forum, with Daniel Crane as its Board Chairman. Additionally there is a Board of Governors consisting of 19 additional individuals from various parts of Illinois. The Hon. Phil Crane (Wauconda) is a member of the Board of Governors.  Heading the the list of eleven pledges cited in the Illinois Forum Pledge for Better Government is “Term limits for Illinois constitutional offices.”  

Illinois Forum, first group to issue a proposal for term limits in Illinois

Following the “Pledge of Allegiance” and the Invocation, Robert Redfern, as Chairman of the Illinois Forum, welcomed those gathered, with comments on the issue of term limit.  It was only the day before, Friday, August 22, that Bruce Rauner was dealt a blow when the IL Supreme Court rejected Rauner’s request.

It was in 1989 when Robert Redfern called together 60 individuals to create the Illinois Forum as a non-partisan group to get something done in Springfield.  The first project put together by the newly formed group, and the first group to do so in the state, was a term limits proposal limiting service in either the House or the Senate to 10 years.  The 10-year time limit was retroactive.  Anyone who had already served 10 year had to leave.

The term limits referendum Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner wanted to appear on the November 4 ballot would not have been supported by Redfern, as it reduced Senate Districts from 59 to 41.  Furthermore, the initiative didn’t even kick in until January 1, 2023!   As such Rauner’s proposal was not good for the people of Illinois.  It would have been especially devastating for those living in downstate Illinois where constituents many times would have been 100 miles or more away from their state senator. 

In speaking with Robert Redfern by telephone after the event, Thorner was informed that four years ago a petition initiated by Illinois Forum was to change the General Assembly from meeting every year to every two years, with a budget to reflect the two-year period. This would cut down immeasurably on the 7,000 bills now advanced in committees every session, and, most importantly, on the amount of taxpayer money spent.

Robert Redfern then invited Jim Tobin to join him at the podium.  Jim Tobin, president of Tax Payers United for America, presented outrageous facts about IL State Pensions.  Click on the link noted on the left side of this Tax Payers United of America website to hear Jim Tobin speak about IL State Pensions on a CBS Chicago WBBM News Radio program aired 4/30/14.  Per the annual April, 2014, report issued by the Taxpayers Unit For American, there are 78,000 state pensioners who receive more than 50,000 a year and 11,000 who receive more than 100,000.  Larry Flemming, a retired educator was noted as a pensioner who is projected to receive an 11 million lifetime payout.  Yearly payment amount to $258,163, yet Mr. Flemming paid in only $326,000 or 2.8% of his estimated lifetime pension payments.  Handed out by Jim Tobin was a sheet containing State of Illinois Top 200 Government Pension as of April 1, 20l4. Remarked by Tobin is how unfunded pensions in IL went from $100 billion to $200 billion even after the income tax hike by Quinn.

Fair.Tax Nation  was represented by Marilyn Rickert.  Although Ms. Rickert didn’t speak, literature was handed out.  Its mission is to Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25 and S 122. Visit this site for grass roots participation information

Comments were heard from three Illinois candidates, all who advanced conservative values and policies.  Unfortunately all three are unknowns outside of their own districts.

  • Dianne Harris is running for state legislator in Will County, 86th District.  As a staunch conservative, Dianne wants to serve but never be self-serving.
  • Julie Fox ( is a candidate for state Comptroller as a Libertarian Party candidate. She’s both an accountant and a CPA, and believes that all elected Comptrollers should first be accountants.  Being a Libertarian, Ms. Fox would not be beholden to either major party.
  • Mark Smith is running for governor.  He is a Christian with a firm belief in God, who believes that God must be put back into government.  Mark will take God with him into office. Mark gave up his job in the U.S. Postal System to campaign for governor.

Introduction of Joe Walsh as Featured Speaker

Rick Biesada, co-founder of the Chicago Minuteman Project, introduced Joe Walsh as a Walsh supporter since Joe’s congressional campaign in 2010.  Biesada noted that the Republican establishment and the media were 100% against Joe. What prompted Biesada to throw his support enthusiastically behind Walsh was when the media reported that Walsh had his house foreclosed on him.  At this point Biesada knew that Walsh was his man, for this made Walsh just like an ordinary average person.  A prudent comment made by Rick Biesada is how the Republican and Democrat Party are but one party with two wings.  A bit of humor took place when Mr. Biesada, after finishing his remarks, forgot to extend a welcome for guest speaker Joe Walsh to advance to the podium.   

Undaunted and in his usual spirited way, Joe Walsh, now a talk show radio host on AM560, didn’t miss a beat as he bounded to the front of the room to inform attendees with his booming voice that a podium or a microphone weren’t for him. Emphasized by Walsh is that he considers himself a Tea Party member, not a Republican. Elected in 2010, Walsh spoke of the promises he had made while campaigning and which he then honored when sent to Congress to represent the 8th District. Among them were:  He would never vote to increase the size of government; he would sleep on the floor of his office; he would not take his health care or pension benefits; he would face the pubic by holding open town hall meetings, and he would limit himself to six years in the U.S. House. 

While campaigning, Walsh faced skepticism over his campaign promises, even from one of his most ardent supporters, Rick Biesada.  But what kept Joe in line with every vote when in Washington, D.C. was knowing that Rick Biesada would not be at all happy with him if pledges were broken.  As it was, Walsh held 363 town meeting, more than any other legislator in Congress. All were open to the public.  Walsh likewise voted against every single budget bill Congress tried to pass that raised taxes. Unfortunately, Walsh was sent home after two years.

Joe Walsh rips apart Common Core AP History course

Joe Walsh went on to explain that we have somewhere between four and five years remaining to change the direction of this nation, a nation that is fast progressing toward Socialism with atheism as the norm.  It doesn’t help that U.S. History will take a drastic left turn this fall.  The AP History course, which will be taken by the nation’s best and brightest high school students, rewrites America’s past, cutting out the Founding Fathers.  George Washington is only given a quick, passing nod; our founding document, the “Declaration of Independence”, merits only two brief mentions.  What is more, children are taught a hatred for their country.  Not surprising is that David Coleman, Common Core’s architect, is responsible for writing the new AP History standards.

As related by Walsh, it’s no longer a free country when the government takes 60 cents of every dollar; when its citizens  can’t carry a firearm wherever they go for protection; and when government can force a Catholic priest into jail if he doesn’t do what government wants him to do.

Regarding the Ferguson shooting, according to Walsh most of America just doesn’t get it.  The Ferguson shooting of a black teenager by a policeman had nothing to do with race or the victim Michael Brown.  Rather, it has only to do with one man’s innocence or guilt.  Eric Holder’s entrance onto the scene, served to stoke the already burning fire of the felt hostility of blacks against white cops.

While in Congress Joe Walsh was blunt and forceful in his rhetoric, not unlike the tone of his remarks before the Illinois Forum gathering.  There was, however, a difference.  The Republican Party didn’t wish to hear what Walsh had to say.  Joe Walsh went on to say that he considers House Speaker John Boehner clueless as to what to do and even in understanding what is presently going on in this country. 

Joe Walsh on Republicans and Amnesty with hint of a third party threat 

Concerning amnesty, Walsh knows why Democrats want amnesty.  It is for the votes, 19 million of them.  But what about Republicans?  Congressional Republicans are scared to death if they don’t support amnesty.  Out of the 233 Republican representatives in Congress, only twenty-eight agree with Joe’s stance against amnesty.  All others want to pass an amnesty bill after November.  It Republicans do pass amnesty, warned Walsh, this will end the Republican Party.  It isn’t what Walsh wants to happen, but this would so rile the Republican conservative base that a new party would surely emerge.  It can truly be said that most Republicans are not adverse to big government, just as they are convinced amnesty would benefit this nation.  Is it any wonder why this nation is in the trouble it is in today?  Even with Obamacare, which represents 1/6 of this nation’s economy, and which passed in the dead of night with a purely partisan Democratic vote, little is heard from House Republicans about repealing it.  Much of the talk involves nibbling around the edges of a bill which is still evolving and which can’t be fixed. 

Walsh believes we have not been so close to losing our nation since the Civil War, and that presently we are going through a revolutionary period of time. Many Americans have no clue as to what was created by our Founding Fathers as the foundation upon this nation was built, as embodied in the “Declaration of Independence” and the “Constitution.”  As a nation we are close to losing it if we don’t do what it will take to preserve it.  The Republican Party is our only chance to take this country back.  If the party refuses to fight in the next six years, it’s goodbye for America.  It took 100 years for this nation to get to the point she is now at: morally and financially bankrupt.  i.e.: While all seniors are taken care of under Medicare, only seniors who are really needy should be afforded this type of care. 

Joe Walsh bemoans what has become a stupid country

Obama was an accidental president, as reflected by a nation which has morphed into a stupid country.  Inform your elected representatives in no uncertain terms, that if they don’t start straightening up to change what is happening, then you will go elsewhere.  Even should Republicans miraculously begin to understand the urgency to change policy, it might take an election or two to get government out of our lives.  Our Founding Fathers would be appalled to see what has happened to a nation conceived with such hope and promise. Yet today there is more government tension and control in our lives than what our Founding Fathers were escaping from in the Old World.   

Here in Illinois and at the federal level a false belief exists that if Republicans are elected here and there all will be fine.    History tells us that most great nations last only 264 years.  We are now somewhere in the middle of the 4th quarter.  Time is of the essence.  There is no time to lose if we care about what succeeding generation of Americans will inherit from us.  Are you willing to allow what was once a proud and prosperous nation to slip into the dustbin of history? 

An addendum to Joe’s remarks

A hand was raised after Joe Walsh finished his comments, comments that were received very warmly and with hearty applause.  The hand belonged to David Crane, a practicing Indianapolis lawyer and psychiatrist, and a brother of Dan and Phil Crane.  His comments were worth noting, as they were in line with the concerns of the writer.

  • American is doomed.  It took 100 years for the liberal take over to happen which started in 1910.  We have blown it during the past 100 years, doing nothing to stop the liberal advance. Why should it take less time to take our nation back?
  • Precincts must be filled to get the vote out.  Young people must be trained.  50% of precincts are empty in Illinois.  The Republican Party in Illinois has all sorts of excuses as to why it can’t win, but had Bill Brady obtained 2 or 3 more votes in each Illinois precinct, he would now be governor instead of Pat Quinn. 
  • Illinois ranks 49th in the loss of personal rights.
  • In speaking about FDR, the only area of agreement is that organized labor shouldn’t have any place in government.  Other than that, FDR has helped place this nation in the shape it is in today.



Part 1:
Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Part 2:
Thursday, October 03, 2013

Th-5By Nancy Thorner – 

The three events held in September by Joe Walsh on his Walsh Freedom Townhall Tour drew those who were genuinely concerned about their country. Frustration does abound, especially among those individuals who believe in limited government and who have seen what has happened with God removed from its once prominent place in the home, in schools, by politicians, and in all aspects of government.

In this spirit Joe Walsh bemoaned over both the financial and moral collapse of this nation, emphasizing that it is happening right now. It is not something that will occur at some future time.

Yes, things are bad, said Joe Walsh, but how did it happen?

Democrats and Republicans did it to us. We also did it to ourselves. When in Congress Joe Walsh spoke out vocally and with passion about the warts to be found in the actions of House Republican establishment members. Speaker John Boehner and other moderate and establishment Republicans despised Walsh for it.

Republicans are now engaged in a fight which was a long time in coming, between those who want big government and those who believe in limited government and freedom. And so goes the fight over defunding Obamacare. Joe Walsh has never met a Democrat who isn’t over on the left side, either being in tune with the Leftist ideology, or they don’t know any better. While every Democrat is trying to remake this nation, Republicans must fight to save this nation for future generations.

The problem with Republicans is that they have lost their way. Many Republicans are either somewhat over on the Left side or they want to be, while Democrats are married to the Leftist ideology or believe in its ideology out of habit or tradition. Republicans aren’t averse to big government, they just think they can manage government better than can Democrats. Then too, many Republicans remain too scared of scathing remarks coming from the other side (and the mainstream media), if they don’t bow down and acquiese to the demands of Democrats.

Forgotten, but never to be duplicated by Republicans, are the Christmas tree hand-outs by Democrats.  In the last election Obama gave people stuff to buy their loyalty and votes.  Women received free abortion for life; young people were given the promise that their college loans would be repaid or perhaps forgiven in time; and Hispanics were promised comprehensive immigration reform. Presently food stamps under the CHIP program are being handed out willy-nilly and are also being solicited on the streets of major cities by Democratic operatives. With very few conditions for receiving them, fraud is rampant. Having seen how Democrats win, Republicans also believe in offering handouts.  Although Republicans are not quite as generous as Democrats, Republicans do give as many “goodies” as they can get away with to attract voters.

Thomas Jefferson once said that we will give you this thing [a Republic], but it will take two to make it work. The Founding Fathers wanted representatives sent to Washington, D.C. who would  have a voice and then go back home and allow another to serve.  Now we have professional politicians who stay in Springfield and Washington, D.C. forever and think of themselves as kings and queens.  Jefferson also thought that we the people had to stay informed and engaged or government would become too powerful and oppressive.

As a nation, Walsh thinks of its citizens as having grown fat, stupid, lazy, and not well informed.  The American people certainly aren’t as informed, educated, or engaged as they used to be.  They are familiar with “Dancing with the Stars,” but they fail miserably when questioned about their government.

Republicans have dropped the ball.  It’s so easy to get angry at Obama, but what about the antics of McCain and other Republicans who are ripping the hearts out of their own?

Often said is a variation of the same thing, that we get the government we deserve. We are a nano-second away from losing our nation.  We live in a country that will imprison young people with our fiscal irresponsibility unless we change.

What are we do? Joe Walsh often hears the complaint that all he does is make people angry. They ask:  “Why don’t you give us some hope, Joe?”  Regarding the Lake Forest Townhall event, Walsh indicated that he wanted those in attendance to leave as ticked off as they have ever been. Perhaps things would change here in Illinois if more Illinoisans would  realize the rock bottom financial mess this state is in and demand change.

No one gets to pick what their purpose in life is. Walsh’s considers his job or purpose as sharing with people how bad the overall state of this nation is. Because of Obamacare we are becoming a part time nation. To those who voted for Obama and now endorse Obamacare, they must wake up.  Such individuals believe in a totally different America, one that we can’t afford.

Joe Walsh thought of the 150 individuals present as wanting a country of freedom and limited government.  Walsh believes we are losing the war. In the meantime, Democrats wake up every morning trying to make one more person a ward of the  government.

Charles Krauthammer is worried about a country who would elect Obama, but not about the abomination that is  Obamacare, or what it would portend by adding to an already unsustainable and horrific debt.  Then there is also the  quality of health care under Obamacare to be considered, and the likely possibility of Obamacare in time morphing into a one-payer, government socialist system.

Here’s what we must do.  We must come out of “closet,” but not in today’s usage of the word.  Joe Walsh did.  It wasn’t easy for Joe to do if he does decide to run for office again.  Walsh is no longer a Republican first.  He’s a Freedom Fighter first.  As Walsh related, this is not about Republicans or Democrats.  It’s all about freedom vs. big government.  Pick your side.  What Walsh has been doing at his town halls meetings is to invite everyone to come out of the closet and become a Freedom Fighter.

A seven-step pledge form was handed out on signing up to become a Freedom Fighter in Walsh’s Freedom Army.  Signing the pledge signaled a commitment to support only candidates for public office who agreed to the following:

1.  Cutting taxes.

2.  Diminishing the role of government in our lives.

3.  Eliminating debt right now.

4.  Respecting basic God-given rights.

5.  Limiting terms of office by serving as a citizen legislator for 6 years in the House, and not as a professional politician.

Walsh’s closing thoughts:

Every great empire has lasted about 250 years. As Democrats typically use government and politics to enhance their image and electability better than do Republicans, Republicans must understand that we are at war and act accordingly. They just don’t get it yet.

What are we prepared to do?  Walsh truly believe, for better or for worse, that we live in revolutionary times not yet being enacted out on the streets.   Every 9-1/2 minutes somebody in IL gets in a car, a plane, or a train, etc, and permanently leaves Illinois never to come back.  Not a state or a country is close to the exodus happening in Illinois.  Many people pulling the wagon are leaving and these are the taxpayers.   How soon will there not be enough people left to pull the wagon in Illinois, with bankruptcy happening as it did with Detroit, not only in Chicago, but with the whole state of Illinois.

Are we prepared to go to jail to save our nation?  We’re at a point in this country when we must finally say “NO” I’m done with the results brought about by big government and the disregard for morals.  Even though many insist that gay marriage, teaching homosexuality in the lower grades, and disrespect for the unborn are just part and parcel of the times we live in and we must get over it, are we just going to roll over and accept unconditionally that the genie can’t be put back into the bottle again?

We must be prepared to do what it take to save this country.  If not we will lose the country given to us with such great hope and promise, only be destroyed when its people chose leaders set out to change this nation from what our Founding Fathers originally intended it to be where freedom and liberty were God-given rights, to a government that morphs into Socialism and perhaps even worse.

Join Joe Walsh’s army of Freedom Fighters also as a way to shake up the Republican Party, where many of its members believe the way to winning elections (the Karl Rove type) is to be Democratic-lite instead of standing on those principals upon which our nation was founded — smaller government and the promotion of freedom and liberty.

Part 1:

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